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First Look Review:-


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Dynasty Warriors Online

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First Look Review:-

Hey guys this is sleepDaddy and today I have another Game Review for you and this time its non other than the most commonly played MMORPG game. Well most of the people might have not heard about the game. This guide will tell you a lot more about the game and learn new stuff.
About The Game:-
Well its a 3D Fancy Action MMORPG game. Dynasty Warriors Online is also known as Shin Sangoku Musou Online it's named so in Japan. The game was originally in the PC only but now the game is so popular that you can also play this game in the PS3. The game is developed by Techmo Koei. Published by Aeria Games. The game is free to play and you can download the game from This game in 2006 all across the globe. The game has earned a lot of popularity during this years. Overall the game is very famous and thus this falls under MMORPG. This game is made by the Japanese and hence the theme in the game is also Japanese. Well you surely must be aware of the fact that the Japanese are more into swords and stuff which makes the game experience even more exciting.
Let me tell you the game is not like GUNZ it only includes swords and no guns. So make sure you know that before you download the game.
The game has many Origins to choose from. Well they shall provide you with a map first and then it is your call to choose the Origin you wan to go for. Well trust me guys this doesn't quite matter which Origin you choose they are all the same.
Let me tell you about the Character Customization.
First of all you get to choose your Gender:-
- Male
- Female
Then we have the Body Style that you wanna go for :-
- Normal
- Muscular
- Slender
- Small
Then we have the Face :-
- Handsome
- Cool
- Gruff
- Fighter
- Intelligent
- Baby Face
Well moving on you got :-
- Details
- Hair
- Hair Color
- Eye Color
Let me tell you something about the battles that are available in this mode. There are two types of battle which are the :-
-Campaign Battle
-Melee Battle
The Campaign Battle is held weekly in 3 kingdom which are the :-
The next we have is the Melee Battle. In melee there are 5 modes:-
-Capture = Capture all enemy bases and battlefields.
-Defeat = Defeat certain amount of troops in a given time limit
-Confront = Defeat 10 enemy players
-Search = Bring 10 pieces of treasure in your supply base.
- Destroy = Reduce the enemy force through various means.
What if there is there is no Campaign Battle. Well instead of that there is a Showdown Battle that is held. Well this is quite interesting because 24 players can play against each other at the same time.
Let me tell you the Controls:-
N or .
U or O
Well these were the basic controls. Don’t worry when you enter the game there will surely be a tutorial section for you so if you have anything to ask you shall get the answer from there.
My Review On It:-
Well this is quite a good game which is surely worth more than just a try. This is a old fancy Japanese theme game. The game although doesn’t have guns. The game was created to contain swords spears bows and stuff. So if you are in the favor of guns then this is surely not your cup of tea. But my personal suggestion is it is not bad going for this game. You might just end up playing this game for a long time. To be honest even I was a gun freak but soon when I played more and more MMORPG I realized there is a lot more than just guns. The game does have a hackers but the game is making new Bug Fixes . The game continuously makes new updates to make the players entertain. The game has made a lot of sequels in the PS3 but they have not made any sequel in the Online mode. So the game really has a lot of options in the weaponry. Some of them being available only with cash. But you can use your Fan Buck’s in them. Overall I would rate this game a 9.6/10 which falls under Very Good under my scale.
Well this was the end to this game review. There is lot more in store do wait for it. Guys please if you find my Game Review’s interesting then please Fan it . I shall be back with more Game Review
Till Then,
sleepDaddy THE GAME FREAK!!!!!!!

sleepDaddy posted at 2012-03-28 22:41:31

phew just took a long time preparing it :D
sleepDaddy posted 8 years 9 weeks ago

phew just took a long time preparing it :D

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