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guie diablo 3 ( extended part 15) kill diablo

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Diablo 3

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guie diablo 3 ( extended part 15) kill diablo

The Demon Mayor 




 - Kill Devil 



Kill the Shadow Diablo 


 - Ends with Diablo 


 - Talk to Auriel to finish the quest ... and play 



 Battle against DIABLO, The Demon Mayor 


 Then we suggest a range of skills, as the hero of your choice, for your 

battle against Diablo. Note that this selection is a suggestion of skills and 

likely to find a selection that best fits your fighting style or your taste, although 

we can say that this set of skills that expose often give very good results. 

We assume a hero with a 29-30 level. 




 - Skill 1: Sap 


 - Skill 2: Hammer of the Ancients 


 - Skill 3: Race. 


 - Skill 4: Coil 


 - Skill 5: Throwing Weapon 


 - Skill 6: Calling the Ancients 


 - Passive 1: Blood Debt 


 - Passive 2: Bloodlust 


 - Passive 3: Superstition 



 Demon Hunter: 


 - Skill 1: Crippling Shot 


 - Skill 2: Impale 


 - Skill 3: Salto Mortal 


 - Skill 4: Marked for Death 


 - Skill 5: Cluster Arrow 


 - Skill 6: Shadow Power 


- Passive 1: Grudge 


 - Passive 2: Sign Pulse 


 - Passive 3: Expectation 





 - Skill 1: Explosive Palma 


 - Skill 2: Wave of Light 


 - Skill 3: Serenity 


 - Skill 4: Mantra of Conviction 


 - Skill 5: Path of the Hundred Fists 


 - Skill 6: Mystic Ally 


 - Passive 1: Transcendence 


 - Passive 2: Song of Resonance 


 - Passive 3: Ecstasy 



 Witch Doctor: 


 - Skill 1: Possession 


 - Skill 2: Fire Bats 


 - Skill 3: Summon Zombie Dogs 


 - Skill 4: Sacrifice 


 - Skill 5: A Burst of Spirits 


 - Skill 6: Army Fetishes 


 - Passive 1: The Law of the Jungle 


 - Passive 2: Tuning with the Spirits 


 - Passive 3: Pastor Zombies 





- Ability 1: Spectral Dagger 


 - Skill 2: Ice Beam 


 - Skill 3: Teleport 


 - Skill 4: Blizzard 


 - Skill 5: A Storm Armor 


 - Skill 6: Archon 


 - Passive 1: Exhale 


 - Passive 2: Astral Presence 


 - Passive 3: Ice in the Veins 


- Talk to Auriel to finish the quest ... and play 



 Battle against DIABLO, The Demon Mayor (cont.) 


 The battle against Diablo is structured into three distinct phases. In the first our 

enemy show its power without wasting time and if you are close you start to attack with punches 

basic physical, although some may have fire feature or even the curse of destruction 

you will cause an added damage over time as well as your allies. Obviously because it is 

advisable not get very close to the start of combat, as well as always keep in 




 First Phase of Combat 


 The most common attack Diablo in this phase is stomp that causes a series of fireballs 

out in all directions, the good part is that damages once, with the impact, not 

prolongs damage over time to help move along the perimeter of the entire area until 

balls disappear. Be especially careful with your second favorite attack: Circle of Fire 

a sort of ongoing damage area causing burn while we are about it. To be 

Indeed, these two attacks are not very complicated and always dodge when one conserves 

some caution and do not be blinded while on an offensive; one sometimes thinks 

withdrawal time is a win, so he attacks back and forth before falling under the influence of their 



 Be especially careful when your enemy raise your hands above your head and appear 

a circular ground shadows. In these dark, circular areas will sprout spikes 

will try to trap you in a cage, then Diablo will teleport to your position and 

I will make a grip will cause you some damage. They can appear up to five of these cages 

hellish spiked in each attack, so be careful not to step on any dark area. 


 The good part is that in the area there are two healing wells are regenerated every thirty seconds, 

so you have a break at each thrust, and if you know so well move to 

wells give them time to regenerate. Remember that the most dangerous area is the central part of 

scenario, which occupies just Diablo, and this is where it's easier to get caught. Neither 

Static is convenient stay in one place for a long time, since your enemy is 

capable of charging attacks at high speed to be with you in a second ... do not stop 

to move and use hit and run techniques. 


 Ideally you consider that Diablo is vulnerable to attacks that occur as 

slowing effect, ice or freezing, which will give you a little more time to attack and flee or 

to recover and dodge attacks. Concentrate on dodging spikes, do not stop moving and attacking with punches to inflict much damage dps. When you have downloaded the lives of Diablo to 40%, 

your enemy will teleport you to your position and grip, thus beginning the next phase of 

combat phase of the Terror. 



 Phase of Terror 


 The shadow of Diablo has the same attacks as in the first phase, but now also 

has the power to summon a hero clones. These clones have the same kind and level as 

hero and attack you with skills that can even you're not using. The good part is that 

Diablo disappear and return only when you've settled into the dark clones of your hero, 

they also have much less life than our character and not entail too much 

liquidate effort. 


 But this is not enough ... you need to be agile, fast and have enough head to use both 

areas of health and healing potions. The spikes will be more difficult to detect because the 

ground world of the shadow is dark, so you should maximize care where you put the 

feet. Be careful not to lose sight of hooded Diablo invoke nightmares since 

perform a 


 Curse of rust that will leave you very exposed to further attacks of the Devil. A good idea 

is to invoke a pet or use a spell like Mystic Ally to attack the shadow of Diablo 

while you take care of the other enemies. The shadow of Diablo invoke new henchmen each 

Once you do lose a third of your life. Follow this strategy and eliminates the shadow of Diablo 

to start the third and final phase of our battle. 



 Third and final Phase 


 In this third and final phase of the battle against the final boss, Diablo will have only a third of 

his life, but is far from being defeated. Now we present two new attacks: for 

overload and begin use most often made each of his attacks, ie 

Piston and hellish spiked more often. It is likely that your enemy believes several 

fire circles one by one, they are pretty hard to dodge. 


 But his most dangerous attack by far is the Breath-ray. Look closely when you see your 

enemy leans back and takes a deep breath and the next thing comes is spitting his breath ray 

you do much damage, so you can instantly kill even if you do not have a 

no adequate protection against physical damage. Diablo finally start turning creating lightning 

rotary sweeping across the Arco Crystalline within 180 ... you may not be able to dodge 

but keep in mind that you can avoid its effects or teleporting behind Diablo or 



 Keep using the healing wells and concentrate on attacking Diablo when not using the Breath 

ray or hellish attack skewers. Keep attacking and not stop moving and end 

You get put Diablo knees to deal a final blow ... and win this fantastic 

Since we only battle collect the spoils left by the Greater Demon and talk with Auriel to end 

search and the latter one of the best games out there in the current scenario. Enjoy the scenes 

end and be proud, not everyone is able to beat DIABLO

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