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fast money?

How do i get fast money without using my real cash. i don't want to use money on many games so i'm asking how to get fast money and easy.

you need to seed and harvest more and more farms for earn money
sandpatel posted 8 years 6 weeks ago

marklaan12 posted at 2012-06-30 05:16:27


  • fayr said:

    will be faster and cheaper you buy game cards or remit the money to buy normal but there many other meneiras you can buy through promotions only it will take for you to get many credits

    8 years 46 weeks
    2 Votes
  • sheyumon said:

    you can earn money easily by cultivating crops or building items completing goals and other activities it is the most popular game in Facebook so guys check it out

    8 years 36 weeks
    1 Votes
  • There are several options. You can either spend real money, level up (certain levels grant you farm cash), or use facebook credits. I have seen on occasion surveys and other online offers that reward you free facebook credits, as well as occasional soft drink promotions where you get facebook credits under the cap when you buy them, and they can be saved until you have enough facebook credits. If you have never used them before, Facebook credits are equal to $1. Really, in the long run its going to be cheaper to just buy the credits or a game card rather than the soda, or just keep trying to level up.

    8 years 50 weeks
    0 Votes

you need to seed and harvest more and more farms for earn money

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