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Guide to bow jester


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Guide to bow jester

Bow Jester Guide
Now we pass the test the bow jester
Hi, as title say the builds longer used for acrobat for Bow Jester.
Build two are: the well and the small dose of dex and then everything is dex.

Well I'm going to permeate the dex.

Pure Dex stats:

Str 15
Is 15
Full Dex
Int 15

PvP: In PvP the acre from 15-29 will do a bit of trouble for fighting because his lack of stamina allows them to withstand the blows made by opponents ... the problem for those who like them are the magician in attack away ... for mercenaries and assists no problem. Since you have 30 Dark Illusion technique that makes you disappear for a maximum time of 12 seconds.
PvM: With Arrows maxata Junk and some good food can kill monsters 3-5 levels higher than it should be accompanied by a fs because just a few strokes and died.
Giant Hunting: We can, however, must be accompanied by a fs that funny and Heal.
AE: It's crap because of the little Sta
Exp Rate: Expa normal.

Now I will now explain to me the best build for the future bj an acre

Low dex stat Is Full:

Str 15
Is 25
Full Dex
Int 15

PVP: A beast is able to maintain, thanks to his 25's, while it may hit a few shots with his arrows maxed junk and do over 800 damage. From 30 onwards, even the wizards will be easy to beat in Dark Illusion.
PvM: Beat 10 monsters of its highest levels and if accompanied by a full support can easily kill mobs 15 levels higher.
Giant Hunting: It may be only due to its defeat is that a good time to give them food. It beats even the most senior levels of 2 of his. Drop well.
Exp Rate: Expa faster thanks to the high level monsters to kill, it is 15 to 35 days to 4 levels if not more.

From skill increase for both:
Arrows immediately Junk-15
Bow Mastery-as soon as you unlock
The perfect 45-block

The yoyo skill from only those that serve to get a perfect block BUT NOT maxarle simply to get to 45 to unlock Perfect Block.
Then you can think of Max:
-Dark Illusion
For Penya:
The Penya do them there from 60 onwards, with the hunting of the giant. You'll 1m to drop giant (approximately).

Credits: pasqlo

pasqlo posted at 2011-11-14 10:15:51

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