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Jobs At Level 15


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Jobs At Level 15

When your character reaches level 15 deveremos eslejir to which we will devote:

. Acrobat: is a class in which their atake carazteriza distance have 2 weapons, a bow or yoyo, both are good, depending on what kind you want to be. Determine your build ( to get to lv 60 elejiremos class. Jester or Ranger,
-Jester: The Best of Bow Jester Jester are practically only need to upload Dex, have little life, but it is the job that inflicts more damage.
-Ranger: this character is determined by its aoe attack. (Attack many monsters at once) In my opinion this class is worthless. If you want to be and there are other classes aoe better.
. Mercenary: characterized pro using sword or ax, is a job where you can upload str, sta or dex, depending on what you want to be at level 60 and is divided into blade or knight.
-Blade: these characters when you get to level 60 using 2 guns or swords or axes and their build is str, sta, dex, usually used by 40 sta, 70 dex and the rest were devoted to str.
-Knight: This job is the best aoe k exist, is based on 50 str and everything else is intended to sta. It's a job almost invincible.
. Magician: This job is the best to get to 60, we psycheper and Elementor.
-Psycheper. This job can have two different types of build. 40 of sta and full int. Or be a big aoe putting 30 full int and sta.
Elementor: is of the best if not the best in the atake aoe. Your build the know, but is the best job to get aoe.
. Assist: This job is based in RingMaster or billposter.
-RingMaster: normally this class is to help others with long-term buff and heal well served not to attack. It is based on full int.
-Billposter: This class is the best to not depend on anyone and is the best in the 1v1 against monsters, is based on 40 sta 70 dex and the rest str. Or you can make full sta and str.
Here I am going to stop the monsters on Flaris. The others you'll have to discover.
Aibats: are lv 1 and 2
Mushpang: lv 3 and 4
Burundeng lv 5 and 6
PukePuke: lv 7 and 8
Demians: lv 9 and 10
Doridoma: lv 11 and 12
Lawoif: lv 13 and 14
Some seedlings: lv 15 and 16
Some Cats: lv 17 and 18
Bang lv 19-20
After this there is a dungeon in Flaris, where monsters are lv 21 +.

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