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guia diablo 3 ( extended )


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Diablo 3

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guia diablo 3 ( extended )

This guide is made ​​with as much information about it try to do this guide as useful as possible. 

PS: sorry if I have no faults spellings management Idoma English very well but I'll try to make it more understandable as possible



Campaign missions

act I 

  Our adventure begins just after watching a star falls into the old cathedral, making 

Leah and her uncle almost die and checking that doors contain the demons are again 



  Now infest dead New Tristram, which has made heroes from afar come to town 

to stop this new evil that threatens to destroy everything. 

  The Falling Star 





  - Kill the reanimated dead are attacking the city gates. 

- Talk to Leah in the Slaughtered Lamb tavern. 

- Kill the reanimated. 

- Meet again with Leah. 

- Talk to Captain Rumford at the door of New Tristram. 

- Kill the unhappy mother. 

- Use the carrier of the Old Ruins. 

- Talk to Captain Rumford in New Tristram


Road lookout

During these first steps in the game, you get to the road that is in Mirador

outside New Tristram. But the road will be bit quiet and you will encounter a

number of enemies , namely Revived , you will not get much of a problem as a couple

touches the main weapon will become the story.

Keep going until you reach the gates of New Tristram . Once there you Captain Rumford

reports that only open the doors when all the dead have been removed. Therefore do not

choice but to help the guards to kill all the undead that will be coming in

hordes. Now depending on the type of character you take , stand behind the captain to start

launch ranged attacks or ambushes and performs melee attacks . Anyway

You must eliminate all the undead, still unlikely to suffer serious damage.

new Tristram

After the battle Captain Rumford will reveal that the star fell on the cathedral and the only

survivor of the tragedy was Leah . Now you have to find to get information on

events. No need to give too many turns , as it is in the Lamb Tavern

Sacrificed at the entrance of the city. If you want you can take a short walk from New Tristram and talk

with different characters (the mayor , the priest , citizens, etc. . ) to make information . Be that as

that is, when it comes to gossip finish at the inn and talk to Leah .

Leah speak to you of his uncle, Deckard Cain and how after falling star an infernal door opened to

just him . Shortly after starting the story certain characters, injured citizens will become

Revived and attack you. Kill them all and talk again with Leah that tells you that you must

talk to Captain Rumford .

Before leaving the tavern inspects the place well as Leah 's room you will find a

book that will give you more information about the history and maybe you will be granted a good amount of EXP .

Also when you leave the tavern also inspects the house next door (which is the house of the uncle

Leah ) to find another book.

Go in search of Captain Rumford, and you have to help protect the city from a number

Revived trying to destroy the barricades defending the city. If you look there is an enemy that

makes more resuscitated increasingly arise , it is an unfortunate mother , so that the strategy

follow is clear: take care of it first and kill her before reinforcements vomit . Ten

special care with his vomit attack , since produce enough damage .


Road to Antigua Tristan

Now you must head towards the northern part of the map , moving along the Camino de Antigua with Tristan

goal of reaching the Old Ruins , where they found the unfortunate queen . You must kill the

Queen to the unhappy mothers and stop harassing Revived New Tristram . the road

Revived will be ridden , bloated , and malignant wandering bodies with spikes, which are capable of

launch ranged attacks but are weak in physical attacks resitencia so if you do not want

hold a constant drain on health suggest you delete them first.

Do not forget to inspect the various buildings and objects that you can click that you will find in the

way as they can give you quite a few interesting items or small groups fighting

discounted enemies that give you some valuable experience points to go up pretty fast

level .

old Ruins

When you get to the Old Ruins find it is a rather rectangular area in which we

the unfortunate Queen. Bodies throw to eliminate , through the area counter -clockwise

clock . This way you will meet several unhappy mothers already resuscitated to help you

level up and get the bonus " kill three unfortunate mothers " gives you 450 EXP and 50

gold coins. Do not forget to inspect the display of weapons with new weapons to make more

powerful . Turn when you get to the conveyor is in the eastern part and you prepare for your meeting with the

unfortunate queen .

 Fights with boss : Unhappy Queen .

Unhappy Queen is the first mini boss you'll encounter . His most common attacks are spitting

projectiles and invoke dead which can keep you pretty busy as she is responsible for

most powerful attacks . However, his main attack is to invoke Revived , being able

summon up to ten , however the most common is that you are not escorted by more than five to

unless you eliminate the reanimated or away from her , so it 's invoked . Indeed

Unhappy ending Reina is pretty easy, for it focuses your attacks on it leaving

Revived in secondary. With this strategy you will get limit the number of reanimated

can invoke and avoid complicating the battle. Either way, it leaves the end Revived and focuses

all your attacks on the Queen.

When you have eliminated the Wretched Queen and there are no more Revived must return to New

Tristan and report to Captain Rumford what you just did. To do instead of retracing your steps

(although you can do it for items that you have been overlooked, or looking for more points 

EXP) can use the carrier that's near the door that is activated when you close 

same. Back in New Tristram seeks to Captain Rumford near the tavern and The Sacrificial Lamb 

inform him that the threat has disappeared, with this the first search terminated.


act I 

  Our adventure continues ... the heroes are directed towards the interior of the cathedral in which corrupt burns 

star fall. Leah believes his uncle is still alive and is trapped inside. Accept your support for 

to access the interior of the Cathedral closed and start looking for your uncle. 


  The Legacy of Cain 



  - Use the New Tristram conveyor to go to the Old Ruins. 


  - Go to the door of Old Tristram. 


  - Find Adria's hut. 


  - Register Adria's hut. 


  - Enter the hidden basement of the Adria cabin. 


  - Explore the hidden basement


  - Head to the Cathedral. 


  - Enter the level 1 of the Cathedral. 


  - Look for signs of Deckard Cain in the Cathedral. 


  - Kill the skeletons attacking Deckard Cain. 


  - Talk to Deckard Cain in Leoric's Passage. 


  - Follow Deckard Cain. 


  - Talk to Leah in New Tristram.


old Ruins

 Once you have completed your previous mission , the new conveyor Tristan used to return again

the Old ruins. Once there, Leah used her key to open the door of the Old Tristram. In this part

Mission enemies you'll just what you will be a walk , a fact you should

take to inspect everything you think is unusual for items , and to

talk. Leah inform us that Adria , the owner of the cottage to which you are headed , but his mother was his

relationship was quite cold and never really got to know . While you 're talking looks forward

to the southeast across the bridge to reach the hut Adria .


 Adria Shack

 The remains of the battle are evident outside and inside the cabin of Adria . The captain and his militia Daltyn

here were fought his last battle against the hordes of undead . As you can see the ground is full of

bodies , but not the body of Captain Daltyn . Soon to be in this new location , Leah

discover a secret stairway inside the cabin.


 Stairs descend to a basement , go down them and start coming Revived soil between

which are the remains of Captain Daltyn . The best strategy to take out enemies without

problems is focusing too quickly resuscitated to normal once they are

out of combat you can focus on Captain Daltyn , not cause any problems because it lacks

of ranged attacks and moves rather slowly , also unlike the Wretched Queen

Captain can not invoke resuscitated .


 Once you've killed all the enemies , inspect the boiler is in the center of the

cave to get an item. Now hala with Leah decides to return to New Tristram while you should go

the Cathedral with the key in your possession .


Road to Antigua Tristan

 Once you get out of the basement of the cabin, you will meet a reinvigorated by the north wall of the

cabin , remove it and continue on your way north. Now your path will be a little busier and

several corpses and reanimated will meet you on the way to the Cathedral. As you can

check the soil will be full of corpses of villagers and soldiers , so it would not be more than

By registering your pockets for any valuables .


 The Cathedral is not too far and you have the key to open your door as you approach

her. Once the door is open you get a good group of enemies, so you have no choice

remove to that crater that opened access to the fallen star after impact.





 For now, the dungeons of the Cathedral has two levels you can explore. Upper is

average cell size rather simple . Only has an entry and an exit that leads to

lower deck , called the Passage is locked Leoric and partly by a drop structure.


 One thing to consider in any dungeon is you have to find all the traps

possible that you can use in your favor , the will of all shapes and sizes, from walls shored

to chandeliers on the ceiling , the latter being very useful if you drop them on groups

enemies. By using this type of traps not only just get much weaken your enemies but

Furthermore you will gain bonus attack .

Cathedral , level 1

 Descend the stairs to where the star fell to find a mysterious crater

blue. Break the wooden door there around the corner and have access to the dungeon. Leah

is convinced that his uncle Deckard is in the depths of the Cathedral, but I can look up to you


NOTE: While inspecting the area to find "Diary of a browser" 

In the dungeon of the Cathedral there are several different monsters that you saw on the surface

Sanctuary. You'll see the grotesque inflated that are very similar to the wandering bodies but

rather than split in two when he died, leave this world with a violent suicide bombing that causes

damage to all those in its area of ​​effect . Besides his remains are born nests

lampreys ( like snakes ) which they pursue and attack the hero. The grotesque pursue you and

Spiked attack , so it is advisable that you face every time you borrow a grotesque

attention to their health status to be able to go back before it explodes .

 Another new enemies you have to face are scavengers bats

you will not cause too many problems. But in this first level is very likely that you

find a bat scavenger lava. This enemy has the status of "rare" and has the

wash feature , so you can see that leaves a trail of fire in his wake , like the

accompanying minions . Lava creatures attack with the element of fire and are resistant to it.

Besides the rare bat scavenger champion lava or explodes in a fireball after strike

a fatal blow. Fast backward to escape the range of this attack .

 Once you have removed this enemy , thoroughly explores the Cathedral to find a brightness

gold leads you to the lower level or Leoric 's Passage . Usually the way is blocked

by debris and doors , you must break into pieces to move forward.

Use the minimap to situate and locate the lectern where we write the parchment

Lachdanan and a small bonus EXP


Leoric 's Passage

 Once you've logged in to the bottom, you can see that Deckard Cain is near

input Leoric 's Passage is also in serious trouble . The floor collapsed keeps him away from

his pursuers , but the damned soul of King Leoric cursed threatens and several guards materialize

beside her. We have no choice but to help .


 Run down the stairs and kill the first royal guards , the first wave of a total

seven enemies , but soon they will reach more . The second wave will be led by the Partecabezas .


 Fighting Partecabezas

 The head part is slightly larger than the other enemies real royal guards executioner

but buy their physical characteristics. Occasionally lets out a sinister laugh that scares

Dead but not affecting the hero , oddly enough being a help to finish it

because it creates some holes that allow you to attack and be attacked best . It's slow so if you bring a

hero with ranged attacks can have an advantage over him . It is particularly vulnerable while releasing its

sinister laugh , so you should take advantage of the gaps created in front of them .


 Once you have removed all of the attackers and you've saved Deckard Cain, inspects While

area for ash or hidden chests . Afterwards talk to Deckard Cain thank you your

help and show you a secret exit to the Cathedral Gardens , an area that lies beyond the

closed door of the church. Follow it and using the car's in the area to return to New Tristram, 

Leah where you wait for the reports








The Crown Broken


- Talk to the blacksmith Haedrig Eamon.

- Kill the ravenous dead in the basement of the damned.

- Kill Mira Eamon.

- Talk to Eamon Haedrig in the Basement of the Damned.

- Open the north door.

- Find the abandoned cemetery in the Valley of Tears.

- Find the altar under the cemetery chancellor of the damned.

- Chancellor Eamon Mata .

- Take the Skeleton King's crown chancellor altar .

- Use the town portal to return to New Tristram

- Talk to Eamon Haedrig


 new Tristram

Again located in New Tristram and talk to Deckard Cain, for the prophecy that talks about

star fall and the return of King Skeleton. Deckard tells you that he believes the blacksmith Haedrig

knows where is the crown of King Leoric , which is the only device that can kill the King

Skeleton. To find Haedrig , head to the northern part of the city, near the sign that is in

the base of the slope.

( The New Tristram market is open ... so it's not a bad idea to give you a turn for

items and weapons at a good price ) .

Once you find the blacksmith , he will tell you he is worried because his wife Mira. from

one of the undead bit behaves in a very strange way , which has made their

husband keep locked in the basement with the rest of the infected. Haedrig want to end the

suffering of his wife but he feels unable to remove the love of his life.

You must follow Haedrig to the basement of the damned. Once there down the door leading to the

infected room . In the room you will see quite a few enemies , particularly ravenous not dead

are especially hard , so do not pose a problem to remove .

When all enemies have been eliminated let Haedrig can say goodbye to his wife ... but 

it has become a kind of unfortunate mother. The good part is that you can not summon 

Revived, but is able to spit venom that causes damage per direct hit. It is a slow enemy 

also occurs without minions so it is not very normal to present problems. 

Once you've finished with it, Haedrig feel indebted to you and tell you what you want the crown 

He is buried with his grandfather, the Chancellor, in a grave in the cemetery that lies beyond the Valley of the 

Tears. With this information, go to the northwest. On your way you'll encounter several enemy 

a group of scavengers, but human guards nearby will help you remove them. Follow 

forward until you reach the Valley of Tears


Valley of Tears 

The Valley of Tears is a full extension of dead trunks and crumbling tombstones. the cemetery 

the left is in the northeast part of this new area, but it is safer to reach it, cross 

Valley of Tears. Remember anyway that you complete each match will make your hero 

stronger again so even is advisable not shy away from the fighting. 

The enemies you'll find in the Valley of Tears vary in number, so you can 

find small groups of three or four authentic scavengers until hordes of ravenous dead. Ten 

note that the hungry scavengers and torsos are very fast, so it is appropriate that 

 an attack that you can affect an entire area or affecting several enemies at 

time. Thus Mage Frost Nova and the Embrace of the Dead is one of the Warlock 

more useful attacks

BONUS: Find the apprentice Haedrig 

You can find the apprentice Haedrig in the Valley of Tears, near a house almost in ruins. 

Search his corpse for gold, clothes and EXP


Be that as it continues to progress and reminds you that the best strategy to move through this area is to combine 

attacks that inflict serious damage in an area with attacks that slow the movement of enemies ... 

then go back and recover or continue attacking distance. The melee fighters 

should take advantage of the environment, trying at all times to have a solid ground behind you to 


prevent surround you. Keep going until you get to the Abandoned Cemetery.


Abandoned Cemetery

The cemetery is near the gates of New Tristram . To find it follow the winding road you

leads to the northeast. Plus you'll explore three crypts of this cemetery , considering that the

Crown Haedrig you spoke is in one of them, although it is impossible to know which one. is

Anyway, research well to find items crypts and not have to re-enter them several

times .

Desecrated Crypt ( Dungeon )

( In this crypt find a new daily browser , so you research well in your area

searches ) .

Investigates desecrated crypts and if you want you can trigger the event " urns souls " , for it looks for a

blue bottle floating in the area . When picked up , the bottle will release dozens of restless souls . if

survive for sixty seconds will have passed the event and have won gold and EXP points .

In addition you can also make mini mission " the bones of the matriarch ." To do it you first

have to find a ghostly woman (Lady Dunhyl ) . You'll have to look for three urns with

the remains of the woman and take her sarcophagus. However, the attempt to prevent it being their husband

major cuts fast attacks and " Soul Leech " . This attack is the most dangerous because you

slows down and makes you more vulnerable to attack by the skeletons. Anyway you can end up with

it or not, this is optional, remember to find the parts and deposit them in the sarcophagus. Once

I 've managed 've got 360 gold and EXP 1370 ... not bad .

Once you find the right crypt (specifically having a lower level ) you'll see a ladder

leading to a dungeon. Descending will fight a single monster called Jaw

Hierro. This creature protects the tomb of the Chancellor , who is in the third and final level of the defiled crypt.

Combating Iron Jaw

This monster is a fusion of corpses rotting and disgusting you reach the door in

the top of the stairs that descend into the pit of the Chancellor. No special features and

resistance , which makes it susceptible to all kinds of attacks, both magical and physical. the

best strategy is to try to defeat the other door in place so that

are in a bottleneck , limiting the scope of its lateral attack. You can check that this

monster is not nearly as strong as it looks . If you fill your health levels before approaching the

Grave stairs Chancellor should not have many problems to finish him . in attacks

melee , makes a swing arm causing moderate damage and you move about


meters . Anyway, alternating with physical and magical attacks within minutes you will be history

Chancellor Grave

The Chancellor's Tomb is protected by one or two guardians of the tomb. These shoot an orb

Arcane slowly moving up and invokes four skeletons. The best thing

do is get away from the guardian of the tomb to place your arcane attack and , after dodging the bullet ,

for a direct attack. Kill the skeletons and wait a few moments to fill your levels

health . Once you get rid of the guardians , moves toward the altar. In story interact with the

altar Chancellor Eamon ghost will attack .

The good part is that the ghost of Eamon is little altar away and tries to stay out of reach

of melee fighters . Pay special attention to his attack siphon soul, you slow down and

will cause freeze damage .

To defeat based on using a hit and run , soon to return to attack strategy. Should

you handle a hero with ranged attacks do not stop moving after an attack. When you've finally

I managed to remove the ghost Chancellor Eamon you can pick up the crown of the altar.

Before you leave the area through the portal , which records the passage on the right looking for a chest or

booty. Now use the transporter to return to the cemetery if you've left some crypt unexplored

directly to either see New Tristram . When you get to New Tristram speaks in downtown Haedrig


the city , which is mission will terminate the mission.


BONUS: Belongings Search Herrero-store Haedrig a box containing their 

personal belongings. If you find the card (a piece of wisdom) and do not mind being a 

get nosy few EXP points.


The reign of the Dark King



 - Use the New Tristram conveyor to regain access to the Cathedral Gardens .


 - Enter Leoric 's Passage .


 - Go to Level 2 of the Cathedral.


 - Descend the Cathedral.


 - Help the warrior.


 - Searching for items stolen from the warrior.


 - Find and kill Jondar .




Gardens of the cathedral

Again stop by the market and inspects shops and products out there for sale if you have to

interests you , or if you have to replace something in your inventory. Once you've peeked and purchased

what you need , go talk to Deckard Cain in New Tristram to let you know where you should bring

crown . After a brief chat with him , using the car to go to the Cathedral Gardens . Once

're in the area, you inspect the area for a chest or a pile of bones , and then down to

mausoleum in which to find Deckard Cain. Once inside , go down the small flight of stairs

Leoric Passage to the ornate door, which can only open the crown bearer . Now you can


access to the Cathedral


The Cathedral, Level 2

( Inspect the area to find a Daily Explorer )


 This level of average size is home to numerous exhumed , tomb guardians ,

scavengers skeletons and bats. You must be especially careful if you notice that a lot of

bodies begins to stir , as this is a clear sign will appear exhumed

( reminds Iron Jaw ... for the same). Anyway remember that the best way to

exhumed confront these is to try to stay away to avoid his onslaught attacks on

If wearing a melee hero hopes to conduct this attack and attack after ...

is also important to first remove the exhumed if presented together with

minor enemies .


 Usually the guardians of the tomb appear on panels that are in the walls of the

narrow passages . As you see the purple glow of your arcane energy you back . to reveal

their presence is often the guardian of the tomb first invoke several skeletons ... but if you

While still a kind of disturbance in the air tends to reveal where teleport , which

I must take into account as your main goal should be to eliminate this enemy , ignoring

skeletons .


 You can also use traps other than the level of the Cathedral. Whenever you see an

chandelier frangible know that you will appear a group of reanimated against

which you can use . Also , you can hit the wooden beams holding certain walls

Cathedral to throw a shower of rocks on your enemies . Anyway, it is moving


until you get to the stairs that descend to the next level


The Cathedral, Level 3

The third level of the Cathedral is quite small. A group of seven dark cultists hits

sinister experiments with an unknown warrior. Bear in mind that while the circle

form holds together , this will not stop necromantic minions spawn , which for practical purposes are

slightly stronger than normal skeletons .


 Kill the necromancer minions climbing stairs sacrificial circle and attack position

Dark farmers ( those that appear in this area have a fairly low level , unlike others

you 'll find the lands of Sanctuary) . Crush them without fear because their defense and attack is very low and

besides the warrior who would sacrifice will join you in the fight as 've deleted three of

these dark cultists .


 Once you've removed all the enemies the warrior will thank you and it promises

will reward you if you agree to join forces . Take it to the chest containing the stolen objects by

Warrior , for which you must climb the stairs leading away from the altar where he was. It is possible that

find more dark cultists and necromancers minions want near the bunker

(is near a conveyor). When you find the chest you will see that the objects are actually warrior of his 

team ... a team of Templar. 


  The Templar is reset and informs us that we have to end Jondar a dangerous enemy 

protects the Skeleton King. Now head to the opposite side of the level while fighting the servants of 


  Jondar, which are very similar to the guards of the tomb, although a little slower. When you've 

eliminated all records the area in search of nearby bunkers before descending the stairs you 

lead to a meeting with Jondar

Fighting Jondar traitor necromantic

Jondar is a former Templar who has joined Coven and is creating an army of skeletons

invoked. The Templar who has rescued will handle the skeletons summoned to help you

focus on it. Projectile attacks with a poison that radiates in all directions . A wrestlers

Melee can be difficult to dodge this attack , but just inflicts poison damage. Jondar

will continue invoking skeletons while alive, so kill him as soon as possible to reduce the number of

adversaries. Jondar is especially vulnerable to physical attacks , although it is not a bad idea you make

an attack that slows your movement.


 When you have eliminated Jondar must continue your way in search of the Skeleton King . The Templar

will offer to help you fight the Skeleton King . If you want a follower, joins forces with him. if

ignore or you decline your offer, return to New Tristram Templar so you can hire when

you want.


 On the other hand , should join the Templar joins your group with a lower level hero to

accompanies and you'll have to choose between one of his abilities , or healing or intervene. you

remember that if you do not choose the healing ability have to go replenishing your health

companion that he die .


The reign of the Dark King ( 2)

- Join the Templar .


 - Find the Royal Crypt .


 - Find the Crypt of the Skeleton King .


 - Kill the returnees.


 - Kill King skeleton.


 - Enter the scorched camera.


 - Talk to the stranger in the camera destroyed .


 - Returns to New Tristram .


 - Talk to Deckard Cain.

 Cathedral Level 4

Keep going until you reach level 4 of the cathedral that is the biggest difference of all and

which has a greater number of guardians of the tomb, and skeletal archers broqueleros

skeletal . The latter is easily disintegrate in combat, but suffer major damage if

not manage to dodge their arrows. Skeletal broqueleros are adept at blocking attacks

front , but we are fortunate that their shields are quite brittle and break after being

two attacks . It is better to attack the flanks so they can not stop the attack or make

attacks arising from the ground.

It is also quite likely, in this fourth level , you have to fight various harvesters, a

similar to the grotesque creatures. However, the pickers are strong and well over the

tear release a group of malignant mischief. Keep moving eliminating every enemy that you

put forward and do not forget to explore the area very well to get EXP and loot , yes , keep an

view of the entrance to the Royal Crypt .


Royal Crypt

Go down to the Royal Crypt and approach the ghosts of King Leoric and his guard . Interact with sword

Spectral to witness the death of King Leoric to Lachdanan hands and moves toward the ghost

Skeleton King .

Escape again , but before four pillars that will generate an endless army was activated

skeletons and skeleton archers. The horde of skeletons generated in this area may end

quickly with a hero who is distracted , especially if it does not have the support of the Templar . a

strategy is to use an attack that deals damage to all directions or have the potential to

cause great damage by area. Another tactic is to escape upstairs to create an effect of

rise in the narrow funnel so that you can only get the enemies slowly .

Whatever tactic you choose, and once out of all the enemies around the sides of this room

U-shape to see clearly the active pillars. Now focus on them one by one. As Drop

first pillar, the number of skeletons can be reduced and destroy the remaining assets faster pillars.

Again using the above strategy to clear the area of skeletons and removes another pillar . When you

managed to eliminate the active pillars , you will see the entrance to the Royal Crypt is just ahead on the

left the conveyor. Not a bad idea to use it to return to New Tristram to get

potions (or to recruit Templar if you regret it is not you) before

come . It is also a good time to forge better equipment and weapons.


Crypt of the Skeleton King 

The Skeleton King will do anything to keep his throne scope, such as the door seal 

the other side of the bridge. He has raised a whole host of returnees, although the latter are not 

match for our hero. Take this battle to fill the resources of the hero after another against 

really Skeleton King (this will be very important when playing with the barbarian who usually stays 

without resources). 


  You just have to prepare your potions and skills to approach the battle ... and sets the Skeleton King 

crown on his head to wake up and this battle. 

  Fighting the Skeleton King 

To deal with this enemy we must first understand and struggle. The Skeleton King has 

two main melee: the Tagus and the Whirlwind. The pit is a fairly quick blow that 

running at very short range, this attack is preceded by a little warning, inflicting moderate damage.

The Whirlwind is most evident in the activation time required , and can even make it work

for us because we can " guide" the Skeleton King to their own skeletons invoked by


 you delete them , also having the added attraction that the skeletons Pleas provide us with a good

source areas of health. Regarding the Tajo you must be quick to dodge then counter

with an attack followed by a flight.


 The truth is that the combat is a bit difficult , both for his teleport attack as its great

health book . The teleport ability makes it a little tricky to hit the Skeleton King ,

considering that after teleporting hero to run a quick attack with mace

come out of nowhere. The key is to counter lobbying as fast as you can on it

back then avoiding the inevitable Tajo or Whirlwind . Another last tip ... the Skeleton King is

vulnerable to attack when you are running the Whirlwind attack , so do not hesitate to throw everything

you have while you do it.


Scorched camera 

Once you've removed the Skeleton King (do not forget to search the body), use the secret passage 

beneath the throne to access Shattered House. Browse spiral perimeter until 

get to the bottom of the crater. To our surprise there is no star ... but a stranger man. speech 

with the stranger to tell you what they remember. Follow it to the conveyor nearby crater 

and returns to New Tristram. Surely Deckard Cain can get you more information, so look and 

just this long mission



The Sword of the Stranger




 - Go to the Wastes Campos.

 - Find Lair Khazra in the Wastes Campos.

 - Look for the glowing fragment Khazra 's Lair .

 - Kill the cultists around the glowing fragment.

 - Retrieves the glowing fragment.

 - Take the sword fragment Deckard Cain.



 Campos Wastes


 As we can see the conversation between Deckard Cain and the mysterious stranger in New Tristram

reveal that a fragment of the sword of the stranger has fallen in the region of Campos

Wastes. Use a protractor to travel Cemetery Abandoned and destroyed the door

northwest corner to access this desolate place , home of the Moon Clan furious .



 In this area you can sometimes access to certain sites , depending as dirijas

search . In this sense we can meet :


 Bleak House


 In search Khazra Den we get to a farm that looks abandoned and

on whose land we can see the remains of a beast of burden. This is the Farm

Desolate . Now records the corpse of the dead beast to activate the attack of a group of

diggers and their leader. Eliminate all the enemies to the farmer to get out of the basement in the

hiding and to save that change (and after presenting his quiet woman ) we

rewarded with a glowing chest in which we find items , potions and gold


The Rathe Family 


  Sometimes our way down the Champs Yeros allow us access to the Crypt infects a 

defeated two full levels escupemuertes, decomposers and stale limping. Eliminate the 

enemies to the second level and down to find the ghost of you asked us Willa Rathe 

for help to end the suffering of his family. If you accept you have to kill one by one 

all family members: Father, a stale ailing, the mother, a horror vomitadora 

aura of cold, finally the little brother, Jebby a putrefactor with extra features and life 

speed. You must defeat all three while at the same time you face a horde of dead 

living. At the end, you'll be rewarded with a shiny box with a bunch of 



lone Grove 


  As you progress in search Khazra's Lair, you will see a bright cabinets under 

huge tree in a small forest end. 

  This forest is not normal but it is a trap set by the guardian known as The 

Elder. This forest has only bore trait repel and the power to ask for help 

to his kind. The best strategy to defeat him is to run around the perimeter of the grove, 

forcing him to chase and leave the Wastes Campos through the gap between two trees. 

In this new area you can fight better against him because the souls that will help you to 

pass one by one through the hole, making it easier to remove.

The Lost Mine


 This dungeon appears randomly in the Wastes Fields and is a kind of large cavern divided into

two levels. Inside you will find many enemies , especially barbed demons and jumpers

diggers, but also several chests full of EXP and items. At the second level , you

'll meet Tashun Mining , walking around the area for stones and metals. this

character will ask you to escort him to the back of the cave to find two veins of

mineral you need. Interact with pure gem and metal grain to complete the first

part of the search . Near the grain you will attack a group of diggers jumpers rare that

must eliminate . Once the mine is clear of enemies , talk to Tashun to teach you

weapons and armor that sells high-quality , well enough to get gold and points


 Keep going in search of Den Khazra , facing groups of enemies

exist in this area and considering that most of them will cause additional damage by poison.

In your search you will find :


 House Stolen


 Busca by periferia one cabaña in you puedas entrar , is the llamada Casa Saqueada . although

first glance not find any bunker, the bodies in the ground has several items

that you might find useful. Register them and grab the loot.


 Den of the Scavengers


 Keep at it and you will enter a small den. In this small area you can

face a number of escupemuertes , jumpers , demons and other monsters barbed ...

the reward will be a chest with a random item of medium-high value plus some good EXP .

Keep going and eventually you will meet men Goat Clan of the Moon

very aggressive and territorial beings. Pay attention to the mounds of their camps as

usually have cabinets on top . In this sense we can find two types of

Men Goat Clan of Moon: Warriors , equipped with axes and specialists

Melee and empaladores equipped with throwing spears . Both are fearsome

enemies, quite fast and inclination to attack in groups. Best to deal with them

trapping is to stop or slow its progression or use natural bottlenecks for

they can not surround .


 The entrance to the Lair Khazra can be anywhere in the Wastes Campos, although

usually located near the center or in the north. Your input is a simple hole that

opens a group of rocks and only distinguished by a blue glow around it, unlike the

golden glow surrounding the optional dungeons and caverns mentioned

above and are not part of the main mission.


Lair Khazra


 This den is the traditional home of the goat men and yet we do not find any

them ... is full of dark cultists . Remember that when you face them you must avoid

walking in circles or encircle you and you to complicate things a lot . Remember they are

particularly vulnerable to melee attacks or the weapon damage . Once

have cleared the area continues to progress until you find a small shrine or healing well in the

you can refresh yourself after your encounter with the dark cultists . Either way, you must achieve

back of the cave.


 In this new area you will have them to do with an angry zealot who will try to stop you from getting to

end of the cave , where many others have gathered to celebrate a ritual. This enemy will not

involve many problems , so remove it and prepare to stop invoking Maghda .

The first thing you must know is that these farmers will not invoke dark skeletons for

defend , but will be armed with daggers and perform pretty powerful attacks ... your boss is a

Dark Cultist Urik known as The Prophet .


Combat: The Prophet Urik


 This enemy does not fight like the rest of the angry zealots , since it has the ability to back up

and shoot fireballs from afar. Is also electrified , so it is a problem for the

melee fighters . The best strategy is to always keep moving

avoid fireballs, trying to get closer to attack him before he starts to invoke

daemons dark . The Prophet can invoke urik up ten creatures. The hero will suffer

ray damage at close range but his life will not be jeopardized , if you have small enough

the number of farmers armed with daggers. The fight is not too hard and you kill it,

yes, do not trust too .


 To make things a little astral projection Maghda witch appears near the

sword fragment to prevent you do with it . Besides this witch invoke more farmers

dark to stop . Ends with this second group of farmers and then the ghost

witch. When all have finished collecting glowing sword fragment .


 Sal 's Lair Khazra by stone dungeon in the back of the cave.

use the town portal surface to return to New Tristram and deliver the fragment Deckard 

Cain, which will finish this search.



The Broken Sword 




  - Go to the Sunken Temple. 


  - Follow the scoundrel. 


  - Talk to the bandit. 


  - Kill the bandits. 


  - Bring the rogue north toward the conveyor. 


  - Talk to Alaric. 


  - Head to the Forest Infect. 


  - Retrieves the lighthouse of the Crypt of the Ancients.

- Retrieves the lighthouse Wyrmrest honor Guerrero.


 - Put the lights on the pedestals .


 - Enter the Sunken Temple .


 - Explore the Temple.


 - Kill Ezek , the Prophet and the skeletons.


 - Talk to Alaric in the Sunken Temple .


 - Grab the glowing fragment.


 - Take the piece to New Tristram .



 Campos Wastes


 The Maghda witch in our previous meeting said the second fragment had fallen " there

which can only step on the ancestors. " Leah believed regards sunken temple and binds

hero to help you enter the sacred enclosure which is beyond the Forest Infect . Use the

transporter to get back to the Wastes Campos and once there, moving northeast , by

the road leading to Mill . Do not forget to look for the stolen bag at the base of the road to

get the piece of wisdom " Journal of scoundrel."


 Halfway or so , our heroes encounter a rogue . The Crew

thieves trying to steal an object to her friend , the farmer's daughter , prevents access to the mill.

Keep up the hill and through the door rabble that was previously closed to access the



 Nothing you enter you'll encounter a group of bandits that will attack throwing daggers ,

fortunately , they are easy to dodge. Destroy the first wave of enemies in order to attract their

leader, Nigel the Slasher , and several buddies outside the home. At this point it is convenient

note that it is not wise to collect all the orbs they drop health bandits , and

that you'll need for your showdown with Nigel the Slasher .



 Nigel battle against the Slasher .


 The first thing you have to remember is that this enemy has a health bar too

above normal bandits. Also do not hesitate to chase you if you try to separate yourself

too much of it and will not stop raining in inexhaustible throw daggers. The upside is that their

attacks inflicted little damage and are relatively easy to dodge. Our companions,

Leah and the villain , will not stop shooting arrows at him which will make if lower level health

constantly .


 The fight against this enemy can last longer than normal , due to its abundant level of health,

but truth will not be very difficult to defeat.

Once you've defeated Nigel, grab their loot and talk to the bastard when I ask the relic of the farmer. He asks us to join us, something we do not come bad. But that will not 

crucial because we have another wrestler distance as Leah. If you decide you 

accompany you, remember that the rascal can use bows and crossbows only two hands, so you should 

sure that you properly equipped. 


  Keep moving to the northeast, beyond the Mill, to the conveyor temple 

Submerged. Head to the nearby door to enter the temple.


Sunken Temple 


  Once you're in the temple, approach Alaric the Guardian, is the spectral figure that is in the 

gazebo on the right. This legendary Guardian has the task of monitoring throughout the Sunken Temple 

eternity to ensure that only nephalem enter their domains. 


  To enter need to show our worth, and for that we get the keys of the 

Outside graves. The tombs are the Wyrmrest Guerrero and the Crypt of the Ancients, both 

in Infectious Forest, which in turn is in the northern part of Sanctuary. With this new information, 

Alaric lifted a stone bridge to the group to cross road and continue.


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