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 The Basics

To level up you always kill enemies at least on your level, next to the enemy element name and an arrow, this indicates that both receive from Drop and experience. The enemies of your level have no arrow, which include up to 4 levels under you, have a little arrow pointing down, which means you get less experience and that is harder dropeen you something. The enemies on your level, up to 4 levels you sore, but have the same arrow pointing up, which means you get an experience bonus and dropped. When the difference is more than four levels of the arrow is great, if you're the top, you will receive virtually no experience or re-dropped. If the enemy is superior, receive almost twice as much experience and is very likely to have rare drops.

 Power Leveling or tanking

When a higher level character helps you level up by killing enemies much higher than you, is called Power Leveling (Plvl) or chilenismo, tanking (which also refers to receiving the blows to kill a boss). The advantage of this is that the low level will rise rapidly and the high level, at a normal pace, but with help. There are always people willing to Plevelear to Assist Support for the same. The only important thing is that the level difference should not be more than 15 levels or no experience of the character bounce back lowest to highest. The other downside of this is the fact that you will not do as much money as being alone or doing quests.

Quests are easy and safe way to experience, especially the Quest Office. If you do it at the level that you ask for them, first you will gain enough experience killing enemies and you will earn experience by delivering objects. One important thing about the experience they give these quests is that goes down the more levels go up since you got. If the quest is for level 41, for example, and give it to that level, the experience will be 20%, while 42 will only be at 15%. Therefore be supplemented promptly.
Do all the quests you can and before you know it, will have risen enough level.

 the Skills

Fly for fun has a Leveling system of skills while entertaining and latero. Entertaining on the one hand by the fact that these rise to ultilizarlas, which makes fighting skills go up pretty fast, and latero on the other, as there are skills that you have to train lanzadolas again and again. Skills like levelear ressurection are difficult because you have to find a dead man to occupy. And with cooldown skills are horrible for levelearlas (especially those of acrobats, Pulling, Fast Walker, etc)

For leveling the skills (Skills for menu press K, then select the skill to drill, level of experience and percentage) you need to set the arrow next to the bar experience and skill level, show an arrow (^) and minus (-). You must have at least some PXP (The bar under the Experience, see above photo of the game screen).
Whenever uses TO a skill, this will drain some of your PXP that will go to the skill. Each skill spend a different amount of PXP, and will not grow if the amount of PXP you have left is less than you need. The amount of drained PXP has no relation with the number going up the skill, the skill goes up a fixed amount depending on their level, however the percentage of PXP drains you depends on your level.
The amount of PXP spent a skill is fixed, regardless of their level, but the amount of PXP you have is greater the higher your level, which translates to is that the higher your level PXP% spends less skill .
For example the X Skill Level 1 spends 10 PXP to increase by 2.5%, a level 15 have 100 PXP, so each time you use the skill, you spend 10% of PXP. Later these at level 30 and have 1000 PXP. The X skill is level 7, but still spending 10 PXP, but now only up 0.2% and a low bar PXP only 1%.
To retrieve the PXP must kill enemies up to four levels below yours. Every time you kill an enemy of the experience that gives you complete passes PXP bar therefore only get the full experience of an enemy if PXP bar is at 100%.
For example if your bar to 100% PXP an enemy gives you 0.6% on Experience, with PXP bar to 0% 0.1-0.2% earn experience.

The Job Skills Primer reach level 20, while the second Job, until level 10.

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