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You think you know how to ward ?

I hate beating a dead horse. There are plenty of guides out there on warding, so to make sure there's a point in writing another one, I wanted to make sure it goes beyond what's already out there. And that led to this guide. There are no right or wrong ways to play DotA, only dumb and smart ways.

I want to focus on answering the question "why?" . If you understand why things are done a certain way, you don't need a guide, and you don't need to memorize all 61 spots I discuss here. You can think of your own spots and innovate. After all, that's what separates great players from good players.

This guide will discuss even situational ward spots, with screenshots of the vision it provides, and how that vision complements what your team is trying to accomplish at that moment. I have extensively reviewed the warding guides already out there, and even optimized some of the most popular ward spots. I tried my best to consider almost every single good ward spots, but it is by no means an exhaustive list. I hope your creativity takes you beyond this guide.

Observer wards.

It costs 150 gold, and you get 2 stacks with one purchase.

Why do you get wards ?

- 1600 range vision around it to see important areas

- Block neutral camps from spawning

Keep in mind important areas change depending on how your game plays out. Are you going for a pushing / ganking / turtling strategy? How far in to the game is it? Which towers are down?

The 1600 range vision might not mean much to newbies, so I can also phrase it like this: most heroes have 1800 range vision during daytime. Whatever the ward will see is slightly less than whatever your hero will see from that same spot. And yes, that means wards also can't look through trees or uphill.

Red - Rune wards

Yellow - Ubercliffs

Pink - Lane/aggressive/defensive/ wards

Green - Jungle wards

Blue - Push wards

White - Very situational

Purple lines - Blocks the pointed neutral camp from spawning

erandi4 posted at 2014-08-24 05:37:46

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