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Cannibalism in the elder scroll!


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Cannibalism in the elder scroll!

Although Bosmer are reluctant to discuss their cannibalistic rituals are said to only perform these rituals are enemies who have shown courage and skill in battle, and the ritual must be performed before within three days from the death. In ritual one who struck the enemy and his family consume part of the body.

The exception to this type of cannibalism occurs during the Wild Hunt.
The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt is a magical ability inherent in all Bosmer. Is produced by a ritual performed by a number bgran Bosmer, turning them into a horde of wild beasts supernatural to accomplish a goal. These monsters start a stampede constantly changing form killing and eating all those on their way to achieving their goal. When he finally fulfilled his purpose these beasts turn against themselves in a "cannibalistic orgy."
Wood elves believe this

is a reflection of the chaos of the Dawn was when things were not so defined. After making the green deal with this I teach Y'ffre return this form at will.
The reasons for convening the wild hunt ritual vary from simple revenge to an act of war. In any case, the Bosmer are not proud of this ability, and prefer not to use it except in cases of desperation, and that this change can not be reversed, and usually ends with the death of all participants.

There have been three documented cases:

The Wild Hunt was invoked to kill King Borgas Nordic, for supporting the Order Alessiana in his campaigns against the Bosmer. As a result of his death, Skyrim was plunged into a civil war that lasted 50 years.

Second was, unknown location:
Little is known about.

The Wild Hunt was invoked in retaliation for an attack on the village of Khajiit Vindisi for a truce in the war of the five years.

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