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Race: Wood Elves (Bosmer)


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Elder Scrolls Online

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Race: Wood Elves (Bosmer)

The Bosmer

The Bosmer are from Forest Valen (Valenwood), a province in southwestern Tamriel. They are often referred to as wood elves, but they call themselves or boiche Bosmer. The Bosmer reject the stiff Altmer traditions, preferring a life more in harmony with their environment and wild creatures. They tend to be more agile and faster than other elves, making them suitable for scouts or thieves.

They are the best archers in Tamriel even rumored that might have invented the bow. They have several innate abilities, like the power to influence some wild beasts or almost chameleon ability to hide in forested areas. As part of the green deal, usually carnivorous as they can not damage vegetation Valen Forest (but do not mind eating vegetables or using wood imported from outside their region).


The Forest Aldmer Valen reached before the start of the first era and found that the dense forests were inhabited by many animals, so I struggled to settle in the area and stop being prey to become hunters. Those who adapted to this lifestyle, eventually became the Bosmer we know today. Over time, united under the leadership of that unified reyEplear Valen Forest Camoran Dynasty and founded, beginning the first was. They made a formal pact with the Empire Alessiano trade in 1E 340 only lasted a few decades before it was invalidated by the ongoing skirmishes with colovia. After bosmeri population was decimated by the plague Thrassiana in 1E 2417, were absorbed by the Second Empire.

The empire divided power in Valen Forest in several districts to prevent unite against him. With the fall of the Empire in 2E 430 different districts began to war among themselves and the pirates Maormerconsiguieron established in some parts of the coast that used in raids against Estivalia. To secure its borders, the Altmer used an ancient pact and invasions colovianas as an excuse to invade and establish Valen Forest Aldmeri Dominion in 2E 830. At that time it appeared losThalmor Valen Forest pacified until the domain was absorbed by the Third empire led by Tiber Septim. The Camoran, returned to take power and achieved peace for 250 years. In 3E 249, a pretender to the throne of the Camoran (the usurper camorano) led an army of undead and mercenaries that brought destruction on Valen Forest and most of the west coast of Tamriel until stopped in 3E 267.

Since then, the Bosmer have become isolationist, but have stuck to their traditional customs and suspicious of any central authority, leading to who are divided among themselves by preventing an effective defense of their territories.


The green deal with Y'ffre forest god (spirit of now), is an agreement where the Bosmer promised not to harm or eat Valen Forest vegetation in exchange for protection Y'ffre. Because of this, the wood elves have learned to distill and ferment milk and meat for various alcoholic beverages.
The bosmeri also tend to worship other gods as Baan Da, the gods of the moons Jone and Jode and divine, and the Daedra Herma-Mora (Mora Hermaeus).

Their society is usually divided into independent tribes si.Los forest elves have always been willing to defend against foreign aggression. However, they are one of the more peaceful races of Tamriel, and have never instigated war against other nations, though they have sometimes been accused of overreacting to any conflict on its territory. Never have forged a true partnership with other nations, as the cannibalistic rituals and difficulty adapting to other cultures have generated some suspicion. However, keep the trade and commerce with other nations, because they need to import wood and other plant products due to the green deal.

The Bosmer value and appreciate diversity and other races are welcome in Forest Valen. Some legends claim that the Bosmer often marry humans. Imga coexist with a race of primates that have a high regard for the Altmer. Often willingly accept immigrants: accepted slaves fleeing the Ayleid the Ayleid then fleeing slaves. Many foreigners visitanFalinesti, the beautiful city on a wandering tree (although recent reports indicate that mysteriously took root). Lately it is rumored that a prophet has appeared called the precursor Y'ffre promises blessings to those faithful devotees.

xKordraGx posted at 2013-04-09 14:44:36

great race in the elder scroll ;)
xKordraGx posted 7 years 13 weeks ago

great race in the elder scroll ;)

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