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Guide to ranger


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Guide to ranger

Guide to Ranger
Finally we pass the ranger in the analysis.
-Aoe: An acronym for area of ​​effect, which means that even if the skill set to one mob hits all the mobs that are within its range
-DoT: Damage over Time acronym, that even if the skill has already been used on / hit mobs that are still receiving damage for a certain period of time
-Nerfing:: refers to the V9 and more precisely to the Ice arrow skill that was first used x mobe slow down now and become an AoE without that its effect

Well, now let's say that there are 2 types of Ranger the AoE and 1v1 though for the most recommended would be decided about dell'1vs1 create a bj

Aoe Build:

He builds / Dex:

Str: 15
Is: 40/60
Dex: XXX
Int: 15

Questacostruzione one of the most used by rangers to lvl 90 and over because it provides good survival and damage, however discreetly.
The int can be added only if you want to increase the time of the DoT of Flame arrow to add No mp
Full Dex Build:

Str: 15
Is: 15
Dex: XXX
Int: 15

This is a great build though much appreciated by rangers of the Desert 90 + first, if supported by a good AoE RM's are fast and easy as drinking a glass of water because of the high damage AoE.
Build This is a must, however, a set is generally well uppatto +8-9 for the final installment for the bonus of +10% that they help to give

Build Dex / Sta low

Str: 15
Is: 35
Dex: XXX
Int: 15

This is a build that many rangers arrived at the desert is used for survival that even when the mobs are in Rage for damage is high because of the dex.
It is recommended lvl 105 green set uploaded for at least +5 (+10 if you can find it or better yet to be uploaded has been riding for the +15% block rate and gives you +20% hp)

Skill by Maxare

skills to be absolutely maxare are:

-Perfect Block
Fast-Walker (optional to make the gathering of the mob faster)
-Arrow Rain (AoE ACRI first available at lvl 50)
-Flame Arrow (AOE lvl 60)
-Ice Arrow (AOE lvl 60)
-Piercing Arrow (AOE lvl 70)
Fast-Shot (lvl 65 skill. Even this option to make the gathering of the mob faster)

Equip lvl x:

-Lvl 60 +: here are two that I can use the set CW were uploaded or use the set +3 NPC possibly (even if nn is essential because only adds to a 3% block rate that never fails his part nos). For the weapon would be the best thing to use a GBow
-Lvl 75 +: for lvl 75 is a MUST the Oska / +3 Okas possibly already in September that will take us up to lvl 105 and then as we move the weapon will uppato.Come 70 If there is a possibility it would be useful No but if you buy a HBow it is I do not have the finances to buy it you can happily do without it and continue with the GBow. Instead of 90 and a must change in a bow for his ABow HP +20%
Lvl-105: Time to change set and use the set lvl 105 to 120. For the bow is still used, and the angel uppandolo second element of the mob
Lvl 120: The Bloddy set can be considered only if your guild does many Guild Siege and if you want the +25% block rate from it (+15% when added to the set led to a 40% reach lvl10 block rate that, if added to the 20% block 12% of perfect cats reflect, and block rate that gives us the dex achieved so far (too many accounts to do xD) it reaches a rate almost monstrous block). Besides that this set does not have the AoE for anything fancy. Same goes for Bloddy Bow

Build 1v1

For 1v1 rangers the matter and a little different:

He builds / Dex:

Str: 15
Is: 25/30
Dex: XXX
Int: 15

Build more conservative for people who are afraid to die if attacked by one or more agro during the fight with a mob
We recommend using the set as cruiser were uploaded, or the set Bj Cw
Full Dex Build

Str: 15
Is: 15
Dex: XXX
int: 15

Build identical to that of Bj although nn has their own crit rate.
For this you can use the cruisers or set cw

Skill by Maxare

-Perfect Block
Poison-Arrow (skill lvl 60)
Fast-Shot (Skill lvl 65)
-Silent Arrow (Skill lvl 75. Supreme skill of the Rangers from pvp against BP, Ele, and anything else because when Psy maxata silences the target eg 15 sec with 100% probability, so if you're lucky you live also has a more bp because incapacitated to use asal)
Triple-Shot (by other pvp skill that can have benefits in PvE)
Auto-Shot (lvl 55 skill seems to be acres (See Here)

To Equip Lvl:

-Lvl 60 +: Cruiser possibly set uploaded for the crit rate. For the bow as a ranger for Aoe
Lvl 75 +: Here you can use the Oska set until 90 and then change to the Aren / Arsen Set for its +12% crit Even if you have not yet figured out what it's for the +7 Str. Bow would be the best suited Hbow The Abow although it does not hurt anyone
-Lvl 105 +: For the set like AoE Ranger. for the bow instead and most indicated a Bow Lg bonus for giving
-Lvl 120 +: The Bloddy Set and more suitable for this type of rangers and the same goes for the Bow Bloddy apply even if the same problems as before or to set the guild siege for the bow and the volcano dungeon.

For those who want this guide aproffondire place from which I got some ideas here

If I wrote some bullshit or want to clarify something I'm willing to hear your comments and if you need to modify parts of the guide if you need to make people understand it better or fix something

Ranger Skill
Character level 60
Ice Arrow
Required: Auto Shot LvL 4
Description: AoE skill ice should slow down enemies, but currently, it is buggy because it slows down but does nothing but harm
Flame Arrow
Description: Rain of flaming arrows at the enemy, and the surrounding area, burning for a certain period of time
Poison Arrow
Required: Rain Arrow LvL 6
Description: Shoot an arrow that poisons the opponent as well as damage
Character level 65
Fast Shot
Wanted: Ice Arrow LvL 3
Description: Increases attack speed by 25% for one minute and 25 seconds
Character level 70
Piercing Arrow
Required: Flame Arrow LvL 3
Description: Shoot arrows straight through enemies providing them greater harm.
Required: Poison Arrow LvL 4
Description: Increases resistance to magic attacks of the character
Character level 75
Silent Arrow
Required: Nature LvL 4
Description: It does a little damage, and freeze for a few seconds using the skills of the opponent (MP asal included)
Character level 80
Triple Shot
Required: Fast Shot Piercing Arrow LvL 4 LvL 7
Description: Shoot 3 arrows simultaneously, increases damage and decreases defense.
Character level 60-M
Special Bow Mastery
Description: Bow Attack of the increased
Hero character level
Hawk Eyes
Description: Increases the attack range of 30% (normal attack skill that is)

Credits: Me and search the web

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