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The Big Fall

The Big Fall - WINNERS!

1st Azaius - "Quickscope Triple Kill (SV98)" : 2500 FanBucks

2nd KlaizenX - "The Big Fall Video Contest" : 2000 FanBucks

3rd bonsly - "1 Shot 3 Kills" : 1500 FanBucks

4th Raytiger3 - "6 KILL ACE! BOOM BOOM!!" : 1000 FanBucks

5th Bibi56 - "4 Headshots and All Rage Quiting.." : 500 FanBucks

There were so many awesome entries. So many ties for first, it all came down to speed, time, and precision.  

Congrats to our winners!


FanUp and IJJI games bring you:
"The Big Fall"

Have you ever gotten a frag so unbelievable that you wanted the whole world to see it?

Or have you ever been killed by an enemy in such a remarkable way that you couldn't even be upset because you were too busy being impressed?

Have you ever taken down a raid boss and survived with 2% hit points?

If you have experienced any of the above, then this contest is for you, buddy.

Let FanUp be the platform in which you show the world your most remarkable kills, frags, deaths, take downs etc. But remember... As the contest name says, we want to see:

THE BIG FALL. So bring your “A” game, and if you do, you could win a bunch of FanBucks!, which you can use to buy G Coin in the FanUp Marketplace!






1. Screenshot/Video must belong to you.

2. You can enter as many times as you like, but may only win one prize.

3. When posting videos, you MUST include the contest name in the description for it to be considered a valid entry.

4. Entries will be judged on the 'OMG factor', humor, style, skill, luck, quality of picture as well as number of Fans collected from around the site (making fake accounts to fan your own stuff will get you nowhere).

5. To enter please submit screenshots or videos to the proper section on this page.



1st Place: 2500 FanBucks ($25)

2nd Place: 2000
FanBucks ($20)

3rd Place: 1500
FanBucks ($15)

4th Place: 1000
FanBucks ($10)

5th Place 500
FanBucks ($5)


Winners will also be given enough FanCoins to purchase any of the following IJJI game Avatar Shirts:



Contest Entry Cutoff Date: 11-23-11

Winner will be announced at that time.

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