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diablo 3 guie extended (part 10 )

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Diablo 3

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diablo 3 guie extended (part 10 )

Tower of the Damned


 This area is almost similar in design to the Tower of the Damned , ie , one

spiral structure consisting of three levels filled sac passages or corridors leading to

traps or ambushes. You can only move in one direction in each level to gain access to the

core needle containing the staircase leading into the tower. You will find the second

heart of sin which is in the Pit of the Damned.



 Tower of the Damned , first level


 This area is almost equal to the first level of the Tower of the Damned , we even find

with the same enemies with greater presence of wrenching bloody clan

skilled in melee combat . The best move is always attached to the perimeter,

surrounding the tower opposite to clockwise until you reach the central stairs

will find themselves in a position of six o'clock .


 Do not forget to go back and "break " groups fighting enemies that are more

available or will be very difficult to get through this area. Certain area attacks are also very

useful, especially considering that I come in often heartbreaking group

surround .



 Tower of the Damned , second level


 Advances in the direction of clockwise in the outer perimeter of the area as in the

first level. At this point is very likely to find a good number of boots that

worth inspecting as you will find many major health potions or gold.

Yet despite its high cooldown is desirable before entering the pit

Damn take around five or six major health potions .


 You just have to go forward , eliminating every bug to be rolled forward until you reach

a spiral staircase that leads to the entrance to the Pit of the Damned.


 Breast of Sin




 - Cross the Arreat Crater find the Tower of the Damned.


 - Searching for the Heart of Sin in the Pit of the Damned.


 - Kill the daughters of pain.


 - Destroy the Heart of Sin.


 - Find the Tower of the Damned.


 - Find the Heart of Sin in the Tower of the Damned.


 - Kill Cydaea .


 - Destroy the Heart of Sin.


 - Kill Azmodan on the Sound of Sin.


 - Return to Fortress Bastion Bastion.


 - Speak with Lieutenant Lavail .


 - Get in the Arsenal


 - Go to the Tower of Fortress .


 - Go through the portal of heaven.


Pit of the Damned , third level


 In the Pit of the Damned you'll find a narrow corridor and long around the inside of the tower

the direction of clockwise . The good part is that in this area there is no enemy

(also find boots ) , so all we have to do is move forward until

get to the stairs leading to the heart of the central sin ... but all is not so simple because

Cydaea will be waiting to finish what you started before .



 Battle against Cydaea , Maiden of Lust


 During your previous battle against Cydaea , use it only a handful of attacks and skills

its wide range combat . While melee attacks when the hero is short-range ,

his favorite attacks are otherwise. Cydaea prefer to launch a barrage of poisonous pain

transmitting from the torso or shoot a sticky web that covers the ground and slows

those in the area of ​​effect .


 Your enemy also regularly invokes a horde of baby spiders to join the

combat. These enemies explode and inflict a small amount of poison damage short

scope , but do not pose a threat.


 The best thing to do is stay away from sticky spider webs , moving

continuously , and avoiding pain downloads while you stand in a position to attack

short range . The slow speed Cydaea lets you use all kinds of attacks. Sooner or later

Cydaea will retire at the ceiling and invoke some stains on the floor from which come all kinds of baby

spider, so be prepared for this occasion your attacks more powerful area . Spidermite

are a good source of health areas and are also very easy to kill , which more than

a threat is a help. When you kill all the baby spiders Cydaea return to combat,

repeating the same attack techniques .


Use the areas of health with head and do not stop attacking Cydaea not take long to end it


Breast Sin ( cont. )




 - Cross the Arreat Crater find the Tower of the Damned.


 - Searching for the Heart of Sin in the Pit of the Damned.


 - Kill the daughters of pain.


 - Destroy the Heart of Sin.


 - Find the Tower of the Damned.


 - Find the Heart of Sin in the Tower of the Damned.


 - Kill Cydaea .


 - Destroy the Heart of Sin.


 - Kill Azmodan on the Sound of Sin.


 - Return to Fortress Bastion Bastion.


 - Speak with Lieutenant Lavail .


 - Get in the Arsenal


 - Go to the Tower of Fortress .


 - Go through the portal of heaven.


 Once you've defeated Cydaea , collect the loot is released and destroys the heart of

sin of the area. Now you just have to face the very same Azmodan what to expect in the

Arreat core . Go down the stairs and get ready for a tough battle.



 Core of Arreat


 In this new area you will find the same enemies that you faced you in the second

level Arreat Crater . However, this area is much smaller and has fewer passages without

exit corridors or trap. Avanza eliminating all resistance until you reach the gates of Seno

Sin , but not cross yet. It is important that you use the portal 's in the area

return once more to Fort Bulwark and Bastion reaprovisiones you all whatever you

needed to face a tough battle. We recommend that you do not skimp or armor or

health potions . When you're ready again and through the doors that lead you to

Breast of Sin.



 Breast of Sin


 In this area you just have to go down the stairs until you reach a central platform,

Breast authentic Sin , where you will be waiting Azmodan . Do not delete this choice is

to follow your path.



 Azmodan battle , Lord of Sin


 Then we suggest a range of skills , as the hero of your choice , for your

Azmodan battle . Note that this selection is a suggestion of skills and

likely to find a selection that best fits your fighting style or your taste, although

we can say that this set of skills that expose often give very good results .

We assume a hero with a level 29.




 - Skill 1: Sap


 - Skill 2: Hammer of the Ancients


 - Skill 3: Race .


 - Skill 4: Ancestral Harpoon


 - Skill 5 : Ira Guerrera


 - Skill 6: Calling the Ancients


 - Passive 1: Nerves of Steel


 - Passive 2: Presence Awe


 - Passive 3: -



 Demon Hunter :


 - Skill 1: Crippling Shot


 - Skill 2: Impale


 - Skill 3: Abrojos


 - Skill 4: Marked for Death


 - Skill 5 : Sentinel


 - Skill 6: Cluster Arrow


 - Passive 1: Firm Pulse


 - Passive 2: Expectation


 - Passive 3: -





 - Skill 1: Way of the Hundred Fists


 - Skill 2: Wave of Light


 - Skill 3: Divine Breath


 - Skill 4: Explosive Palma


 - Skill 5 : Hit Heptagonal


 - Skill 6: Mantra of Evasion


 - Passive 1: Swiftness


 - Passive 2: Transcendence


 - Passive 3: -



 Witch Doctor :



   - Skill 1: Firebomb


 - Skill 2: Locust Swarm


 - Skill 3: Summon Zombie Dogs


 - Skill 4: Sacrifice


 - Skill 5: A Burst of Spirits


 - Skill 6: Giant


 - Passive 1: The Law of the Jungle


 - Passive 2: Pastor of zombies


 - Passive 3: -





 - Skill 1: Electrocute


 - Skill 2: Ice Beam


 - Skill 3: Teleport


 - Skill 4: Blizzard


 - Skill 5 : Energy Armor


 - Skill 6: Explosion


 - Passive 1: Evocation


 - Passive 2: Astral Presence


 - Passive 3:



 The Fall of the High Heavens




 - Talk to Tyrael in Adamantine Gates.


 - Enter the Foyer de la Luz .


 - Kill Iskatu and his minions .



 Adamantine gates


 Before you begin your adventures in the realm of the angels would not be a bad decision that you used the

conveyor or city portal to return to the Fortress Bastion Bastion for

reaprovisionarte potions , equipment upgrades or even hire the services of a supporter .

This decision is very important and given that not always available

during this act or conveyor agencies in the area.


 Anyway , once you get into the realm of the angels, who proceeds to reach a

stairs and lower them to meet up and talk to Tyrael as soon as Imperius gone. everything seems to

that begins badly , because Tyrael refuses to move forward because they feel responsible

Diablo has reached the


 realm of the angels . We have no choice but to continue our adventure without him. Go your way until you reach the portal that leads directly to the Foyer de la Luz .



 Foyer of Light


 As you get to this area will be waiting Iskatu , henchman Diablo but not much

least be alone . As good intermediate miniboss will be accompanied by a horde of vermin

poisonous that will focus you on sight . Best to wipe out these pesky escorts

does not get nervous about your number and use your best area attacks to remove and

to collect the number of health orbs that will leave behind. Thus the ability

earthquake barbarian, or Blizzard Wizard will make your number down considerably ... and

remember not to be static in no time. The best thing is going to move

corner to corner of the stage and attacking up folding until all the vermin have fallen .



 Battle against Iskatu , Minion of Diablo


 This enemy is only one of many devils that you find along this act of

juice . His main attack is a melee attack blade , so it is convenient

stay away from it if we are heroes ranged attack , should be heroes attack

remember melee attack with our best attack and the best strategy will be back

we can follow.


 Iskatu possesses the trait desecration and burning used to create small areas that cause damage when

passed over them , also uses an attack that drops fireballs from the sky , so when you see

a round mark on the ground get away from there as this will be the impact zone . Remember to stay in

movement and dodge these attacks and use Iskatu critters as source areas

health and do not pose a problem killing this enemy and complete this first quest Act 4


The Light of Hope 




  - Find a Itherael. 


  - Talk to Itherael. 


  - Find the Library of Doom in the Gardens of Hope. 


  - Go to the Library of Doom. 


  - Kill Rakanoth. 


  - Destroy Prison Auriel at the Library of Doom. 


  - Talk to Auriel at the Library of Doom. 


  - Back to Level 1 of the Gardens of Hope. 



  Foyer of Light 


  You will begin this search with Iskatu still warm corpse. Our mission is to rescue Auriel, 

Archangel of Hope, and now it seems that Tyrael is out of the search. 


  Climb the stairs and head to the conveyor on which awaits Itherael. Talk to him to 

tell you that the Lord has made ​​prisoner of Despond to Auriel, Archangel of Hope. 

Everything indicates that Rakanoth awaits you at the Library of Doom on level 1 of the Gardens 

Hope. Now go into the hallway to begin the search.

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