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Cross Fire

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Who wants to join our old clan ??

OK guys , B4L (Brothers for Life) are back , so whos interested to join it , ur welcome , ull enjoy the time playing with us , I hope so , what are u waiting for ??
Apply here :
We will wait for you!!

Andi posted at 2013-04-04 05:19:00


  • Which of them is you? Are you the leader? It does not look like you guys are very active. lol.

    5 years 43 weeks
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  • bardhb said:

    Ok for those who dont know we where in top 1000 rank but we all quit crossfire cause we got bored,then started crossfire europe for 2 months or so then came back at crossfire na cause eu sucks too much hackers.Sooo we started again,APPLY TO BE IN THE BEST CLAN IN CROSSFIRE(not really just saying)

    6 years 6 weeks
    0 Votes

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