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guie diablo 3 ( extended part 3 )


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Diablo 3

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guie diablo 3 ( extended part 3 )




  - Get the junction with the Highlands. 


  - Talk to Karyna. 


  - Find the khazra cane. 


  - Find the courtyard of the mansion Leoric. 


  - Enter the Mansion Leoric. 


  - Explore the Mansion of Leoric. 


  - Kill the cultists.

South Highlands


 After leaving the cave , talk to Karyna on the sabbath . I will say that the devotees of Magdha

someone took Leoric 's Mansion is located to the north . Therefore you must move towards

this way. But you must know a couple of things . In a similar way to other areas and dungeons

Diablo III at this point of the game you will have access to certain locations and characters

random that provide points of EXP and items. These locations and characters are:



 Cave Moon Clan


 This random two-level cave is home to many members of the Black Moon Clan and

many baby spiders . The upper level usually has narrow aisles full of rocks and

hidden stakes advancing enemies. Gather notes Urik way to the Prophet

second level and that you will find in Urik portfolio . Down to the second level , which as you can

check is smaller and has several dead-end corridors . Busaca the second series of notes

Urik and any shiny chest there in the area before using the stone dungeon

to go outside .





 Find A watchtower on the western limits of the Southern Highlands . this dungeon

random presents a very small upper level and a lower larger . It is very likely

you have dark cultists in the upper , while the bottom is usually full of

archers returnees, returnees and returnees adargueros executioners. At the end of your walk through this

defeated you will have made a good haul of EXP .



 Rambolt Lunatic


 Not all men goat roam the Highlands , some living in camps

walled . Login to your inner sanctuary at your own risk and be ready to fight

Rambolt Lunatic , shaman of the Black Moon Clan with lightning aura ... and a couple of dozen

of khazra . If you find Rambolt , the best strategy is to try to get his attention and

back to create a bottleneck in the narrow gate of the wall, which will let you do

compared to single targets while avoiding surrounding you . Victory in this battle you

will report a good amount of EXP .



 Pira old


 The ghost of a man named Gharbad goat may ask you to recover a fragment of

resurrection atop a funeral pyre in order to return to life. Get the stone

Gharbad and give it , it will invoke a mini army of the clan of the moon will not hesitate to attack you.

Gharbad possesses powerful melee trait body and angry , but do not have attacks

distance also moves very slowly making it especially vulnerable to attacks

middle and long distance . Finish him and win exciting items and EXP .

Following the main story , after the conversation with Karyna discover that it robbed the local tribe of baton khazra an important saves in his wagon . If you get it back and take it to the clan,

perhaps these let you go through the barricade that have raised .


 Access the conveyor before crossing the bridge to the west, to go to the Highlands Crossing

the Southern Highlands . Note that the Highlands are full of enemies and some

are considerably stronger than the ones you 've found so far , so it is desirable to have a

Hand your healing potions ( you can go back to New Tristram to stock or make a visit to

Tashum Herrero and see the new weapons you have available ) .


 If you have not improved enough to play your hero or without the aid of any follower things can

quite complicated from now . You should start using more often the strategy of attracting

enemies and back so that they are less to follow you and the battles more affordable.


 Keep going west on the Southern Highlands in search of lost Karyna wagon .

Several men goat attack you get as shamanic cane. What's worse is that among the horde

Nalghban enemy is the repellent , a shaman of the Black Moon Clan electrified .

Claim the khazra cane and kill the warriors of the Black Moon Clan attacking you . when

you've eliminated all the Repulsive Nalghban attack you . It is very difficult to remove it, especially if

using ranged attacks as well as attacks that slow , while melee heroes it will

a little worse.


 When you have deleted , go to the barricade that is north . From this point the

battles will intensify , making it convenient to have healing potions on hand . It is important that

you level your hero in this part of Act I , because the more time you spend fighting

goatmen and walkers in the Highlands the easier your journey north .


 When you reach the barricade , get ready for the attack of the Black Moon Clan , whose members

enraged to see that they have the khazra cane. The winding path allows the empaladores

clan throw their spears from above, so you should try your enemies fall on the road

to separate them from those who are higher up (at this point have a companion as the villain , is

becomes important , so think ... ) . Once you've deleted can move forward.



 North Highlands


 This new area is smaller than the previous extension , but it is also fraught with danger.

Here are many creatures of the Highlands and cursed nests Moloks you winged and

parched rare moths.


 Make your way to the transporter northwest corner of the area and inspect the many

stumps to make you find a good number of items that you can recycle or use.

Keep going until you reach the stairs on the north end of the clearing and surrounding

crumbling structure to access the hunting ground Leoric .



 Coto de Caza Leoric


 Before continuing with the main story we must note that in this area you can find

with a random mission.

Brother Apothecary


 Find a cave in the Highlands and hard to talk to the Apothecary Rike . The dark cultists

have taken his brother for what you ask for help to free him. Enter the cave of a single

level and battle the cultists who have Rike prisoner 's brother , as he tries to cure his

brother potions.


 Get rid of the attackers in exchange for a potion , abundant gold and EXP . After the rock salt

nearby dungeon.



 Following the main story of the Coto de Caza Leoric covers a small area of northern

North Highlands , across the bridge. Besides the Darkmoon Clan has erected a triangle

of khazra totems to enhance their efforts. Destroy totems to prevent they appear

more enemies , kill every creature that moves (which on the other hand will come in handy for climbing

level). Once you've cleared the area is time to head the House of Leoric , but before it

very important that you have reached at least level 12. Now Cross the courtyard of the mansion and Leoric

enters the interior .



 Leoric Mansion


 Battle your way through the interior of the mansion , up the stairs and move to the left. in the

dark mansion find farmers who try to convert a select member of the Coven , the

receptor, a creature known as the wicked servant . After sacrifice a creature is created

much more difficult to destroy , so it is vital that you abalances against the receiver and

kill him before the transformation occurs.


 After clearing the area of enemies , cross the wooden door to access the balcony and watch

Magdha talking to her Coven. Several dark dark summoners are creating daemons .

It is best that you retire to the previous area and start using your most powerful attacks

daemons dark when crossing the door. Then kill all the cultists and summoners

dark and runs upstairs to talk to the injured man who was the key ritual. in this

point 've completed the main quest "The Trail of the Coven ."


The Angel Prisoner



 - Enter the level 1 of the Department of Calvary.

 - Sign in level 2 of the Department of Calvary.

 - Go to Step Highlands .

 - Enter the Baluarte Cursed .

 - Talk to the Queen Asylla .

 - Release the six remains of prisoners.

 - Kill the Jailer .



 The Department of Calvary ( defeated )


 Level 1


 Before moving as you enter the Department of Calvary sure to thoroughly inspect the

stay, to find the Journal Explorer .


 Down the stairs outside the Mansion Leoric towards the entrance of the Department of Calvary

just below the balcony.


 Upon entering the area, you 'll find the Grand Inquisitor Cultist . This enemy does not appear

alone, but must be accompanied by the receivers and dark summoners . Take special care with

Dark red toga summoner because it has feature of extended life and power , something you must

remember when you melee . Use ranged attacks whenever you are

possible or area attacks . It also eliminates the first sañosos daemons

keep trying to appear separately Cultist Grand Inquisitor , as this will be your task

simple .


 Keep going , taking special care with the hellish zombies that attack you and

come out of the fire pits walls . The good thing is that these enemies appear slowly,

one on one, and do not usually collect more than five. The fires will go out as you kill the last zombie hell .


 Be especially careful with the traps found throughout this level , but if you're sufficiently

skilled can use them in your favor. It attracts enemies falling into the blades or to the

braziers , the latter being the most votes of any dungeon traps : can lead

sañosos whole groups of daemons and unearthed masses towards the braziers and then check the

trap. Either you will have to make way through hordes of monsters and giant choppers

access to the stairs of the Department of Calvary.



 Level 2


 At this level you can find a carrier , it is very important that before you search

Step head towards the Highlands .


 At this level there are large groups of enemies , especially combined with dark summoners

unearthed mass and dark daemons also often appear in large numbers so the

area attacks are very, very desirable. Again you can also serve the

traps and doors to create bottlenecks , or to lock an empty area spell

( Interior Monk Shrine ) and depart from enemies. The best strategy as you can

view , is to try to separate one or two enemy group so that combat more

affordable .


 At this level you can find the side quest , A Stranger in Need . If you hear screams of

help of a villager locked in an iron maiden the moat beneath the exit. Defeat the mass

unearthed and hellish zombies and then interacts with Iron Maiden 's Corner

away to release the prisoner. Talk to him and get gold and EXP points .


 Returning to the main plot, moves over the exit Step Highlands and investigates the grave

lower . Sometimes you can find the creature Behemoth Tormented , a mass

unearthed only . Use the stairs (and barricade down) to repel the attacks of this creature without

danger . This monster has the trait repel , but otherwise is equal to the rest mass unearthed .

Defeat him and get enough EXP points . Now go up the stairs that take you to Step

the Highlands.



 Step Highlands


 Secondary search : Reputation Restored


 Locate the Kyr Armero in New Tristram and I discuss his thirst for revenge. Wants you to kill

Dargon to restore its tarnished reputation . Defeat Dargon and his master , a deranged cultist

that you will find across the elevated walkway . Do not be too complicated to finish

Dargon commoner , because it has few health points. Once you 're done with both

when you can talk with Kyr give you a good reward of gold and EXP will depend on the

Hero level and also have available an impressive collection of weapons.


 By following the main story , you're in the passage of the Highlands that as

check is a fairly small area, but the number of enemies and their type can

vary greatly. Cross the first bridge to find and prepare to face apparatus 24

enemies. Contrary to what may seem too complicated is not a battle , as the narrowness of the area on our side , can use this as a narrow bottleneck,

focus your attacks on enemies closer .


 Once you go through this first area you must keep moving eliminating most farmers

dark , dark , dark summoners daemons . However, depending on the game this area

can be empty , except for a pair of dark cultists , at least after the first bridge . is

as it follows the path to the entrance of the Baluarte Cursed and access to the interior.



 Baluarte Cursed ( Dungeon )


 Enter the Damned Bastion and talk to the ghost of Queen Asylla . This will tell you that since

years his tormented spirit has inhabited these cells with the hope that the rescue

someday. You must record all Baluarte Cursed and free the spirits of six prisoners

forgotten. Before starting the search includes the Diary Queen Asylla bunker nearby

the entrance, then go into the main part of the Bastion Cursed .


 Please get rid of hundreds , and say hundreds of returnees who patrol the building. bad

is that the enemies in this area are much improved , skeletons armed soldiers will

with swords , bows and shields, until the executioners are double-edged axes . The good part is that

most enemies will be locked in cells and have the option to open them or

leaving them closed . We recommend that if you want fast level up , strike up fighting

whenever you can , remember that being so close together will be badly affected by area of ​​effect attacks .


 Whatever option you choose , keep moving , and that the souls of the six forgotten prisoners

wander aimlessly through the ruins. You must enter the cells and inspect the remains of prisoners

to free their souls. This task requires using the pick , the doors will open simply by

click. Best to find the prisoners is to start first by the perimeter of the eastern half of

Baluarte Damn , where are most of the cells.


 This area is also ideal for use projectile attacks such as grenades Hunter

Demon that can be thrown through the bars of the cells.


 Keep you and looking forward to the spirits of the forgotten prisoners , whenever you release a spirit

you will hear a horrible scream . Ignore for now and releases all prisoners , considering cells

enemies and how you should act with them.


 When you've got to release all , Baluarte looking output that is Cursed

entering in the Department of Calvary, but before we end the screams ... facing the

Jailer and wild fucking .



 Chief Jailer battle against King Leoric


 Before you start it is very convenient to locate the healing well and to remember its position

before starting the battle.


 The Jailer is an impressive beast, with a powerful swinging mace and hit with

push that shakes the ground. A frantic this supercharged loves fighting body

a body as well as the accompanying evil savages . It is quite convenient that you remove

the latter first, and then you focus on the Jailer

flee work very well against this enemy , and considering that it is very slow , while

rarely pursue you and most of the time will remain at the crossroads. Please

that the farther better run away , and do not forget to recover health in the healing well that

we mentioned before.


 Remember that you must follow this strategy so you do not cause too much damage , plus if

have runes or passive skills that increase the chance that your enemies loose

areas of health, equípalas , as well you can use the enemies that accompany the Jailer

as a source of alternative health .


 Once you 've removed the Jailer , approach the iron gate with spikes on the south side of

Cursed Baluarte center and cross it . Loot the chests and go against evil savages

will come when you approach the stairs going to the Department of Calvary. Before following

advancing a break and take some breaks the door to the left of the stairs. You will see some

ghosts recreate the death of Queen Asylla with Lazarus and King Leoric . Watch the scene until

ghosts disappear and you can pick the letter " a page from the Grimoire Lazarus" .


The Angel Prisoner



 - Search the House of Suffering.

 - Kill the Butcher .

 - Find the Stranger .

 - Kill the cultists around the stranger.

 - Talk to the stranger .



 Department of Calvary ( Dungeon )


 Level 3


 In this new area is likely to attack you numerous dark zealots and the servant

wicked, if you do not finish first with dark receptors. Add to this little background

area to find the fifth and final diary entry Leoric . Whether you stand inspections

First, because the entries automatically appear in sequential order . Do not forget

record stands moldy once you have in your possession the five pieces of the Journal of Leoric , and

that they have potions of various kinds often . The lower level of the dungeon is just

ahead, so get down to the House of Suffering and prepare to face the Butcher , who

you must kill if you want to meet the stranger.



 Chamber of Suffering


 Battle against Butcher Meat Cutter


 Roughly speaking , this is the first chapter boss that you will face and definitely the enemy more

Hard to which you have faced so far . A suggestion we have made a selection of

Hero skills each taking as the most common at this point level 14 .





 - Skill 1: Sap

 - Skill 2: Hammer of the Ancients

 - Skill 3: Threatening Shout .

 - Skill 4: Jump Offensive

 - Skill 5 : Harpoon Ancestral

 - Skill 6: Throwing Weapon .

 - Passive 1: -

 - Passive 2: Nerves of Steel

 - Passive 3: -



 Demon Hunter :


 - Skill 1: Boleadora

 - Skill 2: Impale

 - Skill 3: Abrojos .

 - Skill 4: Salto Mortal

 - Skill 5 : Shot Evasive

 - Skill 6: -

 - Passive 1: Tactical Advantage

 - Passive 2: -

 - Passive 3: -




 - Skill 1: Fists of Thunder

 - Skill 2: Kick Swivel

 - Skill 3: Divine Breath

 - Skill 4: Explosive Palma

 - Skill 5 : Cyclone Strike

 - Skill 6:

 - Passive 1: -

 - Passive 2: Swiftness

 - Passive 3: -



 Witch Doctor :


 - Skill 1: Poisoned Dart

 - Skill 2: Possession

 - Skill 3: Summon Zombie Dogs .

 - Skill 4: Sacrifice

 - Skill 5 : Zombie Suicide

 - Skill 6:

 - Passive 1: -

 - Passive 2: The Law of the Jungle

 - Passive 3: -





 - Skill 1: Magic Missile

 - Skill 2: Ice Beam

 - Skill 3: Skin Adamantina

 - Skill 4: Shockwave

 - Skill 5 : Ice Armor

 - Skill 6: -

 - Passive 1: -

 - Passive 2: Exhale .

 - Passive 3: -



 More to the point , the Butcher is a huge demon though not a major demon remains a

significant threat . This enemy will attack with all his brute force, with an ornate ax

skull and a long hook. What's more , the earth burning fire flames arise that

pose the greatest threat . If you notice the floor is divided into six segments of burning are

random , try to avoid the flames to prevent burns that will greatly reduce your health.


 The main attack Grind Butcher , powerful melee attack will not be a problem if you

keep at a distance. Also if you notice, its high stroke is preceded by a series of quick jumps,

so it will serve as a warning to turn away . However, the worst comes to the hook, the Butcher

used in two ways : either it will launch the chain to catch the hero after pulling him to hit

leaving him dazed for a few seconds ( perform this attack when ranged attacks ), or launch a

Rain chains harpoon to pierce the hero in a wider area .


 These attacks can be avoided by taking some away and leaving of moving and of avoiding

step the fire ground . If you get hurt , there is healing wells in the upper corners of the area you

will help keep you alive. Use them when your health goes down roughly 75% and use healing potions

when you remain inactive wells ( cooldown 30 seconds) or if you receive an attack



 Butcher The last attack is done only if you keep out of reach long. in this

case, your enemy enters a state of frenzy , pushing and changing its color to orange. in this

time any player at your disposal will be repelled , then lower your head and carry a load

trying to trample the hero. Evade this attack and see how it turns his head against a wall , leaving

stunned a few seconds , while you should use to attack with everything you have without fear

counterattacks. Anyway I remember that the key to victory is not to stop moving and

move perpendicular to their movements.


Cells sentenced

When you've got overcome the Butcher , collect the loot cease and Head out to the Cell

the Sentenced . Go down the narrow spiral stairs and see the many members

Coven , who have imprisoned the angel with his dark powers .

The dark cultists are accompanied by dark wizards and dark ritualistic . These enemies will

little thing after the battle against the Butcher, but do not trust and fills your health level .

 First get rid of the enemies that are in the perimeter to prevent dark frantic call and

then take care of the dark cultists who have caught the angel.

After eliminating all the enemies , go to the angel and check which is pretty hurt, but

recover after meeting with his sword. We were presented as Tyrael , Archangel of the High Heavens . after

it 'll be done this search .

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