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Races of Tamriel: Britons


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Races of Tamriel: Britons

The Bretons

The Bretons (also known as Manmer), residents of High Rock, half-elves descended from the result of crossing and Nedico Aldmeri peoples during the era meretica. Although they share culture and language are divided politically, and their land is divided between various factions and feudal kingdoms competing. Many have a natural affinity for magic and an innate resistance to it. They are known for their abstract thinking and unique customs. Usually paler than other human races, and usually are thinner and not as muscular as the Nordics or the Red Guards. Your elven descent can only guess after a thorough inspection of eyebrows, ears and high cheekbones though many come closest to the Nordics and the Imperials. Its diversity is the result of their politically fractured society, though their clothes, accents, customs and names tend to uniformity.


There is evidence of human settlement in Alta Roca at least one hundred years before the beginning of recorded history. Before or maybe shortly after the first was started, the Aldmer deEstivalia arrived and mixed with Nedes (the ancestors of humans) giving rise to the Bretons. Although there were some conflicts, peaceful coexistence was interracial. While Aldmer controlabanTamriel, the Britons lived as lower-class citizens supporting their elven brethren. This harmony servility and saved their lives during the night of tears.

Conquests by Skyrim in 1E 246 allowed them to dominate the region until the war of succession, in 1E 369. About that time the order alessiana began a series of campaigns against the Direnni (an aristocratic clan of elves who ruled Roca Altos High) allowing local rebels seize control. Most of the region was liberated elfico control to 1E 500, although the elves continue living there for most of the first era. There is some animosity between Orcs and Bretons.

Over time the Britons were absorbing and imperial Norse population in the area, and the region would be under control of the Britons at the end of the first era.

Later Tiber Septim conquered kingdoms split easily, but he could not end the rivalry between them.

Since most emperors were Breton or were educated in High Rock, Bretons frown the empire, although there is some dissatisfaction with its inability to protect them in some conflicts. The problem was accentuated to the miracle of peace, where dozens of high deRoca fiefs divided into three kingdoms joined: Jumping the dagger, and Orsinium Wayrest.


The word most used to describe the peoples Breton is "quaint". Most of the population lives in small villages, and only the nobility and their servants live in castles. Many towns are still surrounded by high walls, and the strengths populate in landscape, despite the efforts of Tiber Septim to demilitarize the area.


Breton society is feudal, agrarian and mostly very hierarchical. Many cities are sprawling cities where most of the population is middle class and low.

Although there are many ways to prosper, ascend to nobility by deeds and services with different leaders is considered the easiest way, which has created an obsession among the younger adventure This desire has led the Britons to venture across northern Tamriel, reaching out as far as Thirsk. They tend to be friendly and good treatment, although not much affection between Britons and Red Guards because Betony war.

They say they enjoy the intellectual challenges, and this pursuit of knowledge leads them to test various professions, such as trade, military, navigation, medicine and so on. Espionage is also its strength: its double agents, spies and murderers have been around for many wars throughout its history.

Are not very religious, but most accept the Aldmeri pantheon and then made the transition to the eight divine (and later to nine). The gods worshiped traditionally include the divine, Magnus, and Phinaster Y'ffre. Sheor also recognize the evil, probably introduced during the conflict in the Nordic elves as a demonized version of Shor.

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