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Bring on the HEAT


FanUp & ijji present "Bring on the HEAT"

In the month of August rather  than trying to beat the heat, we're asking you to bring it on! We want to see you going out in style, guns-a-blazing.

Submit your best screenshots or videos from the following ijji FPS titles, Alliance of Valiant Arms, Soldier Front and Gunz. We want to see you fighting while outnumbered, outgunned and outclassed. Show us your best underdog moments, when all seems lost and it's 3v1, 5v1, 10v1 or more! Be brave go all out this week and you will be rewarded.




How to Enter?

Screenshots – Submit your image to the screenshot section on this page titled appropriately: give a good description of what exactly is going on in the shot and anything else of importance. Needless to say it must be your image, anything else will be disqualifed.

Video – Upload your video to YouTube with appropriate title/description (must have FanUp in the title or description) Be sure you describe somehow what is happening in the video, you may write it out or use a voiceover track;  it's your choice. Finished videos must then be linked to the Video section on this page. (Please grab and use "embed code" not just URL link) 

How to Win? - Winners will be selected based on; Quality of work, Humor, Style and Quantity of opponents outnumbering you. All of these will be taken into account, as well as how many “Fans” your post acquires.

Prizes – 1st though 5th place will be awarded FanBucks 2500($25), 1500($15),500($5)x3  which in turn can be used to buy G Coin from our marketplace. Click here to see our selection of G Coin. (For the month of August G Coin purchase nets you 10% cash back!)

- In addition we will be giving out five X 500 FanBucks prizes for Funniest and Ballsiest images

- All winners will also receive enough FanCoins to purchase any ijji game Avatar shirt they wish.


Contest offical launch is 8-5-11 but you may submit sooner if you wish.

Contest end is on 8-19-11

  • Come si giocaaa? Fans (0) Comment (0)
    I tipi di pg su WarRock In game potrete scegliere tra 5 tipi di pg....
  • fancoins Fans (0) Comment (0)
    can some tell me how to use fancoins :D becioz i m new in this site hope...
  • i need a beginner guide for AVA Fans (0) Comment (0)
    i am kind off a noob in AVA, plz submit a guide : )

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