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Beginner's Guide to the Forsaken World


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Forsaken World

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Beginner's Guide to the Forsaken World

To create our character in Forsaken World after you take the server that best suits you.

1 - Choose the right menu options simply choose Race and class you want to play. 

2 - Once selected it will be moved to the edit screen pj (Character) where we have different types of options for persolizarlo.

Face, Instinct (adjustments in face), skin color, hairstyle and hair color. There are not many options except the hair color and varibles there the first two points. The rest is easy and affordable choice.

3 - Once you have done this we choose the date of birth which will be linked a zodiac sign, can be your birthday. This only thing it does is give you bounty in the game, like items, etc.. We created the name and started.


The reward system in Forsaken World has its particularity by sign, as we discussed and at the top, right in the center you will see.

When you start the game you will earn bounty that equipartelas instantly and within the game when you win exp depending on your level, you can win a gift experience points for example, if you got lucky you can win a better chance recompensa.Tenemos only has 4 awards aleaotorios. No sign differences.

The following screenshot shows the menu when we won a prize from our sign (pray - pray) because her character has just begun will not be able to pray at all times, but until the prayer book, so in once ganamosalgunos items to help us. Keep them in the bag by clicking the button reward "Take All" and we will put in our bag (default button B) where we opened our bag and we equip right clicking.

 Para empezar arrancamos con el viejo sistema de famosos signos de preguntas y admiracion. Donde los Signos de pregunta significan que podes completar una Quest (mision) y el de admiraci√≥n donde puedes tomar una quest del PNJ en el mundo.

There is a question mark that we can complete the quest, below is one of admiration means this NPC has a quest over and down back there is an option in the conversation or refuse.

We must also add that there is a tracking system in-game where although sometimes it is necessary to understand the Quest, the vast majority has initially going to kill certain NPCs or talk to someone.

On the right we see the Quest accepted and moving the mouse in it will see a summary of it. There is always a different color accents either Green or Blue and when we click on our walks directly without trabarce PJ to that destination. For example, you have to meet with ALBERT, ALBERT if you click inside the Quest summary, our walk automatically PJ


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