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Launch Notice: Online Store for Custom Unique Gifts FromDistinctive Goods

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Distinctive Goods is the new one-stop destination for anyone who is crazy about buying unique, innovative and creative gifts. Purchase any category of gifts from their store and you get the opportunity to customize them for your friends or family. Bulk buy gifts for events and staff gift awards are also featured highly in their catalogue of truly Distinctive Goods.Rated as one of the best new promotional gift companies that offer thousands of customized and personalized gifts for special events and occasions including weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and parties. Every gift item here is hand-finished and can be personalized individually so you can expect a bespoke experience when working with them.Offering custom one-of-a-kind giftsfrom 1 to 1,000, each can be individually personalized if required.A recent review of their offerings showed a focus on creative gifts for the man who has everything. And of course, there was a matching section for gifts for the woman who has everything. The range was judged by our roving reporting as being fairly broad but the fact that everything can be personalized means that gifts for himand her can be totally unique.

Their range can be summarized as follows:

Gifts for Men- A selection of unique and slightly unusual gifts for men are featured here. These include leather wallets, personalized washbags, money clips and customized hip flasks. Marketed at women buying gifts for their partner the site focuses on the romantic element where a surprise can be sent with a personal message engraved into a unique gift. Once of our favorites from Distinctive Goods was theRough Rider Full Grain Leather Passport Case which is a simple but roughened leather passport case. Great for those airborne cowboys! Our office staff loved the multi-tool gift set with engraved names and they bought them online for their nephews which gets our votes as agreat gift for boys also!

Gifts for Women –The gift collection for women was more limited. This focused on gifts for girls, bridesmaids gifts and wedding favors. Even though this category was small, as you go through their website you will see many unique gifts that are universal and unisex. Gifts for businesswomen like the Bamboo Business Card Holder present a lovely personal tough and are only slightly feminine for those high flying executive business women out there! Some culinary gifts for chefs like the Customized Airtight Containers might also appeal to some women. If the men are buying gifts then there are more obvious offerings like the Anniversary & Love Travel Gift Set, Anniversary &Valentines Keepsake Gift Set and very quirky and romantic gift ideas for her like the British Phone Booth Music Box. None of these are cheap gifts but none of them break the bank either considering they are all personalized.

Corporate gifts–This section presented many interesting gifts for staff awards, events, promotional giveaways and branding gifts. What was noticeable was that the usual T-shirts, plastic pens and white mugs were not present. Everything seemed to be a bit more unusual and quirky. A quick search online for cheap branding gifts brought up a lot of the same boring stuff. What Distinctive Goods offered was the ability to personalize everything one at a time. So you can send all 100 of your clients a gift like a travel tag or bottle opener with your logo and his name on it. In fact pretty much everything they offer allows you to send personal message with a unique personalized gift including your company’s logo with your mission statement or marketing message. This was a big plus in our eyes. Internal corporatebuyers would also benefit from the selection of gifts to give for employeesand staff on special occasions. A few examples of events and staff awards showed their selection of engraved awards that came in a full color presentation box with a photo of the staff member. Very nice to receive in an office!Other Corporate Promotional Gifts of note included fun gifts like the A4 Paper Size Personalized Clipboardor the personalized skipping rope. Standard corporate gift offerings includedlogo stationery and desk toys.

The list doesn’t end here, if you are interested to know about gifts pay a visit to their website and see full range of gifts along with promotional gift ideas that the company offersto their customers.

For more information, visit

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