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Quick Exodus EXP

Yes, you've heard of this method before. Go to battlezone, use the exodus quake challenge, start the challenge, use the retry coupon 3 or 5 times, instant complete. Well guys i'm going to show you a different method that gets you the same result, but in a quicker way that saves time. This also allows you to use your own stats. Hopefully It is not seen as a copying attempt, so I will use this in my own words. If i somehow did, then it is my mistake.

1. The first thing you want to do is go to the battlezone. If you do not know how, simply log your character out, then relog your character back in, and you should see the battlezone sign.

2. Now after that, do not go straight into your inventory and click on the exodus challenge, but instead simply enter the battlezone.

3. After that, you want to create your own room. Now you should see 4 exp options. You are locked into one of them. What you want to do, is click on the practice mode, then you want to set allow specs off. To do this, you uncheck the allow specs button.

4. Now, before you click confirm, you go to your inventory (F3). You should see the confirm button and your exodus quake attempt item. Move your mouse to the exodus quake item, but do not click on it yet. You must right click on the exodus item and press enter at the same time, or otherwise this will not work. Well it will but you will get the same stats and will have to use retry coupons.

5. If you did this correctly, then congratulations! You have done all the steps correctly. Now start the game. You should be able to use your own car stats. If you can, then you are on your way to quickly completing the mission. Now you wont have to spend 4-5 minutes doing the thing, when you could do it in 1-2 minutes.

6. If you wish to do it again, simply re do the steps from 3-5.

tiger300000 posted at 2012-05-05 18:10:47

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