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APB Celebrity Look Alike

At long last the winners have been chosen! This by far has been the most challenging contest to Judge in the history of FanUp. So many incredible entries It broke my heart that we couldn't award you all. That being said lets congratulate our winners and their magnificent work!


1st - LaraCroftMichael C Hall

2nd - WillowMilla Jovovich

3rd - BirryMays - Billy Mays

4th - DeadOnTarget - Chuck Norris

5th - Strad - Argen Robben


We're sending out the call to all APB designers and artists, It's time to prove your stuff with our latest APB Reloaded event. Put your skills to the test in the APB Celebrity Look Alike contest. Recreate your favorite celebrities on the streets of San Paro.

How to Enter

1.Register for a free account with FanUp HERE

Get yourself a good picture of your choice celebrity

3.Use the APB character designer to craft your look alike.

Create a side by side image or video ofyour photo

and look alike


Post your finished image to the SCREENSHOTS section on this page. (If you need help slicing your images together send them to Splooshi and I'll create a quick collage for you)



Want to play but don't have APB Reloaded? Get it here!

APB Reloaded small




1.Charecter must be 100% your work.
2.Submit Images & Videos to the proper sections on this page
3.Celebrities can be: Movies Stars, Rock Stars, Historical Figures, Politicians etc. The only rule is they have to be a REAL PERSON.
4.Give us something new! don't rehash your old Halloween costume.
5.Have fun, be creative, suprise us with something and you'll do well!
6.Images will be judged by FanUp staff and Guardians.
 7. Users may only win one prize, but you can enter as many times as you like.



1st - 2500 FanBucks ($25)

2nd - 2000 FanBucks ($20)

3rd - 1500 FanBucks ($15)

4th - 1000 FanBucks ($10)

5th - 500 FanBucks ($5)

AND! complements of our friends at APB Reloaded

all 5 winners will also receive the following:

30 Day Premium Membership


 Choice of 4-Slotted Vehicle

(Moirai, Dolton Fresno, or Kurai)


In addition top 5 winners will receive a FanUp T-Shirt


FanBucks can be used to purchase G1 Credits from out marketplace. HERE 

The Contest will run until Midnight May 6th PST, Winners will be announced at that time.

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