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Empires & Allies

Empires & Allies is the latest creation from Zynga makers of Farmville, Cityville and Frontierville. Unlike its predecessor this game is much more strategy orientated.

The main aim of the Empires & Allies strategy game, is to build and defend your very own empire from the evil clutches of invading forces. You start off on a war torn island, where the main city has been destroyed by enemy forces and you are required to build a barracks and recruit soldiers to repel the invading army that has just landed.

Once you have beat the invading army in the game battle scenario, its time to plant your nations flag and give a name to your new founded empire. Now its time to rebuild your empire with the help of your advisors. Your quest for power and glory has just begun and arming yourself with the best Empires & Allies Strategy guides is a must for any hardcore fan.

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