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APB: Reloaded Guide: The ATAC 424

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APB: Reloaded Guide: The ATAC 424

The ATAC 424

ATAC stands for Agrotech Tactical Assault Carbine, Agrotech being the creator of the weapon (its a manufacturer in San Paro). ATAC is an accurate, full automatic carbine which comes in all kinds of different versions. I'll explain what kind of versions there are in the game and it's qualities.

ATAC 424 (NFCP 1, JT1, NFCP 3) - Sold by Contacts
Those ATAC's are blank, they have the basics of the gun, without mods but you can apply the mods manually. I recommend HS3, EM3 and IR3 for long-medium range. It is however possible to put RS3, CJ3 and EM3 on it instead for a good close-range, or CQ combat expierence. The basic gun's stats are:

Health Damage: 135
Stamina Damage: 20
Hard Damage: 17.55
Min Damage Range: 70m
Max Range: 100-150m
Equip Time: 0.80 sec
Reload Time: 2 sec
Shots to Kill: 8

ATAC 424 'Bodyguard' - Sold by Armas - C/M
This is my weapon of choice. I'm usually using this gun in my daily APB:Reloaded gameplay. It has the same basic stats as the original ATAC 424 but with 0.12 sec more of equip time and 0.80 sec less on reload time. It also has less ammo inside one magazine, but honestly it doesn't need one. This gun is good for both close quarters as medium ranges. It has a mobility sling and a magazine pull 3 modification on it. The mobility sling causes your character to be more fast and flexible in marksmanship mode, but the bad side of it is that it increases the equip time by 15%. The magazine pull causes for a fast reload but gives a smaller magazine (instead of 30, you have 22.) The gun in general, also looks really cool due to the visualized mofications on it.

ATAC 424 'Mercenary' - Sold by Armas - C/M
This weapon is also a wonderful weapon. It has the same basic stats as any other ATAC 424, but this one has a larger fire rate and an extended magazine, so I suggest using this one on close to medium range, because it has a large spread which is not favoured in long range situations. I'd say the maximum effective range would be around 50m.

ATAC 424 'Watchman' - Sold by Armas - M/L
The Watchman is a silenced version of the ATAC, it is infact the only silenced version of the ATAC 424 series. It is a good one for a long range, being modified with HS3 and CJ3. It's sound is also quieter then the other ATAC 424 and won't show you on your opponents minimap so soon, so it'll allow you to stay in cover for way longer then the other ATAC 424's available.

ATAC 424 'Patroller' - Sold by Armas - M/L
This ATAC 424 is a powerful long range rifle, with a minimal damage range of 77m. It is modified with a mobility sling which causes fast movement in marksmanship mode but a slower equip time. It has HS3 and IR3 which causes it to be so effective on the long range.


There's many different ATAC 424's available and not all of them will have the same tactics. This is why I have catagorized the pre-modified ATAC 424's in groups, two being C/M which stands for Close/Medium, the other two being M/L which stands for Medium/Long. The unmodded versions of the ATAC are not catagorized because they have no mods, unmodded they are very similiar to the 'Bodyguard' or 'Mercenary' but with mods, you can adjust them to whichever range you want.

I'm going to be starting off with strategies and tactics for the C/M catagory of the ATAC 424. The close range ATAC 424's can be used from a very close range, to wait around corners and spray them like you do with an OCA 626. It is not recommended however, especially when you have an opponent with a shotgun, STAR or any submachine gun. The way you use an ATAC 424 on close range, is basically: run towards a corner, aim and wait till your opponent runs into the hallway or road for you to take him under fire, when he is the most vurnable. It is also recommended that you start firing when he's in the middle, so he has no way on getting into cover quickly. What usually happens to me when I'm playing in a close quarter enviroment with my ATAC 424 'Bodyguard', is that I manage to spray my enemies which gives my teammates an easy assist. So on close range, an ATAC 424 can act very well as a support weapon.

Of course, we are all playing an ATAC 424 for the medium range and the low accuracy so that's what I'm going to be explaining next. An ATAC 424 is in general very accurate, so whenever you're ontop of a building and your enemy is running in an open area below you, you are likely to hit him and 9 out of 10, hit him effectively which usually results in his death. So try to get a high ground. If you have no way to get high ground, try to use cover and aim around the corner. This is also basically how long range with the ATAC 424 works. It's all about getting high ground, aim and run to the next cover, to repeat the motion again. The ATAC 424 is this way, the most effective. With the ATAC 424 you can easily take a sniper with an N-HVR down on a long to medium range if you play it right, so that explains how powerful an ATAC 424 really is on a long range.

The ATAC 424 & Sidearms

The ATAC 424 does not have any recommended sidearms. I'm using the standard sidearm, the obeya. It's a gun good for close and medium range and fairly accurate. But if your qualities come forward way better on a long range, then I'd suggest an ACT 44 as a sidearm. If you're better off at close range, take an automatic sidearm. It's all about your preference.

As for grenades, I'm using the standard grenades in APB, Frag Grenades. They are really effective against vehicles, are easy to use and throw around corners and causes you that little extra damage when you're facing difficult opponents. I'd never recommend percussion grenades for this kind of weapon, unless you're using it for constant CQC.

devy12 posted at 2015-12-15 11:13:05

For some odd reason, I cannot get the paragraphs and titles to seperate from each other. So this'll have to do..
devy12 posted 5 years 44 weeks ago

For some odd reason, I cannot get the paragraphs and titles to seperate from each other. So this'll have to do..

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