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Be an EFANGELIST to Earn Free FanBucks!

An eFangelist is an enthusiastic supporter of FanUp.  If this is you, then you can earn a ton of FanBucks by helping the FanUp community grow!

All you need to do is post a shortened link shown at the bottom of this page or create your own ( or back to your favorite FanUp page, contest, content or store item of FanUp in a legitmate Gamer related forum, Gamer related blog/review site, Gamer related Facebook page, Gamer related YouTube, Gamer related Yahoo Answers or your personal favorite Gamer related social media places like Twitter (or where ever) and you may be eligible to be rewarded with FanBucks. Please read all of the requirements below in order to qualify for FanBucks.

After you make an eFan post you MUST email the URL that you posted to, the shortened link to FanUp and a screen shot to so we may verify it. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR FANUP USER NAME.  Every URL and shortened link must be separate from the screen shot.

Please, DO NOT SPAM. Remember, you are an envoy for FanUp and you need to be respectful to the communities you are posting to.

Hall of eFan Fame

eFangelist       Badge    # of eFan Posts
Yoshy 1000 1328
CNTN 250 472
Slumerpro 250 442
Figurist 250 400
Raytiger3 250 287
Spencerj 100 240
Joinron 100 209
Jesse 100 200
Gaming4 100 155
NYleiGRAM 100 114
Weiyi  100 111
Deborah127 100 100

How to Earn FanBucks Awards

  1. Each legit eFan post on a Gamer blog, Gamer clan/forum, Game publisher site, Gamer Facebook page, Gamer fan site, Yahoo Answers, etc. can earn up to 20 FanBucks.
  2. Facebook eFan posts must be placed on Gamer related Facebook pages, not individual personal Facebook pages.  Up to 5 FanBucks will be awarded for posts on individual personal Facebook pages.
  3. Special projects like a your own FanUp YouTube video or something similar that took a lot of effort and looks really great can earn you additional FanBucks.
  4. Each tweet mention of #FanUp and  @FanUp1 can earn up to 10 FanBucks.  Tweets must be from and to legit Twitter accounts with at least 10 legit followers.  You won't be rewarded for tweeting to bogus spam accounts.  A rewards cap is in place to prevent fraud.
  5. Each re-tweet of @FanUp1 tweets can earn up to 10 FanBucks. @FanUp1 tweets must not be older than 2 days.  You must have more than 10 legit followers to get any credit for re-tweets.  You won't be rewarded for tweeting to bogus spam accounts.  A rewards cap is in place to prevent fraud.
  6. Up to 10 FanBucks may be awarded for getting your friends to "like" the  FanUp Community Facebook page.  Your friends will need to mention your FanUp name for you to earn credit. A rewards cap is in place to prevent fraud.
  7. Up to 10 FanBucks may be awarded for getting your friends to "follow" @FanUp1 on Twitter.  Your friends must have 10 or more legit followers and they will need to send a tweet with your FanUp name to  @FanUp1.  You will not be rewarded for spam Twitter accounts.  A rewards cap is in place to prevent fraud.
  8. eFan posts on informational sites like Yahoo Answers can earn up to 20 Fanbucks but the original answers/questions must not be any older than 2 weeks.  You can ask questions and post answers to qualify for FanBucks.
  9. Personal invitations via chat rooms and in-game play can earn up to 5 FanBucks
  10. Sharing FanUp pages using Google+, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. can earn you up to 5 FanBucks.  These share links are conveniently located on every FanUp page for your convenience.  You will not be rewarded for spammy shares and bogus accounts.  A rewards cap is in place to prevent fraud.
  11. Every eFangelist who posts at least 10 verified eFan posts gets a cool FanUp badge!
  12. Every legit post can earn FanBucks and will be judged based on it's message quality, URL link, quality of site it is posted on plus how well it spreads the word that FanUp is THE PLACE TO BE for all gamers to meet, have fun and get the best deals on their fave game currencies.  
  13. You can also earn up to 500 FanBucks for completing special eFangelist assignments! These special assignments will be posted via email to all those who have completed any verified eFangelist posts.

Here are some great shortened links to get you started.  But feel free to create your own links, just make sure you let us know what they are:

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FanUp Home Page  
FanUp Facebook Community  
@FanUp1 Twitter  
FanUp Store  
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G1 Credits  
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