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diablo 3 guie ( extended part 6 )


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Diablo 3

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diablo 3 guie ( extended part 6 )

Lord of Lies




 - Enter City Caldeum with Leah and Adria .


 - Head to the Imperial Palace.



 City Caldeum


 Meet Leah and Adria at the entrance of the duct Anegado and talk to them. It is time to

enter the city and get to the Imperial Palace. Start your path to the vipers eliminating the

fatality protecting the gateway leading to the Souk and Leah at the gates of Caldeum , she will use her

powers to open.


 Upon entering the city of Caldeum we get around a group of citizens

trying to escape the false Imperial Guard Belial. Be careful as this is a group

snake and snakes wizards of doom. Adria and Leah will help but the hardest part of

Combat depend on your hero. Try to keep away snakes of doom Leah and Adria

you can help with their arrows and fireballs.


 When finished with this first group of enemies , climb the stairs to the gates

poisonous , waits for toxic gases out and stop runs between the cracks in the floor

prevent a subsequent dose of lethal gas affect you . Come all you see snake magician and

remove it quickly to avoid carrying out an attack with lightning. Avanza between doors , destroys

next wave of attackers and continues to the circle that a little later.


 Once you reach this new area , a group of fallen Kamyr led by a single servant

Belial will attack you once you reach the curve to the right that points the way to the Palace

Imperial . Destroy first to fallen fallen pawns teachers and care of before

Kamyr . In this area more than ever a powerful area attack will be most effective against

Fallen pawns


 tend to cluster to attack. Leah and Adria keep some entertained Kamyr so

fail these seconds to take care of the remaining enemies that accompany it. Once

have removed all the check that Kamyr 's a pretty affordable enemy bases its

easily launch attacks esquivables projectiles , even with its feature of Extra Life is

it may have indirectly paid while you ocupabas his escort .


 Once you've settled this enemy , keep going until you reach a poisonous vents

covering the final stretch of road to the Imperial Palace, still quite important to monitor your

steps , since the toxic gas comes from the ground following a zigzag pattern . Advancing cautiously toward

doors and destroy the snakes of doom and snake wizards to step you go .

Now you only need to use the healing well that is next to the stairs and enters the palace

As Leah opens.


 NOTE : This is your last chance to return to the souk to buy potions Caldeum

Additional in the tavern. To do or desandas your steps or you use the town portal . this is

important to check your armor and equipment ... now all traders are close

the cliffs that lead to Camp Secret.



 Imperial Palace


Finally you've come to the Imperial Palace and the 've also made ​​time to see Belial

leave the body of the young emperor Hakam II. Be careful because the surrounding Imperial Guard

the throne is formed by veiled sentries are a kind of enhanced version

sinuous and impostors with whom you 've seen before. Now get ready because it 's time

Belial himself to face the



 Lord of Lies




 - Kill Belial.


 - Become the soul of Belial.


 - Talk to Tyrael at Camp Secret.


 - Speak with the leader of the caravan to leave Caldeum .



 Battle against Belial , Lord of Lies


Then I suggest a range of skills , as the hero of your choice , for your

battle against Belial. Note that this selection is a suggestion of skills and

likely to find a selection that best fits your fighting style or your taste, although

we can say that this set of skills that expose often give very good results .

We assume a hero with a level 23.




 - Skill 1: Tagus


 - Skill 2: butcher


 - Skill 3: Threatening Shout .


 - Skill 4: Brutal Charge


 - Skill 5 : Coil


 - Skill 6: Earthquake


 - Passive 1: Nerves of Steel


 - Passive 2: Superstition


 - Passive 3: -



 Demon Hunter :


 - Skill 1: Crippling Shot


 - Skill 2: Rapid Fire


 - Skill 3: Fan of Knives


 - Skill 4: Marked for Death


 - Skill 5 : Pomegranates


 - Skill 6: Preparation


 - Passive 1: Predator


 - Passive 2: Archery


 - Passive 3: -





 - Skill 1: Explosive Palma


  - Skill 2: Kick Swivel


 - Skill 3: Blinding Flash


 - Skill 4: Mantra of Healing


 - Skill 5 : Shock Wave


 - Skill 6: Kick Heptagonal


 - Passive 1: Chant of Resonance


 - Passive 2: Initiative


 - Passive 3: -



 Witch Doctor :


 - Skill 1: Firebomb


 - Skill 2: Embrace the Dead


 - Skill 3: Soul Harvest


 - Skill 4: Terrorize


 - Skill 5: A Burst of Spirits


 - Skill 6: Giant


 - Passive 1: Tuning with the Spirits


 - Passive 2: Medium


 - Passive 3: -





 - Skill 1: Electrocute


 - Skill 2: Ice Beam


 - Skill 3: Teleport


 - Skill 4: Meteorite


 - Skill 5 : Ice Armor


- Skill 6: Explosion


 - Passive 1: Prodigy


 - Passive 2: Ice in the Veins


 - Passive 3: -


 The battle against Belial consists of three phases. In the first one you'll face endless waves

sentinels of veiled veiled and evocative . The scenario ( the throne room ) is way battle

crescent will give you just enough room to maneuver and move pretty well. this is

precisely the shift key first stage, and you must avoid at all

time to grab enemies surround also giving you enough space to

make ranged attacks . The skills that trap , slow and also cause damage to the

enemies will be very useful at this stage of the fight, so keep this . Remember launches

the ability to scroll back and forth and the ability to reload .


 Do not take too lightly veiled battle against guards and evocative are veiled , and

they would not be very difficult to eliminate you if you do the proper use of potions and spheres

health (remember not to use them until your health goes down at least 40 %). The best strategy is to

attack a group of enemies to weaken them, an ability to throw or immobilize

slow them down and go back to take care of those arriving in the opposite direction .


 Sooner or later Belial will end masacras tired of seeing his servants and will join the

struggle. Although use his scythe to attack at close range , their most common attack sewn for launch

three green fireballs accompanied by a horde of insects similar to controlling

Magdha . The green fireballs spread in the air , so that the further away you are from

Belial will have more space between them and the easier it is to dodge .


 The current form of Belial has a x15 life of invoking veiled sentinels of

So do not ever ignore the sentinels to focus on Belial. It is best to eliminate

few veiled veiled and evocative sentries to prevent surround you , which also you

enable it to obtain more valuable reserves of health areas . Concentrate on dodging

sentinel veiled and fireballs as you approach Belial the demon. Now use

attacks that trace a wide arc to hit multiple enemies at once , and will take advantage to

inflict damage to sentries protecting Belial collaterally .


 The third phase is totally unlike anything you've faced so far . Belial adopt its

true demonic form and huge crushing step of the Imperial Palace. 'll stay

on a semicircular platform surrounded vacuum . Belial will rely on the catwalk and take all

bow on that was before the throne. It is important that any skill sets quickly

Armor protection you have and attack with everything you have to Belial. No matter where you

hit , in this third phase whole body is vulnerable to attack .


 At this stage our enemy has several attacks, but the most common is the melee attack

body with tweezers or right and left arms . A horde of insects and green circle

announced on the floor this powerful attack, so stay away from the impact zone

move in circles to hit the body of Belial. You'll also see a similar circle before

Shatterskull his attack run , this being an attack that takes two hands to release a

horde of insects and is followed by a fairly powerful shockwave. This attack is

go to the center stage, so it makes sense to make you move to the limits of the same

to dodge the arms.


 All the fighters you count should continue to use the tactics of hit and run

when Belial Melee ... reminds see where the green circle appears and

leave the area immediately . Follow this tactic until you start using Belial attacks

distance .


 The Breath of Belial ray attack sweeps the stage from left to right , causing serious

damage to anything that is in its path. Certain skills , such as Skin

Adamantina Wizard and Barbarian Pain tolerance can protect you from this attack , but it is

better than you are situated at one end of the platform and wait for it to pass . Before launching the attack,

Belial removed the arms of the combat zone, so keep in mind these signals.


 You should also be alert to prevent attack rays. When Belial place your tweezers or

arms on the left and right ends of the stage , get away from the horde of insects , for you

will indicate where the impending attack is directed. For seven seconds will produce a series

explosion that


 they ravage the area where they may. To avoid ending up dead do not risk too much, is better

expect these seven seconds having to start over.


Pay close attention to your health bar and heal gets too long , this will occur

quite often so it's important to always keep an eye on health , this advice

may seem too obvious is vital , you'd be surprised to see the amount of players who die

for not paying attention to something so basic.


 Follow this strategy and eventually will achieve beat Belial , Lord of Lies . Now only you

is collecting loot and generous soul Belial remaining in the Imperial palace after the

combat. Use the town portal to go back to camp and talk to Tyrael Secret . Review

I managed to free the city of Caldeum of Belial , but another major demon launched his attack

while you were busy in this city. Now you only talk to the leader of the caravan

travel north which is where the act III develops. Congratulations you passed the act II and can

see the corresponding kinematics.


fortress Bastion


 Fortress Bastion represents the border line of defense and further north against the forces of Azmodan .

The enemy legions arrive in hordes from the Arreat Crater and head south in waves that leave

nothing alive in his wake. Leah 's vision has been most successful , but nothing had prepared the hero

for the terror that has been unleashed in this cold place .



 The Siege of Fort Bastion




 - Turn five beacons in the battlements of Celeste Corona .


 - Find Sergeant Dalen in the battlements of Celeste Corona .



 Bastion of the Fortress Bastion


 The caravan of wandering on the parade ground of the fort occupied most places

insurance, while the hero and Tyrael are in a lookout at the top of a

watchtower. Talk to Tyrael to tell us how he sees the situation as it was

wait is increasingly desperate . Soon you will see how Tyrael light a bonfire on the

beacon nearby and then asking you to do the same with you you'll find the

Battlements of the Celeste Corona .


 Go down the stairs until you get to the armory and talk to Leah to tell you their progress

black soul stone (do not forget to register Leah 's belongings there at a table in a

nearby room for a little extra wisdom). After talking to Leah , salt arsenal

the stairs to the northwest corner and enters the Baluarte.


 This new area will be your host city throughout Act III and as you will see there

numerous merchants to join your artisans , merchants, and besides your followers

stash you will see next to the teleporter .


I remind you that you spend a few minutes searching the area to find out where is each

member of your " troupe ." Ideally, you reaprovisiones potions and everything that makes you

lack . Also not a bad idea that you hire the services of a supporter . Finally , no

forget to grab the wisdom in a chest of Captain Haile provisions .


 Once you 're ready, crosses the drawbridge on the right and through the door that takes you

the battlements of Celeste Corona . Kill the few enemies , demon soldiers , you

Quickly find and follow your path.



 Battlements of the Celeste Corona


 The battlements of Celeste Corona are basically a long wall in a zigzag pattern with

abundant observation points, gateways bastions and leaving the main road and run in

parallel . There are also a number of barricades designed to stop the advancing troops

demonic but the truth is that they have done little , because as you can check

barricades break easily , buteye! Entertain on break as many barrels

containing gold and loot.


 NOTE: If the captain Cyrilis is in the area , it will ask you to help him defend the walls , but

carrier as hell will kill done talking with him. You can avenge his death

eliminating the beast and the large number of demon soldiers accompanying him . Occasionally

will arise new demon soldiers as you eliminate the horde of the first , so do

recommend that you focus on the Carrier of Hell. A good idea is to pour boiling oil on

area and then burn it , which will eliminate a number of enemies, making it easier for large

As things. When you get to remove the carrier from Hell, get a good reward

form of gold and EXP .


 Anyway, it goes up the stairs to the wider area of the wall and prepare to eliminate a

number of fallen soldiers and hounds. Remember that bloodhounds are quite fast and not

stop harassing you , so it is best to remove them first, or lure them back to avoid

you exceed in number too .


 As you get to the first beacon , you will meet you a large contingent of demon soldiers.

Remember that a fast attack area can remove or leave pretty much touched on so

shuffles this option ... either way prevents surround you . Keep in mind also that the walls of the

Celeste Corona battlements of the many cauldrons of boiling oil you can use turning them on

make your enemies to be burned . Manager barrels towards a group of enemies to their effect

is more destructive .


 Keep moving eliminating all that stands between you and your goal. Fold the corner of the

left and up the stairs to the narrow walkway that leads to the first beacon , that will come

indicated on the minimap. You must use a skill with a reduced scope for your way

between the demon soldiers piled along the wall , such as the ability

disintegrate the magician or the monk mortal reach .


 The first beacon is protected by a Demonic Hell Bearer . This enemy has a

good amount of life and not attack you , but in return is able to summon an unlimited number of

spitting demon soldiers threes .

Aim of Demonic Hell Bearer as they have a shot to prevent it from being able to call

an army of demon soldiers. The best thing here is that you throw your best and harmful

area attack just below the bearer of Hell to deal damage to this creature as both the

demon you have summoned soldiers . Follow this combat technique and within minutes you will have

Got him out.


 Now follow the path of the battlements of Celeste Corona and go up to all posts

observation which are the beacons that must turn (it will show on the mini map )

considering that normally found near the perimeter of the wall in the corners.



 NOTE : avoid the black and red circles that appear on the ground, since they indicate the points at which they will

falling lava bombs throwing hellish demonic birds. Note that you can inflict one

good damage .


 When you reach the fifth and last beacon you have to see the colossal golgor against armed with two

arms . This enemy can not repel an attack with running and hook that causes damage

awesome, so if you have an armor ability is time to use it . Take him out and follow

forward to turn the last beacon quickly. Now you just have to go where there is the


Captain Dalen and talk to him near the door closed.


Turn the tables




 - Raise three catapults Stone Fort .


 - Return to Fortress Bastion Bastion.



 Stone Fort


 Awaiting reinforcements


 You can only get to the catapults if Captain Haile aid to raise the drawbridge area

for reinforcements to access the area . Talk to Captain Haile , who is alone with

three guards and can not bridge the gap in the wall to go up the elevator. while

soldiers and the infernal demons attack birds throughout the area of the pit. The best thing you can do

is to stay on one side and go eliminating your enemies as they appear in your area . but

Be careful, because you'll fight against a demon named Dragus only soldiers who

feature has frozen . The best thing is do not go near him and eliminate him by attacking

distance . Once you have passed this first ambush, you will be rewarded with gold and EXP .


 NOTE : You do not find too normal enemies with rare traits in Almenaras Crown

Celeste, but in this new area will begin to meet with some other enemy who gifted ,

above , two new features. Conjuring trait that will create an identical clone of our enemy

joins the battle : and the trait Invulnerability , which makes the minions are to convene

indestructible. Beware of these features ! Although rare you can find them ...


 When the lift is in place, continue along the top of the Fort Built around three

catapults. The enemies you faced on the battlements of Celeste Corona again make the

life impossible, but this time in greater numbers. There will also be colossal golgores infernal birds

demonic and some other champions , so do not forget to use potions and health orbs only

when needed so that they should be reserved for the heaviest fighting .


 Not a bad idea at this point that you consider certain combat strategies , for example, uses the

barricades as a containment of certain enemies such as weaker fallen . Remember

that in situations where the barricade is able to contain enemies , it is a good idea to delete them

all monsters before you can destroy the barricade and moving ahead.


 Keep going and fight your way through hordes of fallen soldiers and devil until you reach the

Captain Burroughs position to be close to the first catapult. This character believes that your

recruits may help lift safe slingshot . You should follow him to the door to find

more recruits .


 Again recruits have , go to the cables. Recruits handled winches while

So your hero as Captain will have to protect them from enemy attacks . You can pour oil

boiling on achicharrarlos demon soldiers and do not forget to pay attention to the birds

hellish demonic that descend to attack.


 This fight can be pretty hard , but fortunately there is a healing well in the top of the

stairs to the left of the catapult. Luckily they will be coming new recruits to replace

go to falling.


 Once this battle , keep going until you meet with Lieutenant Lavail that will

supervising the team for the second catapult. Go through the wall to meet him near


 the next group of winches . The scouts report that a large group of carriers

the demonic Hell are preparing to attack in quick waves at this point. Your mission is clear,

you must protect this group of allies demonic hell carriers and soldiers

demon accompanying them while lifting the catapult.


 At the start of combat attack one at a time , but do not remove them and they trust as quickly as possible to

avoid accumulating enemies go . Move around the perimeter of the semicircular wall next to the

catapult and point to remember Bearers of Demonic Hell as they appear. this is

convenient to use armor abilities to avoid receiving too much damage. Keep attacking them until

which have died regardless of whether or not the catapult is lifted.


 The third catapult is not too far . Now you must talk to the lieutenant Clyfton will tell you

you will have to lift the last catapult without any help . Lieutenant manipulate the cable

left and your hero must deal with the right . Sooner or later you attack a group of soldiers

and demonic hellish demon birds, although fewer in number than in the previous two catapults. in

this point is very useful to enlist the help of a follower or a summoned pet. If you feel

overflowed and you can not fight and raise the catapult at a time, is a good time to return to the Bulwark

and hire the Templar or sorceress to give you a hand . Whatever your choice keep in

that the enemies in this area are primarily melee fighters that can be

repelled ... shuffles this information to decide.


 Also this is a good time to equip any armor of thorns, as this type of

armor inflict on enemies to perform melee attacks a small amount of damage

every time they hit us . If you do not have a computer with a high rate of thorns , find runes and

passive skills to return the damage to the attacker , since this way you will be much easier

concentrate on raising the catapult.


 Once you get to put in place the last catapult , you can return to the Bastion of the Fortress

Bastion. Go through the wall to the third catapult for possible loot or chests . last

use the portal to return to the city and meet with Tyrael in Baluarte.


The Gap Fortaleza




 - Find the dungeons of the Fortress Level 2.


 - Find the gap in the strength of the fortress dungeon .


 - Kill Ghom in the Pantry


 - Return to Fortress Bastion Bastion.



 Fortress Dungeon ( Dungeon )


 Under resting dungeon stronghold Fortress Fortress , an area with three levels

stores, passages and barracks . Some areas contain cranes , racks and even lava, but in his

Most find wood and stone. The heroes explore the dungeon set of

Fortress will be better prepared for future battles, so take it as an investment.


 Also you should fully explore this area ( which will mean more battles perhaps ) because it

There are several interesting booties and a Diary of a browser delivery.

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