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guia diablo 3 ( extended part 5 )


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Diablo 3

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guia diablo 3 ( extended part 5 )

A Royal Audience 




 - Talk to Asheara in Caldeum doors. 


 - Talk to Asheara to enter the Imperial Palace. 


 - Kill the demons of the Imperial Palace. 


 - Destroy the four summoners. 


 - Escape the Sewers Caldeum. 



 City Caldeum 


 Descend to Souk Caldeum and talk to Asheara near the bridge that leads to the gates of 

city. Asheara is eager to describe the urgency of the situation. It will convince the captain 

Ravan to miss you, but it is certain that the emperor will not be willing to 

greet. Follow it across the bridge and talk to her again. Asheara lead our hero by the 

city ​​until finally the Imperial Palace. 


 Get ready, because the imperial guard has convinced the boy emperor that our hero is the 

responsible for the killing of innocent Advanced Khasim. Leah is conducted to the Palace 

Imperial and guards have been ordered to eliminate the three visitors. As Emperor 

leave the room, winding impostors reveal his true form. Leah is relieved of its 

shackles making a show of power that was already in New Tristram. Take advantage of this and allied 

gives battle against impostors winding Palace (remember to be prepared, since a 

area attack at the start of combat while all enemies are grouped will facilitate 

lots of things). 


 After getting rid of this first group of enemies, Asheara be offered to stay 

back covering your retreat. We can only go by Leah Caldeum city to the entrance 

sewer. The path is pretty straightforward, but be full of deceivers and wizards sinuous 

snake. You must battle your way to shock and head south down the catwalk to escape 



 The road turns east, where you'll find a large number of enemies that protect 

four demon summoners. To improve all, a group of wizards start attacking snake 

and there will still be new to you to defeat the demon summoners, so it is important to try to remove the last enemies sooner to avoid having to 

face a horde of snake magicians. 


 Try to stay away from the snake magicians (let Leah take care of them), especially 

when they begin to disperse and start using their attacks circular rays. Remember 

Your main objective is to eliminate first and fast summoners. 


 When you've got overcome this area by eliminating all the enemies, Head out to the 

perimeter of the city and down the stairs that take you to the entrance to the sewers where you 

will find more enemies. 


 It is best to go eliminating the impostors sinuous snakes and magicians from above 

stairs, then gradually go down the steps to attracting the attention of 

enemies in pairs, then escaping from your field to follow you. The 

distance fighters like Demon Hunter and the Wizard can use the elevated 

stairs at far better advantage. After removing the remaining enemies, you can access 

Caldeum the Sewers through circular grid. 


The Betrayer of Horadrim 



 - Find the door in the duct Anegado oasis. 


 - Talk to the Emperor Hakam II in Anegado duct. 


 - Find Dahlgur Oasis. 


 - Enter the Abandoned Ruins of Dahlgur Oasis. 

Duct Anegado 


 You can only get to the Oasis of Dahlgur through the Sumidero in ruins lies beyond the

Duct Anegado. Enter the Souk Caldeum, turns left and moves over to the merchants 

to find the entrance to the duct Anegado. This area is home to many refugees who 

Caldeum recently reached between you and Karla find, which can sell some 

pieces of equipment quite tempting. The find near the door of the oasis. Pay attention to 

Cain's lost wallet and wisdom it contains. 

In no single duct Anegado refugees: the child emperor has slipped inside to 

meet the hero. Talk to the Emperor Hakam II, who will offer their help and open the door there 

near the carrier so you can continue. Down stairs to access the other side of the Drain 

in ruins. 

Sink in Ruins (Dungeon) 


 The Sumidero in Ruins is similar to most Caldeum Sewers, although more 

large and contains several additional loot. Moreover, it presents the same monsters, so 

that the same strategies you used in Caldeum Sewers are the same that you use 

travelers. Do not forget to inspect the area well to make a new journal Explorer. 


This single-level dungeon usually contain more booties that Caldeum Sewers and a pair 

sanctuaries. Explore all branches to maximize loot and EXP. There is usually a chest 

resplendent in a corner of a passage end, so that the area looks good. 

Path to the Oasis 


 In this area the water flowing hard enough to turn a mill, which is a 

Luckily for thirsty travelers. Many men have found refuge and fortune in this place, 

but do not trust. In this paradise in the middle of the desert you'll find many varieties 

lethal flora and fauna, but the rewards you can discover much deserve it, 

translated something you see a lot of gold and EXP. 

You will find that the way you away from the sink and briefly rises to the oasis. Even if your 

teleporter itself occupies a very small area (as the name is a simple path). The 

Oasis of Dahlgur begins a few steps ahead. Check out the lost wallet Cain, who 

contains a fragment of wisdom. After passing through this area continues to move up to the Oasis. 

Oasis of Dahlgur 


 You'll find several subareas in the Oasis of Dahlgur. Listed below are several, it is also

quite possible that you find the Tomb of Sardar and Stolen Basement, two random search. 

Ancient Cave 


 This huge cave two levels as many rewards as you await hazards. Between 

enemies in it you'll lanzatelarañas spiders, baby offspring, rock worms and 

wild birds. Be especially careful with cobwebs spitting as greatly reduce 

your speed, something that will benefit the horrors arachnids to pounce on you. It is also 

you may encounter repulsive lobsters, electric eels and chilling constructs. 

Anyway, I prepared for a tough fight because the enemies in this area ranges from 

levels 17 to 20 (normal difficulty). 


Prisoner of Kamyr 


 Maybe in this area you find several villagers tied to poles while traveling. Rescue 

one of these captives villagers to start the event and then released three others. There are a total of 

Total four captive villagers. Two of them are in the upper shoulder and the other two, 

below. Do not rush, because the area is full of fallen. Must defeat the fallen and 

then free the villagers. Our hero will get a good amount of gold and EXP by 

discomfort. It is also likely to find a villager named Marius who will deliver you one 

valuable weapon as a thank you. 

Thirsting for salvation 


 Not all batteries are equal desecrated bones. There are some piles of bones to examine 

make out a large army of cursed pilgrims. These warriors will attack with bone 

swords for disturbing their resting place. Their leader, a horror called Fezuul, which has

Extra feature and repel life, he will soon make an appearance. Kill all to 

get booties, gold and EXP, but beware of the young blood (only lampreys) that 

Belly Fezuul escape when they die. 

Mysterious Cave 


 When you hear the screams of a man who begs for mercy, ready to kill the apparitions

lethal to both terrify him. Zaven Man is the Alchemist. You will have jewelry I was looking for 

in a nearby cave, but changed his mind when he saw the dangers lurking in the area. Zaven 

Mysterious Cave open and put your items to you. The cave is a subterranean zone 

and flooded two levels containing several glowing chests, but go carefully as 

you'll find with skeletal archers and electric guardians. When you're done with them 

You get a lot of good loot and EXP. 

Rotten basements, muddy and Storms 


 The Oasis of Dahlgur several basements, all small and dangerous, in which 

we grateful villagers or a merchant willing to sell their merchandise. It is very common to find fraudsters in the winding and the Rotten Basement Basement Swampy: kill 

Javad to save the Merchant or the villagers respectively. Lugo Mining is usually in the 

Storm Cellar, harassed by several fallen. After saving him from his demonic torment, check 

look at his impressive array of weapons and armor. As a check worth 

record every basement. 


 The Betrayer of Horadrim 




 - Collect Kulle Zoltum head. 


 - Eliminates the Ancestral Guardian. 


 - Talk to Adria at Camp Secret. 


 The Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab 


 You may find a source of stone in the center of the oasis. Find a chest 

resplendent way to two wheels flanking the central aqueduct. Turn both wheels 

(Is likely to invoke a rare enemy) to open the heavy door that seals the entrance to the 

Kan Tomb Dakab. Add the tomb looking puddled the spirit of Kan Dakab a 

lethal only appearance with surprising speed. 



 Flooded Cave 


 In this cave two levels many worms live rock spiders and Moloks lanzatelarañas 

winged. His passages are narrow, so the attacks and abilities that allow you to attack multiple 

enemies in a row are the most useful. You can find good loot and gold in a chest 

resplendent located in the depths of this cave. Beware rock worms 

elite, especially when they come in groups. 



 Going back to the main quest, as you progress you will see that the Oasis travelers 

desert have erected a series of tall structures to defend indigenous vegetation 

poisonous. These toxic plants explode when you approach them, releasing a cloud of pollen 

mortal in a wide area of ​​effect. 


 You will also find several traps, if used incorrectly can be dangerous as both 

for you and your enemies. Can you remove large stone walls on your opponents to stun them and 

hurt, the oil lamps that are found all over the oasis barrels also work 

lethal, but its wick is too short so it is vital that the actives with attacks 

away, unless you want your hero left in flames. 


 The entrance to the Abandoned Ruins is usually not far from the Oasis track, but you should explore the 

Oasis of Dahlgur assembly before proceeding. In this area there are several dangerous enemies, but 

as I have said there are many caves and side events. 


 Also new enemies appear, most notably Dune Dervishes In this new area and 

the bloody eagle that will undoubtedly be the more problems will arise. The dervish and dune tour 

dealing slashing damage imbued with lightning, causing the state to slow down to get caught in the radius 

of the rotating blades. Attack him long distance; Bloody eagles can fly on its prey 

until it looks distracted before falling on it in a ferocious attack. Pay close attention to your 



 Keep going until you reach the center of the Oasis of Dahlgur that will be dominated by an elaborate 

mill and a scaffold. Ramps and walkways that cross the structure leading to a bunker 

resplendent protected by a unique fallen shaman named Mundunogo, Chief of Curare. 



 Battle against Mundunogo, Chief of Curare 


 This enemy is not normally a fallen shaman has the ability to teleport and launch 

fireballs. Try to draw it to a narrow section of the platform to limit the areas that can teleport and the number of enemies that can revive. He will fight for 

protect the glowing chest, allowing you to have it pretty close. Hit him quickly 

when you see it, pasándote another enemy when teleportation. Leave the areas of health 

when you need really. A melee fighters can be difficult to dodge 

his fireballs, so the effort will be extra. Do not waste your energy destroying others 

fallen since the revive Mundunogo easily. Once you've removed the booty collected 

and continues to move toward the Abandoned Ruins. 



 Abandoned Ruins (Dungeon) 


 Abandoned Ruins are home to the Ancestral Guardian, protector head Zoltum 

Kulle. The sand blown by the wind, covering his soil and form small dunes on any 

column or pillar. This two-story tomb is home to many of the enemies you find in 

Wind dungeon flails. Be especially careful with the enemies who hold dual 

trait ice and desecration, as even an imp reinforced sand with this combination may 

eliminate you in a moment, avoid by all means surround you. Also remember to inspect

good places to find a new daily browser. 


 This area is very similar to the Ruins of flails Winds, both architecturally and 

the composition of enemies. Of all your enemies, guardians and electrical 

calcinators guardians and guardians towers will be the major of your threats. The 

skeletal guardians not only attack with its corresponding element, but also invoke 

bone warriors to fight on their side. The guards towers conjure spidermite all 

attacking the hero type, making it necessary to finish with towers quickly. 


 For a head Zoltum Kulle you must explore the Abandoned Ruins. Usually 

found near the glass out ... now have two options: either you take the head and using 

so swiftly the glass out or grab his head and you face the Ancestral Guardian. 



 Battle against the Ancestral Guardian, construct horadric Wizard 


 The Ancestral Guardian is a unique inhabitant of the sand has the trait repel and extra life. 

Melee attacks and moves slowly but range is considerable. Stay away from her 

path-based and uses a hit and run strategy. Use skills and runes aturdan or 

further slow your enemy and launch attacks that cause maximum damage. If you need to win 

time to recover life or use a potion away the ancestral guardian of the place where 

find Zoltum Kulle head. 


 Follow the hit and run strategy until you get away with this enemy. Collect 

booty and go to the exit lens. Once outside, use the town portal or 

conveyor close to return to Camp Secret and talk to Adria. 


Blood and Sand 




 - Enter the Old Channel of the Oasis of Dalhgur 


 - Use the lever on the Control Room Western 


 - Use the lever on the Control Room East 


 - Open entry to puddle Passage 


 - Enters Passage waterlogged from the Old Channel 


 - Kill the betrayed 


 - Break the barrel Speaker 


 - Talk to the Miser Shen 


 - Find the Hidden pot on Aqueduct 


 - Kill Galvin Thief 


 - Pick up the pot 



 Oasis of Dahlgur 


 Adria and spirit of Zoltum speak at Camp Secret. Zoltum want to be full of 

again ... this request is somewhat risky, but we have no choice but to accept. Please 

recover their blood 


 horádricos of builders so that you can return to the world of the living. Nobody trusts 

Kulle, but your support is essential to defeat the lords of hell. Luckily 

Leah with us. 


 Before starting the road is quite convenient that you equip in the Souk Cladeum so 

do not forget to take a look at the new weapons and equipment to be available. When you 

over, using the car to head towards Camp Oasis Dahlgur. Avanza 

to the bridge that is in the northeast corner to reach the aqueducts. The spirit of Zoltum 

Kulle not never walk too far and open access. 



 Old Channel (Dungeon) 


 This area is located between the Oasis and the Desert Sands Dahlgur. Upon entering you will see that the 

path is blocked by a waterfall, the only way to go is to find and operate 

levers that close off the water. 


 Just enter we receive Hakam II Emperor believes that we will have discovered the 

identity of Belial. Both the hero and Leah should hurry to operate the levers of 

western and the eastern channel to find the secret entrance to the Hidden Aqueduct canal. Not 

matter which lever is actuated first. 



 Western Canal 


 Western channel has several narrow passages, many of which do not lead to any 

party. At this point it is important to remember that you can take down beams to make open 

walls, you can also hit the big shelf water barrels to take them down, which 

you will find quite useful against large groups of warriors and skeletal bone Watchers 

you can find. 


 Keep going to the Control Room Western and toggles connected to 

gears. In addition to helping you find the secret entrance you want, this will open a 

stairs leading to the East Canal. 



 Eastern Canal 


 This channel contains more treasures, but also a greater number of enemies. Watch special 

with stinging swarms emerging from the bloated corpses and stay at a distance 

sure hornets desert. Keep going until you get to the Control Room 

Oriental and once there, and toggles back to the entrance area of ​​the Old Channel, where the emperor was Hakam II. Now the way to the Lone Arenas, where rests the 

Zoltum blood Kulle is open. 



 Passage waterlogged 


 Down the stairs until you reach the waterlogged Passage and the way you ascend to a stack 

of diseased bodies and a strange barrel, as you'll see in a scene. The sickly bodies 

will produce betrayed when they die, they explode in a suffocating poisonous cloud, so far the 

care and walk away after killing them. Barrel comes a voice that cries out for help, but first you must 

kill all the enemies. 


 When you have eliminated all breaks the barrel and it will a man, Shen that the Curmudgeon 

I speak from search pot jeweler. One such Gavin hired but later imprisoned 

in the barrel. You ask for help to find the so Gavin and jeweler pot. Accept the mission 

and continues to progress until you reach some stairs that descend to the Hidden Aqueduct. 



 Hidden Aqueduct 


 This area is much more likely to find a large number of snake magicians, 

imposters and repulsive winding lobsters. Ignore the incessant chatter of the Miser Shen and focus 

the enemies and chests you'll find. Remember to use area attacks whenever possible and 

back whenever there is a large group of enemies so that only a few will follow. 

Follow the main road and eventually will reach the pot box. Our "friend" Shen 

'll run on sight, but unfortunately, the Thief and Gavin will be there. We have no 

choice but to kill him to get the pot box. 



 Battle against Gavin Thief 


 This enemy is armed with an ax that's no big deal, the problem is that has been bitten by a 

hacho creature that has become a plague. The truth is that it is best to stay 

away from him and use magic attacks and distance, but the melee fighters not 

they have little choice but to close, so it will receive a considerable amount of damage.


 Destroy the snake first magicians to not have to face their lightning attacks 

while fighting Galvin. Its not poisonous plague inflicts significant damage and will not ax

up to your arsenal, but do not trust too much. Leah from a distance will help to 

you can retrieve the pot jewelry faster. Keep attacking and controlling the life bar 

Galvin, because when you run out, you will separate yourself from your enemy to avoid being caught in a 

cloud of poison that emanate from his body. 


Blood and Sand 




 - Head to the Old Path 


 - Collect blood Zoltum Kulle in the Cave of the Betrayer 


 - Collect blood in Zoltum Kulle Dome Murderer 


 Deserted Arenas 



 Old Paths 


 Head to the old way beyond the altar where lay the pot box. Leah and Shen 

return to the city. Leah to learn the spell that will restore the body and Shen to Kulle 

open your shop at Camp Secret. Advancing past the conveyor and continues to 

the Lone Arenas. 



 Deserted Arenas 


 In this area you'll see enough blood hawks are patrolling the area, along with groups 

imps dried, making the road is quite dangerous. Ascends the path 

winding up the plateau and get ready to enter the cave of the Traitor and Murderer's Vault. 


Look at the minimap to guide you. The Deserted Arenas are eerily empty and there 

few places to take refuge from the demons that occupy this area, so it is best 

proceed with caution and use protection skills you have. Neither is a bad idea 

return to Camp Secret to stock up potions or to hire a tracker. 


 Also in this area you can find several dungeons and random missions, which 

Here we present you: 



 Horror Cave Digger 


 In this area you will find a cave with a circle of bones more or less in the center of 

thereof. It is home to a unique rock worm, called behemoth. Kill it and enter the 

opening to meet with mowers, electric aguijoneadores and evil murderers. Without 

But you can earn a lot of gold and you can even find a chest 

shiny, but yes, be careful because it is easy enemies surround you. 

Remember that in small areas as this area attacks are vital to succeed. 



 Nasty Cave 


 This cave has two levels all larvae, pupae and eggs you can toxic 

expect to find in an underground area. What's more you also will face spiders 

lanzatelarañas, electric rock aguijoneadores and worms. Narrow passageways leading to 

large open chambers flanked by sprays of spittle. It is best to move slowly, as 

many holes in the ground usually attract hordes of electrical aguijoneadores. However 

Gold and EXP deserve much it. 


 Returning to the main quest, keep going until you see a spiral path 

down to a glowing chest. As suspicions sure it's a trap. Before 

this depression down to make sure your health is full and your skills 

protection are ready to be used. As you start the way back to grab the 

plunder, hordes of skeletons and constructs appear to eliminate you. 


 Keep going until you find the portal and the entrance to the cave in the center of the Sands 

Deserted. If you advance to the north and find a bridge across a chasm is that you 

advanced too. In this case, turn around and go to the southeast. 



 Cave of the Betrayer 


 This cave is an area of ​​two levels of lanzatelarañas full of spiders, worms and rock 

electrical aguijoneadores, among other hostile entities. Beware sprinklers baba 

growing on the walls of the cave, then spit toxic projectiles at anyone who comes close 

too, being more secure or destroy them from afar or pass them. 


 The Cave of the Betrayer usually consists of a circular section and a central path that leads to a large 

circle. Around the perimeter and looking in any direction chests and shrines. The entry level 

bottom can be anywhere, so examine the area well. 


 The lower level of the cave not usually as large as the top, but has the same number of enemies, so you'll have to fight your way through sprinkler baba, pupa, etc ... 

Until you reach the exit lens where the bleeds Zoltum Kulle. Pick it up in 

As you're ready to fight, because as soon as you touch four constructs are not materialize 



 These multiple enemies throw ice projectiles that slow movements of the hero, 

but just deal damage at close range. It is best to try to launch a grouping 

AoE skill or try to isolate one and focus on it, but this is quite 

more difficult. You will be very useful to have hired a follower in this fight, especially if you play 

as a monk or wizard. The witch doctor would do well to summon a giant for help in 




 Dome Murderer 


 Once you have passed the previous area you find Murderer Dome, which is a 

Huge tomb similar to the Abandoned Ruins dimensions. Contains several guard towers 

and their offspring spider elementary and calciner and skeletons guardians. 


 As you pick up the vial with the blood of Zoltum Kulle, you will receive the attack of Mr. Wizard Misgen. 

As this larger area will not be a problem especially if you are using ranged attacks. A 

Once you've settled, go to the stone of the dungeon and return to the Lone Arenas. You will have 

complete this quest, but do not relax just begins immediately follows: head north 

Deserted by Arenas to reach the entrance of the Archives of Zoltum Kulle. 


The Black Soul Stone 




 - Search the Archives Zoltum Deserted Kulle in Arenas. 


 - Go to the Terminal. 


 - Open the lock of the shadows give the Unknown Abyss. 


 - Open the lock shadows Stormy Passage. 



 Files Zoltum Kulle 


 From the Lone Arenas conveyor, moving northwest to the bridge that crosses 

the bottomless pit. Zoltum Kulle appear again to activate the portal to your files. 


 Cross the bridge and head to the conveyor is in the distance. Leah and Emperor Hakam II 

which you will also be quite helpful, especially taking into account that Leah has 

learned the required spell to resurrect Zoltum Kulle and the Emperor thinks he knows where 

Belial is. Continue to the conveyor and down the stairs that take you to the terminal. 


 For Zoltum Kulle be complete again you must use vials of blood in the locks 

the shadows of the Unknown Abyss and Stormy Passage. Point occupied Kulle arise 

sand three bridges that lead to different portals: the left leads to the Abyss Unknown 

the right to passage Mostly a central conveyor now inactive. 



 Unknown Abyss 


 Long bridges and stairs Unknown Abyss are home to numerous giant 

rock, fallen and toxic constructs. It is easier to get around this place by the Ruins 

Abandoned graves and other desert so do not be impressed by the scenery. The road 

is relatively simple and lacks the rubble, piles of sand and bifurcations 

complicated the course in previous areas. 


 Battle your way to the entrance blows a long bridge, almost certainly, takes you to the intersection of two or four stairs. This area is very likely to find yourself with 

fallen and fallen teachers pooches. If so, remember that although speedy pooches are the fallen 

rather weak enemies when they are alone, so try to separate the group is always 

good idea. However, your main goal should be the teachers who will be armed with batons, 

but it is always interesting finish first with the dogs ... and we always say, since 

although not very strong bite their continuous attacks and lunges can bring down your 

Quick health while you take care of teachers. 


 Keep moving always slowly, eliminating the arcane constructs and towers 

guardian (if you are a hero ranged attack, you can remove them before they assume 

a threat). Note that the layers of sand cascading from different arches you 

be useful, since the enemies on the other side were reluctant to cross them, so you can

destroy all enemies on one side before crossing to the next and see overflowed without 



 Explore the Unknown Abyss single level until you find a large sphere with spikes 

call lock the shadows. Usually at the end of a long and narrow bridge 

Numerous protected appeared constructs and repulsive. This device is similar to the 

arcane constructs of the area, but much larger. The spirit of Zoltum Kulle be present 

near the lock, we can only pour the blood on the pin to open it. Now go to the 

nearest exit portal. 



 Stormy Passage 


 This new area has a similar architecture to the Abyss Unknown, however usually 

raiders full of skeletal and skeletal teachers post. Again sand falling in 

cascade of us usually barrier to prevent too many enemies we face a 

once. Keep moving slowly and carefully, using cascades of sand and 

separating the large groups of enemies. 


 The longest bridges Stormy Passage run between stairs intersect, so 

is quite important to keep your enemies in front of you always. The skills 

are directed are more effective than firing in all directions. Earthquake barbarian, 

Rapid Fire 


 Demon Hunter Fire Bats and witch doctor are very useful in 

bridges, especially against spinners and poisonous giant rock. Make your way to the lock 

Shadow and use the vial of blood to unlock. 


 You can find several chests on the way out, but like the previous zone is very 

may appear when opening toxic constructs. The magician may remove quickly to 

surrounding enemies using Shockwave, especially if combined with Ola Rune 

Force. Anyway, keep going until you find the exit of this dungeon in order to 

return to the Terminal. 


The Black Soul Stone 




 - Enter the Shadow Realm through the Terminal. 


 - Find Zoltum Kulle body. 


 - Talk to Leah in Terminal. 


 - Enter the Chamber of black soul stone through the Terminal. 


 - Talk to Zoltum Kulle. 


 - Get the black soul stone. 


 - Talk to Adria at Camp Secret. 



 Kingdom of Shadows 


 Once you're back in the Terminal, cross the bridge of energy in the center and 

you will enter the Kingdom of Shadows. This new area, similar to the other two that you just passed, 

emits a kind of reddish glow ... there's no giant rock, but sand and behemoths 

much more deadly creature: the stalker shadow, a vermin attacking enemy at high speed 

and in such large groups that pose a much greater threat than its size suggests 

medium. Hold up, wait for enough to approach and then launches the most powerful area attack you have available (if possible also to inflict damage too slow or 

stun). You will see that the shadow stalkers you disappear into the ground, but do not trust that because fixed 

will return. The icon no effect on their heads can help track them ... so 

stay tuned. 


 The Kingdom of the Shades are not great as dungeon containing locks 

shadows, you will find that the body is much better Zoltum Kulle protected. Two 

unique monsters, a sentinel of lava and other ice surround you in Kulle story you approach. 

These two enemies resemble the basic constructs you've already found and 

behave similarly. The difference is that the watchmen usually have a lower level 

constructs. This compensates for the fact that you have to face off against four at a time and 

each element belongs to. 


 On the other hand it is not necessary to defeat the two guards, you can limit yourself to take the body 

Zoltum Kulle and run to the exit, but these creatures will not make it easy. Head to the 

I perimeter using ranged attacks, even throwing weapon barbarian. Although sentinels 

possess magical ranged attacks are much more dangerous at close range. As we say

stay close to the perimeter to attack from a distance and to have an escape route if the

things get ugly. Sentries leave a good haul so think before you just go 



 Either way, it gets the body used Zoltum Kulle and agencies in the form of door that appears 

beyond the point where the body was. Leah will be waiting on the other side, so talk to her and 

see how life returns to Zoltum Kulle. After you do this is up, unable to 

hides that he is preparing a betrayal. We will have no choice but to follow it to the House 

Alma Stone. 



 House of Soul Stone 


 Zoltum Kulle has led you to the Chamber of Soulstone, but the closer you reveals that 

not going to give up their power, at least not without a fight. The black soul stone floating in the center 

a round room and we have no other choice but to do battle against Zoltum Kulle 

and eternal guardians to prevent the combined power of the Lords of Hell asole 




 Battle against Zoltum Kulle, Horadrim Dark 


 In our main enemy fight just do not feel like having risen so 

first you have to see the eternal guardians against her. These twin monstrosities 

resemble giant rock you know and also behave similarly, but be 

in that they possess almost twice life. 


 The upside is that they are very slow and may keep a safe distance, which 

ideal to use against them strategies to long-range attacks. Wrestlers body 

body should instead use techniques to avoid hit and run attacks on his powerful 

short range. 


 Zoltum Kulle usually the farthest removed from the catwalk ring-shaped end, but throws

volcanic rocks occasionally even before they die the eternal guardians. Use an aura of armor or protection ability to reduce the damage of these attacks while you 

concentrate on the eternal guardians. Attacks on Zoltum Kulle if it is very likely that 

become invisible and escape to another place in the room. As you do not attack while invisible, you 

focus on the eternal guardians. 


 Once you have defeated the guardians do not forget to leave the areas of health will drop 

later. The shape and size of the room will allow you to escape to the other extreme where 

you have to wait for the cooldown of some potion. 


 Zoltum Kulle has a series of very similar to the mage attacks like Bubble Temporary 

Swirl of Energy. It's fairly easy to avoid these threats, but the attack Collapsing 

Ceiling is more lethal. Pay attention to when your enemy stretched his hand toward the ceiling and 

cause that same fall a shower of stones. This will be an ideal opportunity to use the 

ability to prevent attacks like receive Jump demon hunter, barbarian or tolerance 

Skin Adamantina Wizard. 


 Keep moving, dodging attacks and swirls of energy and do not stop attacking. 

Zoltum Kulle not a major threat at close range, but his magic spear from any 

distance. Be especially careful when wearing hand back as you will be preparing 

forming a flaming rock. Is relatively slow and it is possible to avoid it, but 

have some resistance to fire will come from pearls. 


 Follow this strategy and eventually get beat him. Now pick up the loot and crosses the bridge 

power to claim the black soul stone in the center of the room. Adria, Tyrael and Leah return to 

Secret Camp for a nearby portal. Leave the camera black soul stone and use the portal 

town to meet with them and talk at length with Adria.


Purge Caldeum




 - Finds Asheara in Souk Caldeum .


 - Talk to Asheara .


 - Take Caldeum refugees to Conduit Anegado .



 Souk Caldeum


 Asheara waiting Caldeum souk , near the entrance to the duct Anegado . descend the

stairs from the Secret Camp and runs through the city to the entrance to the sewers .


 Attack of Belial has already begun and acid rain bombs, but can easily avoid them if

you look at the greenish shadows that appear on the site are going to fall moments before

crash into the ground. Asheara awaits you near the entrance to drains . Please talk

Take her to explain his plan to save the refugees.


 You will have three minutes to save all you can and refugees have a little help ,

as their hiding places they show on the minimap ( though you can also identify the

environment by emitting scintillation those locations ) . Many of the refugees are hiding

under cars and behind furniture , also in the area extending beyond the door

previously closed leading southwest . You should click on the cart to convince the refugee

that out of hiding , after which will be located behind the hero and what will follow. Now leads to

refugee sewers .


 There are also groups of refugees in the corners of the Souk Caldeum , so it is quite

convenient to register the northern and southern area to find groups

refugees are hiding in plain sight.


 As they say the refugees will follow and try to dodge balls falling from the acid

Heaven , however, not all threats come from above. Also you must protect them

Vipers of doom and winding impostors. It is preferable that you open passage between the

servants of Belial before going to rescue the refugees, otherwise they could die

as you are . Also some snakes of doom will attack you when refugees

follow. In this case , instead of stopping to remove , you attack them with a skill that repel or slow as you follow your path.





 If you manage to save many refugees before the time limit runs out, you Asheara

will reward you with 108 EXP for each plus a small amount of gold. Please

that the hero can do that will continue over a refugee at a time, yet it is

desirable to limit the amount of followers. Please note that you will only be rewarded for the

refugees bring to Conduit Anegado healthy and sound, and that the more refugees will continue

harder it is to survive the dangers of the area. It's definitely better to stick to a group of

three refugees per trip.

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