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which is the best rilfe ?is it scar or xm8?

scar accurate but low rate of fire low cost
xms high rate of fire but not accurate high cost
which i s good

I love xm8
zoro posted 7 years 45 weeks ago

rocksgauti posted at 2012-04-22 08:47:55


  • zoro said:

    I love xm8 then scar light because the scar light belongs to noobs xm8 have scope nice this gun is too good

    7 years 45 weeks
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  • Well, It all depends on which one YOU like better. All players are different. I like the XM8 better personally because you have a 100% Wall bang on the gun which is pretty cool. The Scar Light is really easy to get head shots though. I would still choose the XM8 overall.

    9 years 14 weeks
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    I've always used the AK Camo. Can't really remember using other rifles cause I had Camo & Gold variant perm. I think you can also wall bang with Camo AK (both AK's)..
    Advance posted 9 years 14 weeks ago

I love xm8

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