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[ATTENTION] Fanup in Aeria Games National Tourney!


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[ATTENTION] Fanup in Aeria Games National Tourney!


Attention FanUp throws in some Nationals prizes!
[Image: 2dvmnua.jpg]

*banner designed by Topic.*

Attention SF Community
I'm pleased to announce the beginning of the most anticipated event of the year
The time has come for me to announce this years 2013 NCGPX
hosted by

As many of you know once a year we have a National Tournament where we have competitive teams from North America and Europe compete in a 32 team bracket to determine who will represent USF @ SFWC against the international teams from all over the world. The team that emerges as the victor of the NCGPX will be sent to SFWC by Aeria Games to compete against the top teams from each version of SF around the world!

SFWC is the Special Force World Championship.
This event is a LAN party in which the best teams from every other version of SF compete for the title of WORLD CHAMPIONS!
[Image: ka3b6a.png]
SFWC is expected to take place during December.
The location and confirmed date will be revealed at a later date.

[Image: banner10000010_zps809a72f2.png]
Aside from the annual trip to SFWC to the top team
The TOP THREE teams will be awarded gaming gear prizes sponsored by
[Image: 534908_167987823385804_1319531556_n.png]
Top three teams MVP: $75 Fanbucks
Now you guys may be wondering, what exactly are Fan Bucks? Fanbucks are fanups currency for buying their game marketplace items, its basically like Playspan use to be regarding their ultimate points marketplace. You guys can use these to redeem them for a lot of free to play games on the market right now.

Ranging from mouses to headsets. This will be the first tournament hosted by us that involves gaming gear as prizes!
Gaminggearz will provide gaming gear prizes for SF events as well as doing reviews for certain gaming gear products. I would like to thank GGZ for helping sponsor the 2013 NCGPX so check them out!
Check out their Facebook and hit "LIKE". Once they reach a certain # of likes
they will be able to give out more gaming gear prizes for USF.


Aeria Games will also provide ingame prizes such as armor, loads of SP,ingame items and PERM weapons of choices to the players in the top three teams.

More detailed information on the prizes of GGZ and Aeria Games will be posted as the NCGPX begins.

How to Qualify for Nationals

Qualification Period
The qualification period will take place during the duration of these dates.
August 15 , 2013 ~ September 15 , 2013

Nationals will require for teams to qualify to secure their spot in the brackets.
This is to ensure that actual competitive teams are able to play in the brackets.

[Image: logo.png]
*credits to CGL for providing USFU with the Genesis Anti Cheat

Step 1

*** First thing is first ALL players in your team must
register and download the Genesis Anti Cheat. ***

Please follow the instructions here to get yourself setup with the GAC.

Here's a list of REQUIREMENTS that teams will need to
fulfill in order to be eligible to participate in the USF 2013 National Championships Grand Prix
  • PICTURE OF PASSPORT showing the name, birth date, expiration date, and photo identification.
  • 5 Man Roster consisting of players not banned from tournaments and have registered with the GAC
  • Your team must be ranked Green + on the CCR List
Click here to find out how to get your team on GREEN under the CCR list

Step 2

Once your team has met all the requirements one member from each
team must submit the following information in the following format to..

Team Name
Region (NA or EU)

Aeria ID ~ IGN ~ Weapon ~ Character Force ~ GAC ID
Aeria ID ~ IGN ~ Weapon ~ Character Force ~ GAC ID
Aeria ID ~ IGN ~ Weapon ~ Character Force ~ GAC ID
Aeria ID ~ IGN ~ Weapon ~ Character Force ~ GAC ID
Aeria ID ~ IGN ~ Weapon ~ Character Force ~ GAC ID

All players under the age of 18 need to fill out a Parent Consent Form and have it notarized
(link will be posted on this thread at a later date)
<if your member has a fakename please provide that as the IGN>

*** Please Submit all PICTURE OF PASSPORTs showing the name, birth date, expiration date, and photo identification along with he players IGN to verify which player is which.***

Once your team has been approved the team leader will be given a set schedule with specific times and dates your team will be assigned to play in. Schedule's will be sent out 1 WEEK before the first match starts

goku1997 posted at 2013-08-24 20:55:19

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