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Cross Fire

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In the name of God the Merciful

Game crossfire full wallpaper_71.jpg

Game crossfire full crossfire_banner_by_silverlynx69-d5siwe1.jpg

I would like to explain to you today presented a detailed and accurate " mesh Btaa eating game crossfire full biggrin.gif" about the game that impressed Almlaan Broatha a game crossfire online

First: Information about the game Crossfire :

First is a game of online games means Minfh open and play with you , but the Internet it is a game for amateurs Action and fighting

First, the game has its requirements in order to operate on any computer or Laptop if I said That is too Htstgl :

Game crossfire full image.png

Second, the image of the most powerful figures and monsters of the game:

Game crossfire full smoke_char.jpg

Game crossfire full u0qPi.jpg

Game crossfire full A0ZRFB5CIAA2_pw.jpg: large

Information about the game Crossfire :

Game Crossfire is a game (FPS) and play the game online .. meaning it
Play with people like you on the server and not the computer is who plays with you
Featuring game Crossfire undemanding .. and also Bthdathatha that impressed every day
Of new weapons and new Modat all find something new in the game Crossfire
They are free game and you can download for free .. and work them free account and enjoy playing
With friends and relatives or with other people you do not know Otrrkm you to judge for yourselves and you've tried

Features of the game .. ..

You can create a room inside , control and invite your friends to it
Download the game for free from its official account .. and work for you for free
There is a lot of servers and Ahanalat Romat and you can play inside
The game does not weigh down the machine and do not cause any problem .. This is for compatible devices with
You do not need to crack or patch or torrent or any external wrench head
The game updates with permanent expulsion of all malicious programs or the (Hack)
Excellent graphics of the game and is very confused ..
I leave the rest to you .. Tki_voh yourselves

Third: Negi tactful to game system
The game is divided into two teams and police thief game crossfire full harhar1.gif
Game crossfire full 6.gif
Sections explain the game (Modes)
Game crossfire full 3551_p126228.gif
The game contains 7 different types or in the name of healthier fragmented to seven games
And is
Henbdo and talking about each one and their advantages and disadvantages
God's blessing .....

First TD:

It is Team death match:

Which is a two and two black list yellow and blue global risk

And , for example, hours Ptbaky time or the number of the dead , who Ikhqgah biggest team

What features you die Bertdja every 3 sec.
You disadvantages of Cutter Httbt people in Maine Maine Badharb natural affection : D

zoro posted at 2014-03-31 12:21:31

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