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Makin' Money

Gaia online really isn't something that you'll earn just from gaming, but still for me the main source of gold here is GAMES. But just like this Fanup, you can earn the currency through posting on forums, voting on arenas (it's like the fashion show thingy), from being a reference, and submit your very own artworks! (It gotta be Gaia related.)
1. zOMG - This game is pretty fun after all. Who knew that they would develop a world where real online gamers enjoy while earning golds? For me it's one of the way to earn money, kill enemies and loot the goods. Sometimes you won't realize you just had earn 4k+ from gaming.
2. Booty grab
This isn't found in the games tab of Gaia online. You can play this when you're wandering around the forum. You might be surprised if there'll be a fish tank with a glowing fish that would appear, that is the entrance to the booty grab. Just click it. The game goes like this, fishes will swim and drop coins and powup/powdown while you're underneath them. Of course, you have to catch the coins and the power ups. Let me show you the list of power ups/down
Gold Multiplier: Multiplies the number of gold grabbed per coin (up to 3x).
Gold Divider: Reduces the gold multiplier, if the player has one.
Large Overseer: Temporary increases the size of the Overseer making it easier to catch gold.
Small Overseer: Temporary decreases the size of the Overseer making it harder to catch gold.
Speed Boost: Makes the player's avatar move faster.
Speed Decrease: Makes the player's avatar move slower.
Time Increase: Adds four seconds to game time.
Time Decrease: Subtracts four seconds to game time.
3. Mini games
Well, there are many games in there but i think Word bump and Jigsaw earns the most. Jigsaw gives big prize when you set a high difficulty and such as the Word bumb.
Thanks for reading, happy earning and have fun! <3

VintageGV posted at 2013-04-25 18:20:35

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