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I want to play Flight Control, what is it?


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Flight Control

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I want to play Flight Control, what is it?

Greetings to everybody reading this guide.

Flight Control is a simulation game in which you take on the role of an air-traffic controller. Your goal is to land planes in their landing zones, which you can do by changing the course of the plane by using your fingers.

Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? However, like everything else that seems really easy, there's a catch. Your planes do not magically go right through one another. If two or more planes happen to collide, your game will be over.

There are three basic types; the pink plane(jet), the yellow planes(?) and 'copters!

Each aircraft vehicle has its own landing zone. You will know which landing zone is appropriate for which plane because when you tap your finger to control that certain aircraft, an arrow will appear next to the landing zone appropriate for it.

This game is considered addicting for some, as it has a 'hm, just one more time' kind of feel to it. Players always want to beat either their own high scores, or even their friends' high scores on Flight Control.

Not only are there these three basic planes, but newer updates have been introducing newer planes such as the RFDSA planes of Australia, as well as new maps and airfields.

On top of these additions, Flight Control is not only an iPhone/iPod Touch game. It has been ported to the PlayStation 3, Windows computers, and soon to be Mac computers. Flight Control is available through Steam, known as Flight Control HD which can be purchased for $4.99 and is playable on both Mac and Windows computers.

In my own opinion, I don't think Flight Control is meant for computers and the PS3, but rather only on the iPhone/iPod Touch. The game is too simple to be expanded and ported elsewhere. For $4.99, it isn't worth it at all to be purchasing for the computer. You might play it once or twice and most likely put it aside. Sometimes, it may become addicting, but it definitely is not worth $4.99, as Flight Control HD is almost the same exact thing as the normal Flight Control, but with another map and is playable on a larger screen.

Some other cool things introduced into Flight Control are multi-player modes, in which you can control the field with a friend. For the PlayStation Network, you can play the co-op mode with up to three(3) other players.

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Some key things to know while playing Flight Control:

Always be alert - If you're playing Flight Control, and your game is getting progressively harder, don't look away as you might lose.

Safe Fast Forward - If you're using this feature, note that the game will slow down to normal speed when a plane/heli crash is about to happen, giving you enough time to prevent the collision. You might want to use Safe Fast Forward to your advantage so you're not spending hours upon hours on the game, but minutes.

Knowing the landing areas - Make sure you memorize which plane goes where, because you won't always have time to look at the arrows which indicate which plane goes where. If you start doing this, you might be distracted and not notice an imminent collision.

Ultimately, this game is pretty fun and is worth the $0.99 if you purchase it on the App Store. It is one of those games that will last you, and will most likely stay on your iPod forever as one of the reviews stay, because it's a game that'll keep you coming back, eventually.

So have fun, and don't get into too many collisions.

itouchisfun posted at 2011-06-18 08:20:16

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