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How to kill waithout getting damage.


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Dark Orbit

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How to kill waithout getting damage.

1.-If u want to kill NPCs without getting much damage (or getting 0 damage) You have to spin on the NPC at the right distance (look image). (Green)

2.-The other possibility to not get damage is: From a fair distance, go back without coming too close. (If you go to the same speed as the NPC will be perfect) (Red)

3.-The third possibility is the next: From a fair distamce (same as ''2.-'') go back doing zigzags. (Blue)

Diferents NPC have much speed (saimon is an example) and you can't do this without getting 0 damage, but, if you test, you will see you get less damage.

Good luck =)

fobofo8 posted at 2011-08-29 04:47:19

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