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The Dark Brotherhood


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The Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of murderers active throughout Tamriel except for Morrowind. Although their activities are far less legal, their existence is often tolerated or ignored by the authorities. Every time a person with legal authority has an interest in its activities, the Brotherhood uses a combination of bribery, coercion, blackmail and murder to keep their activities hidden. They have been bitter rivals of the Morag Tong from the second era. The Brotherhood is also known for its worship of Sithis. Regardless of gender, the members are known as Brothers.
The Black Hand is usually made up of four spokespersons and a listener. Each has suSilenciador, which handles most senior missions governed directly by the Black Hand. Clearly, the Black Hand is the highest rank within the Brotherhood and therefore know more secrets, and the actual identity of Mother Night Mother Noche.La is responsible for informing a single listener about missions that have performed. This listener, in turn, informs his Speaker of the Black Hand and the Speaker is contacted with the person who requested the service of murderers. Once the deal closed, the Speaker informs the Dark Brotherhood to carry out the mission.

Initially the Dark Brotherhood was ruled by five precepts or disobey laws meant unbreakable and receive exemplary punishment, that is, until the decline of the Dark Brotherhood after which they gave up.

These precepts are:
Never dishonor the Night Mother, breaching unleash the wrath of Sithis.
Never betray the Dark Brotherhood or its principles, breaching unleash the wrath of Sithis.
Never disobeying a superior of the Dark Brotherhood, breaching unleash the wrath of Sithis.
Never steal from a brother or sister of the Dark Brotherhood, breaching unleash the wrath of Sithis.
Never kill a brother or sister of the Dark Brotherhood, breaching unleash the wrath of Sithis.


The origins of the Brotherhood are connected with the Morag Tong, though exactly how is an issue still debated by scholars. The most popular theory holds that the Brotherhood was divided on religious grounds. In 1E 2920, the Morag Tong assassinated the Emperor Reman III. In 2E 324 Reman assassinated successor, Versidue-Shaie, the one who had ordered the assassination of Reman IIImás 300 years before. This angered the nobles of all Tamriel, and the Morag Tong was outlawed throughout the continent. The Morag Tong appealed to the highest authority in Morrowind to ensure their existence: The Tribunal.
Suspected to protect its existence, the Morag Tong left his cult Mephala and started worshiping Vivec. This is what would have produced the separation - the Morag Tong started worshiping Vivec, while the Dark Brotherhood apparently opposed and cleaved.
A similar but distinct theory is that, after the murder of Versidue-Shaie and the subsequent persecution of laMorag Tong, spoke with a member Sithis and demanded the formation of a new guild of murderers to "unite the business with death" and satisfy vacuum hunger souls, a union that would worship Sithis and not Mephala.
Another story, taken from an alleged interview between writer and mother Enric Milnes night, says the Dark Brotherhood was a branch of the thieves' guild, the Morag Tong not. Milnes was killed shortly after publication. Her story says that during the second era, some members of the guild of thieves seemed most effective strangle the occupant of the house to do a robbery. The woman who would become the mother night thought they should formally recognize and allow the murder, but the thieves guild leaders expressed refused thinking it would be bad for business. Lamadre night of the murder he founded his union that would eventually become the Dark Brotherhood. The connection with the Morag Tong would arise only after the assassination of Savirien-Chorak potentate in 2E 431, when several of the Morag Tong murderers left and joined the Dark Brotherhood. Some voices say it was the Dark Brotherhood and the Morag Tong not who ended the potentate and the rest deAkaviri in Cyrodiil.
Despite all these guesses, what is known is the exact date of the formation of the Dark Brotherhood. a note to a "Brother" was found under the floorboards of an abandoned house in the Nordic village Jallenheim, which spoke of a hidden war between two organizations. Scholars speculate that this note would be the first evidence of the war between the Morag Tong and the Dark Brotherhood. Little more than fifty years later, the Queen of Hegathe Arlimahera wrote in his diary that his family had hired the services of the Dark Brotherhood since the days of his grandfather. Along with the note found at Jallenheim, this suggests that the formation of dark laHermandad was around 360 at the latest.

The wrath of Sithis
In the centuries following the fall of the Second Empire, the Dark Brotherhood showed how powerful they had become. Tiber Septim's heir, Pelagius I, was killed by the Dark Brotherhood while praying at the Temple of the One. Soon after the Brotherhood spread Iliac Bay, getting to have a branch in almost every town and city until it happened oesteen deformation.
a vampire Dark Brotherhood member named Greywyn Belnwyth began his own crusade against the Dark Brotherhood. Believing that Sithis had ordered to remove all non-vampires of the Brotherhood, Greywyn founded an organization known as the crimson scars. His attempt failed when a member of the Crimson Scars on hand betrayed black (dark laHermandad leaders), who quickly retaliated and killed the crimson scars. The ultimate fate remains unknown Greywyn.
Because of the dominance of the Morag Tong in Vvardenfell, the Dark Brotherhood was driven almost entirely of Morrowind. Brotherhood tried to gain a foothold on the island but was fiercely rejected by the Morag Tong, the local night mother, Severa Magia, was killed and most of the other Dark Brotherhood leaders on the island. Later that year, King Hlaalu Helseth Brotherhood hired to assassinate the Nerevarine, fearing that it could pose a threat to his leadership. In response, the Nerevarine tracked the murderers to their sanctuary in the old district deMournhold and killed their leader, Dandras Vules. The Dark Brotherhood also try to threaten the life of Barenziah, but the murderers were intercepted by the Nerevarine.

headquarters of the Dark Brotherhood in Cyrodiil was betrayed from within. Mathieu Bellamont, a trust spokesman, tried to destroy the Brotherhood as an act of revenge for the murder of his mother. A new member of the Brotherhood became the muffler Black Hand, and was misled to purify the sanctuary of Cheydinhal, destroying most members of the Black Hand. The remaining speakers, including a member Bellamont and the newcomer, went to the crypt of the Night Mother (hidden under the old statue in Bravil lucky) for advice. There, Bellamont killed two of the four speakers before being killed by the newcomer. The night mother named the newcomer as his listener. The Brotherhood began to recover, but the loss of half of the hand negray purification Cheydinhal Sanctuary was a blow to the Brotherhood.

The fall of brotherhood
The next two hundred years were not easy for the Brotherhood. A combination of external and internal factors prevented the Brotherhood could raise its head. The great war weakened the organization todoTamriel and unrest in Bravil, Bruma, Cheydinhal and became a big problem for the Brotherhood. Several sanctuaries and bases of the Brotherhood throughout Tamriel were destroyed or evacuated. The Dark Brotherhood became a secondary objective for both Imperial and for the Thalmor, and its presence in some provinces like Hammer Paramo was eliminated. This made it almost impossible for the Brotherhood win contracts in these regions and further undermining the reputation of the organization, which lost much of its power and influence across the continent. LosEscamas facilities Grim Archon in the black swamp were abandoned, and no new recruits, the tradition of the Grim flakes began to disappear.
Bruma sanctuary was destroyed and only one survived, which served to further disrupt and demoralize the Brotherhood. One by one, the sanctuaries in other cities and provinces were disappearing. only four known sanctuaries remained active in Tamriel: Brotherhood headquarters in the sanctuary of Cheydinhal in Cyrodiil, the sanctuary Wayrest high rock, the shrine of Corinthe in Elsweyr and the sanctuary of Falkreath in Skyrim.
Wayrest was attacked by pirates and his sanctuary was assaulted and destroyed. The hand negradecidió Corinthe close the sanctuary and move its members to strengthen the faction of Cyrodiil. The political and social chaos in which Cyrodiil and the Empire were allowed a series of riots in Bravil, which killed some members of the Brotherhood, including the listener, along with the destruction of the crypt of the Night Mother. The only survivor escaped Cheydinhal with mother's coffin night.
With the listener dead and without the mother chose another night, the Dark Brotherhood was forced to rely on word of mouth to bring new contracts. In order to preserve the mother's body night, Black Hand appointed a guardian to take care of keeping intact the mother's body so that his spirit night could stay in Cyrodiil and talk to the listener. However, the night mother no longer spoke, which demoralized the members Cheydinhal sanctuary. Finally, Rasha, the leader of the Cheydinhal sanctuary and only remaining member of the black hand, proclaimed that he was the listener. However, when he could not confirm the words night mother taught to all listeners, was killed.
In the end, the only remaining member in Cyrodiil was Cicero, the guardian, who went crazy because of a combination of isolation and despair. only in Skyrim Falkreath sanctuary remained active, and took the mother Cicero night there. Falkreath sanctuary was destroyed shortly after and most of its members were killed. Some reports claim that the Brotherhood was annihilated. Others say that the Brotherhood not only survived, but managed to assassinate the Emperor Titus Mede II.

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