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Ultimate Guide to Earning Free Premium Currency


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Ultimate Guide to Earning Free Premium Currency

Ultimate Guide to Earning Free Premium Currency


There are three main ways to earn premium currency for almost every game but many people don’t know about them. The methods are doing free offers/surveys, appredeem/apptrailers, and using Fanup! I’ll be going over how to use programs that will enhance and make earning premium currency faster and how to get started. I won’t be going over Fanup because there are many great guides on it (Advance has a great starting guide about it and how to earn Fancoins/Fanbucks, check it out:


Getting Started:

There are a variety of things you need to start earning premium currency; I’ll be going over how each thing works and how to get it.

If you want to earn premium currency from free offers/surveys I would recommend getting the following:

·         Ad-Block on Chrome: It helps make the offer websites less confusing by blocking side ads. It also is a great advantage when watching videos because it blocks ads before or between videos.

·         Sandboxie: Sandboxie is a program that prevents the spread of viruses and other malware that may hurt your computer. It basically quarantines all the stuff you download so that it doesn’t affect your computer if it contains a virus. You can also instantly remove everything you downloaded with a click of a mouse. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting this for general use and when doing offers where you have to download stuff.

·         Spam Emails: A spam email is very useful when doing offers because some offers require you to register for something such as email subscriptions for jokes, sports, etc.

Basic Anti-Virus: Have a basic anti-virus in case you accidentally don’t download in your Sandbox and a virus gets on your computer. I recommend getting Malwarebytes because it’s a great anti-virus. I would recommend AGAINST using Norton because it's plain annoying and useless.

Things you need to get started with appredeeem/apptrailers:

·         Paypal: You need a PayPal to redeem all the money earned from watching videos/adding apps or else you can’t redeem the points you earned.

·         Apple Device or Smart Phone: You need it to download the app and other apps to earn points.


Earning Currency from Offers:

You should basically know all the basics of earning currency using offers but I can help make it faster and more convenient. Usually, I’ll go to any offer site (you usually have a variety of sites to choose from) and I’ll start playing videos. You can play videos for easy currency and usually they’re about 30 seconds long and keep getting longer. When the videos start getting longer, I do offer such as download offers.

First, download SandBoxie, because it will help keep your computer viruses free. You can download it at their website here:

After downloading it, install it and a tutorial option should pop up, exit it. When installing it makes sure you make a desktop icon for it because it will make it a lot more convenient and easy to use. When you first open SandBoxie a message will pop up like this:

Don’t worry, just double click and exit. It might continue to pop up but just always double click and exit.

Next, in order to be protected by Sandboxie, you need to open a browser from the program. Usually it will open with your default browser (mine is Chrome) and you can just go to the offer page of your game website.

You can tell if you’re protected by hovering over the outside of the web browser, if a yellow outline appears, you’re protected. Everything you download will appear in your sandbox rather than in your normal computer space.

When doing offers that require downloading something, first check that you’re protected. Then simply download it and install it (don’t worry, you’re safe from viruses) and then open it by going to downloads in your SandBox.

From there, right click it and choose, run sandboxed.

Then just play or do whatever the program told you to do and exit. Every page you open from your main page (offers page) should be protected. The installation and download boxes should also be protected as well.

Once you’ve completed you’re offer, go to the SandBoxie icon and clear contents. All the stuff you downloaded before is now gone! Your computer is clean and as good as before!