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Blacklight: Retribution

A triple A free to play sci-fi shooter like nothing you've seen before, Incredible character and weapon customization and smooth game play. This game is bound to be a gamer household name!

  • Blacklight Retribution page doesn't always load here on FanUp. I recently...
  • Lol Fans (0) Comment (0)
    jhd fhdsfgds feufgehsfje f dfuehfijdhtgd fureitghijef rtguerhfvisg ref...
  • is this game pay2win? Fans (0) Comment (1)
    is this game pay2win or play4free? it looks pay2win to me tho but idk i...

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  • Avoiding Death Fans (1) Comment (0)
    So many people seem to have the problem of staying alive in the game. Of...
  • Easy Tips to Do Well Fans (2) Comment (0)
    So Blacklight Retribution is quickly becoming my FPS of choice and for...
  • Hello,   There comes a time were you might be invited to play...

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