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Maximizing Your Credits


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Drift City

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Maximizing Your Credits

In this guide there are several ways that you can maximize your money every day.

1. Running the Deliveries several times a day gets you quick mito fast. Its not much, but it is enough to cover the gas expenses on your vehicle.

2. Missions are the common way of doing this. Progressing the story and such, it gives you more mito to buy you some good items. (around 30K for the higher level quests)

3. Racing online also nets you mito, but is also the cheapest and most ineffective way of getting things done. It will mostly give you more exp than mito, so this is used as a last resort if you really want something badly.

4. Selling old cars that you hardly use for driving anymore gives you back a good amount of your mito for you to use for other items.

5. Doing the NEO quests give you a lot of mito, and is a great way of earning mito, however it is also the longest way of earning it, as it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete 1 of these.

6. Finding ultra parts and selling those are the best way of maximizing your credits. They will sell for over a million on the auction, and so you can get rich very quickly by doing this.

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