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**8 Best Games and + Game Series Ever Played**


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**8 Best Games and + Game Series Ever Played**

From the days of “Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle!” and Professor Oak's 'Are you a boy or a girl?' to "Fus Ro Dah!", we've come a long way in experiencing the fine art that is a video game.

8 Best Games and Game Series Ever Played

Grapics alone don't make a game special, there's a lot that goes into making an enjoyable game, some of which include a good game engine, a powerful plot, immersive sounds and voice acting, unique gameplay mechanics, extensive bug fixes and much more! But what we are sharing here today is a list of games/series [not limited to any platforms or genre] that we absolutely love and would decimate any n00bs naive enough to challenge us at them!

GTA Series:
The GTA series by Rockstar Games has ruled an entire decade in the gaming universe as one of the best action role-playing open-world series. Many 90s kids have, at some point in their lives, played GTA as Tommy in Vice City or Carl Johnson in San Andreas or one of the three main protagonists in the latest installment of the series, GTA V. The game series draws you in with a vast variety of vehicles that you can steal and drive around in the huge open world, as well as really well thought out story lines that keep you wondering if you are the good guy or the bad guy. Oh, did we forget to mention the amazingly large number of weapons you can use to take out pedestrians or to fight off cops? Yeah, that's PROFESSIONALSKIT for those of you playing San Andreas on PC, cheaters!

Here's a fun fact, the original plot involved the player playing as a cop trying to chase down thieves, but the game developers realized that it would be much more fun if the roles were reversed! GTA has been the centre of a lot of controversy regarding crime and youth delinquency. There are a lot of parents who claim that their children are more violent because of violence in video games. We grew up playing violent video games and we turned out fine, didn't we? We have two things to say to these parents, 1. Read the damned box for the mature rated game you are buying for your child, and 2. You are a bad parent for being unable to control your psychopath kid. 

Oh how many hours have we spent in our youth ferrying people via taxi to their destinations, pose as a cop or attempting to fly that damned RC Helicopter! Any mention of an old GTA game these days is sure to bring back a wave of pure nostalgia from our childhood. Definitely recommended if you are 18+!



The Elder Scrolls:
If you have no idea what the Elder Scrolls franchise is, maybe you need a little help to lift the rock you've been living under. These are a series of action fantasy role-playing games with open-world mechanics developed by Bethesda game studios. Any serious gamer would know that this was the series that changed the face of role-playing games. After Arena became a cult hit, the game studio started to churn out and polish the series with each new release, from Daggerfall, all the way to Skyrim. Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim are voted as the best games in this epic series!

What makes this series great are the extensive gameplay mechanics, the multitudes of quests the player can complete during the course of their gameplay and the humungous open world. For example, the latest installment in the series, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has over 270 quests and hundreds of miscellaneous smaller quests with over 300 points of interest in the game world and 184 dungeons to explore, and we are not even mentioning the 3 DLCs for the game.

From the time you first escape Helgen after the dragon attack and are forced to take a side with either the Imperial Legion [The military forces] or the Stormcloaks [The rebels], the game immediately throws you into a world where you have to make politically motivated choices, save innocent people and defend yourself while exploring absolutely beautiful areas of the game. You can choose to run a sword through the snobby and arrogant Nazeem, or 'Fus Ro Dah' the annoying racist Elves or pickpocket the rich nobles in Solitude for the valuable gold they carry, all while trying to fight off the dragon henchmen Alduin, the dragon antagonist, sends to destroy the towns and to kill you, the Dragonborn.

But there's more! Once you've finished the game, and if you own a gaming pc, you can decide to add mods to the game which will allow you to explore new game areas, modify gameplay and complete new quests. P.S. You can also turn all dragons into Macho Man Randy Savage if you're into those kinds of things.
We definitely recommend playing this series and attempt to learn its extensive lore to have an experience that no movie ever made can beat!



Minecraft! Where do we start? Oh, we know! Let's start with the obligatory tree punching ceremony to harvest wood! Mojang's game, created by Markus Persson aka "Notch", is a sandbox construction game that allows players to place and remove various blocks to change the environment! Players can use this mechanic to create magnificent structures in their game world which is approximately 60 million blocks wide and 60 million blocks long which gives us a surface area of 3,600,000,000,000,000 square metres, since each cubic block side 1 metre wide. How big is that, you ask? Our earth has a surface area of 510 billion metres squared, which means, we could fit 7058.82 earths into a minecraft world! Woah!

Minecraft has 4 modes, but the most popular modes are creative and survival, which can be played in both single-player and multi-player mode. The former grants the player access to a majority of the blocks for free which can be placed and broken easily, this mode is meant for creating structures. The latter is slightly more hardcore and more fun! The player has to survive a literal zombie and skeleton invasion each night and create a home for themselves while mining for blocks and crafting new equipment and tools while in search of the rare diamonds deep inside the earth which allow players to create even more powerful tools and equipment! The game has 2 bosses, the Wither Skeleton and the Ender dragon. And 3 dimensions, the Overworld, where the player spawns; The Nether, which is synonymous to hell; and The End which is a stark, empty plane where the Ender Dragon resides. 

Some absolutely creative players have built incredible structures inside minecraft, ranging from humble player homes to Westeros from the Game of Thrones series! Some have even built working computers using redstone; an in-game item that can transmit power through blocks to activate and de-activate various blocks. The players use it to create AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR and NOT logic gates which are used to lay out in-game circuits.
Minecraft has been shown to help with creative thinking, geometric art, increased spatial awareness and improved problem solving skills! Some schools have even started using minecraft to teach basic concepts and there was even a class where programmers were taught logic gates with the help of minecraft! It's a must play game for individuals of all ages!



Need for Speed:
Everyone loves being in control, especially being in control of a super-holy-moly-fast car that is chasing an even faster car! Need for Speed, published by -Ahem-Electronic Arts-Ahem- was one of the most successful video game franchises of all time with sales of over 140 million copies.
NFS is built around the concept of unlocking new purchasable cars and car accessories and parts to get ahead of your opponents by winning races. Police pursuits are a huge part of the series, avoiding patrol cars becomes an integral part of the game, and if you are caught by one in the middle of a race, be prepared to race your opponent as well as the cops chasing you! 

Driving in NFS gave us much better drivers in general by allowing our sub-conscious to make decisions much faster than normal while driving. People have owed their lives to video games like nfs by avoiding real life accidents with the subtle skills they learnt while playing the games. Playing NFS in multiplayer mode against friends was absolutely thrilling, with the anticipation during the head-to-head races near the finish line and friends trying to push each other off the track and crash into other cars.

Need For Speed is a series meant to be enjoyed by people who love cars and adrenaline pumping action. Highly recommended!



Final Fantasy Series: 
This is the game that defines fantasy RPGs as we know them, with 29 games in its series and around 17 spin offs, from the company known as Square Enix which has brought to you games like Kingdom Hearts and Dragon's quest. The first game of the series was based around the telling of a story because the director at the time believed that he was better at telling a story than at making an action game, and this concept has stuck with the series till today.

Did you know that the company Square Enix, formerly known as Square, was a small development company that was going downhill, until they decided to give it one last shot with all they had and called it 'Final Fantasy'. The series holds Seven Guinness World Records in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition which include the "Most Games in an RPG Series", the "Longest Development Period", and the "Fastest-Selling Console RPG in a Single Day". Final fantasy has also received wide spread critical acclaim for the amazing BGM and soundtracks it uses for its games, the amazingly well-developed stories and graphics.

Final Fantasy is definitely a series for those who love RPGs with a nice story to go along with their gameplay.




World of Warcraft:
Based on Blizzard Entertainment's Real Time Strategy game series, this game still remains popular amongst the masses as one of the best online games out there. WoW requires players to play co-operatively to find rare in-game items and equipment, although a player could reach maximum level playing solo. Guilds are a major part of the game, players in a guild can socialize and conquer dungeons together, complete quests or fight against each other in Battlegrounds and Arenas. Players can choose to specialize in one of many roles that can help their party overall or fill in for multiple roles at the cost of being an efficient character.

Playing warcraft requires dedication, skill and experience. The game requires one to invest a huge amount of time to achieve anything worthwhile and is certainly not meant for casual gameplay. The game has so much content to explore that the game development took 4-5 years in the making. It has also held 62% of the world's subscription based MMORPG market share and holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG.

If you have time to spare and want to play a truly wonderfully crafted MMORPG that will spark an RPG addiction inside you, try World Of Warcraft!





Age of Empires:

This series, with 8 titles and 3 spin-offs, is one the best Real Time Strategy games with over 20 million copies sold and is a direct competitor to the Civilization series. The Artificial Intelligence in the games achieve their means with far less cheating than in games from the competition, which, according to critics, has probably been a major plus point for the series in terms of success. This series cover events from the Stone Age to the Classical Period from Europe and Asia which led the development team to indulge in historical research to get their facts correct.

We have spent a fair portion of our time at the end of the 90's decade in playing the Age of Empires games. Completing campaigns, conquering other civilizations and finding relics was a part of everyday life which continued well into the 2000s. We cannot say much about this series, because it is the sort of game that you can only get a gist of via gameplay.




Counter Strike:
Valve became one of the greatest video game development companies after the release of the Half-Life and Portal series, but we should not forget the countless hours we spent playing the De_dust map in Counter-Strike, trying to snipe enemies as soon as we saw a single pixel pop out from behind the wall. Creating a clan with friends and playing against other clans was the best thing about the game, with tournaments held across cities regularly, this was one of the first games that gave rise to professional gaming scene in India. The Half-Life engine also wasn't very resource intensive, which probably made the game available to more people, giving it lot of exposure. Almost every college boy and girl from the past decade has heard of, or played Counter-Strike at some point in time! Definite must play if you enjoy First-Person Shooters!

by Noel Lobo


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