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Alive 4-ever

Challenges are a part of life but this is one massively multiplayer game that will help you face the strongest challengers. The best feature of this game is that you do not have to play it alone. You can involve your friends and family members too to make the game much more interesting. In this game, you can fight the challenges with 16 types of weapons and earn gold after you pass each level. Select any of the four characters and start playing your game to save people from the deadly virus. Get them back to life, win gold and have loads of fun.

  • Did you ever beat this game? Fans (0) Comment (3)
    It took me 2 days to beat this, simply because it's SO HARD! How long did...
  • What is your favorite gun? Fans (0) Comment (1)
    Mine is the M16.
  • Gun. Fans (0) Comment (0)
    In Alive 4 ever, what is the best weapon to use in all matches? Also which...

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  • guia xD Fans (1) Comment (2)
    Para el modo un solo jugador: -. centrándose en la puesta Crit hasta un...
  • For single player mode: - Focus on putting Crit up to max. - Once Crit is...
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