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Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is an addictive climbing game with a hand-drawn look and cleverly incorporated leader board that takes full advantage of the iPhone's gyro capabilities. As the name suggests, you keep your character progressing upward jump to jump by tilting the device slightly to move right and left and land on solid floating ground. As you progress upward, you encounter more and more challenging platform arrangements. These include blue moving platforms, brown crumbling platforms, platforms that disappear the moment you jump once and platforms which have jump booster jet packs and springs. You will need to develop your jumping skills to circumnavigate the challenges ahead.

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    Doodle Jump Hey guys this is Goku, and today I shall tell you something...
  • Doodle jump trick Fans (4) Comment (6)
    I came up with a cool trick for you to try, which is extremely easy to do...
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