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Dota 2 for Noobs (beginners)!


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Dota 2 for Noobs (beginners)!


This guide is dedicated to those beginners who are starting to play dota 2 and never played dota 1, if you're able to progress also can bring good out of this guide.

Things to consider:

> At first kept out of reach of the enemy towers, behind or level with your creeps.
> Avoid risk situations, if you got little life you come from 2 or better go to the tower. closest ally (at least initially)
> Helping and working in groups. (This is essential)
> Learning from what others are doing, whether items or tactics. (Learn are the best tactics is to prevent them or to use them)

Gold and experience

We will need to get gold and experience, both for our hero will fulfill its role in the game much more efficiently. Experience will level up, which in turn will allow us to learn a skill or improve some have already learned.

Our hero will gain experience every time an enemy creep dies near him, or even need to hurt to make it happen. However, if we also want to get gold, give the final blow (lasthit) to kill a creep. Of course, enemy heroes also give gold and experience, and although not directly kill the hero, if we have helped make gold also get assistance.

The buildings also give gold, and in the case of the towers, each time one is destroyed, our team will get gold.

Types heroes

Force Heroes: These heroes have much life, life regeneration (possess great force) and hit hard, have to pull some magic or mana and mana regeneration skills (because they have low intelligence) and also have little attack speed (because have great agility usually) and have a middle. This type of heroes must usually make items that give strength, mana regeneration and life and also items that give agility, attack speed and movement.
These heroes are so called "TANKS" since when Posser much life are those who go ahead and eat the first attacks of a fight.

Agility Heroes: These heroes have significant life, poor regeneration of life and stick enough, have enough mana to use various skills. They have very fast attack and defense (for possessing great agility). This type of heroes must usually make items that give agility, regeneration of life and also a little strength, and attack speed and movement.
These heroes are murderers, trellises and the ability to handle many invisibility, which is used to grab enemies heroes sorperesa (gank).

Intelligence Heroes: These heroes have little life and little regeneration of the same (they have little force), have considerable damage but low attack speed, and have little defense (have little agility) but much mana and regeneration thereof (have great deal of intelligence). This type of heroes usually makes items that give life and mana regeneration, intelligence, movement speed and items increase life and mana.
These wizards are heroes or nukers since ultizan skills that cause so much damage and can kill the enemy.

Type or magic spells (skills)

Direct Damage

These are spells that do lots of damage to your opponent quickly, great for them back and / or stop them. Try to take care of your life these spells maintaining relatively high.
Examples: Laser (Tinker) and Culling Blade (Axe)

Area of ​​effect

It affects only a specific area chosen by your opponent. These spells can be evaded if you are unpredictable to confuse opponents or keeping your distance so that these spells will not touch you.
Example: Sonic Wave (Akasha) and Macropyre (Twin-Headed Dragon)

Damage over time

Instead of instant damage, these skills do damage parts but may have extra effects like slow. This will prevent you heal with items like Healing Salve and Bottle, regeneration items and specific skills or items as Mekansm can still be used.
Examples: Venomous Gale (Venomancer) and Ignite (Ogre Magi)

Disable / stun

These spells stun you or prevent your reactions in any way - move, attack, cast spells, or sometimes in combination. Generally you have to see the distance or have an ally to help you in case this happens.
Examples: Shackle (Shadow Shaman) and Fiend's Grip (Bane Elemental)

Buff / debuff

These spells do to you or atus strongest allies or weaken your opponents somehow increasing or reducing damage, aramadura, state prevention effects. Examples: Repel (Omniknight) and Frost Armor (Lich)

Be careful because some of these spells fit into more than one category: the best way to deal with those spells will experience, learn from your mistakes, and good teamwork.


There are many small paths and areas of trees that obstruct vision and provide perfect places to hide. Sometimes it is good idea to go into the trees to escape enemies.


You have less vision at night, making it easy for you to surprise your enemies. Bonus factor: Some heroes are more Nightstalker night vision.

Crossing the river

The river divides the territory between the Scourge and the Sentinel. Please be cautious when crossing the middle of the map, one of the most common mistakes is to enter enemy territory with the creeps, and are getting killed because of carelessly. Unless you count with close allies, or you are not very good escaping you advance, because the enemy territory is the main target of attacks and ganks.

Phases of play:

During the game there are three phases: Early game, Mid game and late game.

Early game

This is the first phase of the game, the heroes are divided among the different lanes (2 top, 2 bot and 1 half) and focus on getting money and experience creeps.

Mid game

This phase begins at the moment the stop heroes kept in a line. It usually happens after level 6, when you learn the ultimates. They start the ganks (a gank is killing an enemy exploiting an advantage, such as numerical superiority), and pushes (a push is to move to a tower with creeps to destroy it).

Late game

From around level 15, when the game takes about 30 minutes late game is called. The heroes are stronger and have already completed several objects. Any fight can mean winning or losing the game, so it is important to stay together and not be in a bad position catch.


It is important to note that heroes can play several roles within a game, and not have to be the same on different items, as there are many heroes that can be played in different ways. Usually a team should have at least one support, one ganker and carry, but there are thousands of combinations effective, and always raw level players on the heroes. Although obviously a team with 4 Carries have to lose against one balanced.

These are the main roles:

Carry or hard-carry

Heroes are dependent objects to hurt and have a presence in the game. You will spend most of the early and mid game farming back, ie killing creeps as much as possible to get gold and experience. In late game is where you shine and are more effective.

Examples: Antimage, Spectre, Weaver, Riki, Drow, Skeleton King, Doom Bringer.

Semicarry or soft-carry

Heroes that scale well to lategame through objects, but are not as strong as hardcarries. However, possessing skills that allow them to be present in early / mid and be more helpful to the team.

Examples: Mirana, Sven, Shadow Fiend, Windrunner, Bloodseeker, Razor.


Heroes with ability to kill other heroes quickly in early / mid game, either by nukes (skills that make a lot of damage) or disables (stuns, silences, slows, etc.). Usually depend on some item to keep gankeando constantly, using all her skills, or gain mobility.

Examples: Clockwerk, Lion, Sand King, Earthshaker, Tiny, Bloodseeker, Pudge.


Those heroes who generally do not depend on items to do damage with their skills and / or have support skills as cures, armor, auras, etc. They are responsible for controlling the map with wards (items that give insight in specific areas for a few minutes).

Examples: Crystal Maiden, Dazzle, Lich, Warlock, Ancient Apparition, Lion, Omniknight.


Heroes that initiate battles by disables skills and / or damage in the area. Often need some help to go into battle without being seen (blink dagger), and aims to cause chaos to force an advantage for his team.

Examples: Sand King, Tidehunter, Enigma, Axe, Sladar, Shadow Fiend


Heroes are able to advance and efficiently destroy towers, units generally can invoke extra waves of creeps kill quickly or do extra damage to towers.

Examples: Nature's Prophet, Chen, Enchantress, Enigma, Broodmother, Venomancer, Shadow Shaman.


Heroes with ability to keep farming back in jungle from level 1.

Examples: Enigma, Axe, Dark seer, Chen, Nature's Prophet.

Types of items:

Consumables are items that you can eat can give you life, mana can teleport using wards or different things that you provide these items are called consumables because eventually consumed.

Attribute: The attribute items are those that give you agility, strength or intelligence most of these items are used to make other items best, a very good item to start iron branches are providing much compared to the cost is something like as they are very good in price / quality.

Armament: These items are used to increase stats like armor / armor, attack, attack speed, and other effects like stout shield that gives you a chance to block 20 damage, they also serve to make better items.

Aracanos / Arcane: These are items that give you movement speed effects such as boots of speed and the ability to see others as the gem of heroes TrueSight, you also get a chance to avoid attacks such as the talisman of evasion, many depend much of the situation and role.

Upgrades / improvements: then come the items that are formed by others, these are many and basically also depend on the role and hero to arm, to arm you need to have the items you order and sometimes requests the recipe that is the item same.


There are five runes in the game which are in the river you get an effect for some time and can be bottled in the bottle for later use

Double Damage: Gives double damage for 45 seconds is not much to say encontras this rune and almost always carry and gank grabs.

Invisibility: Gives invisibility for 45 seconds, is very useful to hide and prepare ganks or escape.

Haste: Gives speed is 30 seconds.

Illusion: 2 You create your own illusions which cause 35% of your damage and receiving 300% damage, lasts 75 seconds.

Regeneration: heals all life and all the mana you up, careful if you get hit while this ends this effect.

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polopier posted 7 years 13 weeks ago
xKordraGx posted 7 years 13 weeks ago
i'm working on a complete and very detailed guide to introduce to DoTA2 too xD but as i'm a lazy, very lazy boy, i will post it later on >_>
ultrascati95 posted 7 years 13 weeks ago



i'm working on a complete and very detailed guide to introduce to DoTA2 too xD but as i'm a lazy, very lazy boy, i will post it later on >_>

Let me know to see your guide ;D!

Let me know to see your guide ;D!

Let me know to see your guide ;D!

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