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What is the difference of Fanbucks and Fancoins?

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qwertyyyy posted 8 years 2 days ago

jetxlix posted at 2011-08-08 03:34:17


  • jappo said:

    With FanCoins you can buy Clothes and more things for your Avatar on your Profile page.
    With FanBucks you can buy credits or something like that on the Marketplace.

    7 years 49 weeks
    1 Votes
  • Anonymous said:

    one guy just sayd you that XD

    8 years 23 weeks
    1 Votes
  • With fancoins you can buy stuff for your fanup avatar or participate in the weekly leaderboard to win fanbucks which you can get game currencies with

    8 years 23 weeks
    1 Votes
  • Indr4 said:

    That's seems one of these weird answer just to take the 10 coins reward..well..u have to know that i will fight for this wek prize..
    BTW the answer is:fancoins r needed to purchase stuff on the site like some avatar t-shirt or to compete to leaderboard challange..funbuck are a real money credit earneable..and it can be used to purchase other stuff like gCoins for ijji games or so on

    8 years 24 weeks
    1 Votes
  • camelolz said:

    Fanbucks = 1. Can be won by fancoins
    2. Can be earned by surveys
    3. Can be bought by real cash.
    Fancoins: 1. Cannot be bought
    2. Can be earned easily and fast

    Fancoins can be exchanged into fanbucks and enough amount of fanbucks can be exchanged into your favourite game currency, like Gunz, you can change the fanbucks into gcoins.

    8 years 7 weeks
    0 Votes


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