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Cross Fire Review: Thompson


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Cross Fire

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Cross Fire Review: Thompson

Cross Fire Gun Review: Thompson



“[Black Market Item] World Famous small machine gun with 60 bullets per magazine. Its high power in close range combat makes this still a weapon to be reckoned with.”


Range: The Thompson is a sub-machine gun. Most SMGs are ideal in closer distances and are given advantages to that by spraying. Like other SMGs, the Thompson is best when you are spraying with it up close in close range. But don’t get me wrong, the Thompson is still a deadly weapon in medium to long ranges as well. Close ranges are best for spraying because of the large ammunition clip that the Thompson has. Because of the large ammunition clip, the gun is able to spray and get quick and easy kills. When you move farther into medium ranges, spraying and bursting are both good ideas to kill your enemy. While bursting seems like a better idea, the spray of the Thompson is pretty good if you can control it. Lastly, in long range the Thompson is still effective. The gun can surprisingly burst and get some kills, but it is still best in close range. Due to the fact that the gun is effective in almost all ranges, the Thompson will get a 4.5/5 for ranges.




Ammunition: The Thompson has one of the largest magazines for any SMG in the game of Cross Fire. It is actually surprising how large the magazine is on the gun. It allows you to easily rush and spray and pray and get many kills by just using this technique.The Thompson’s ammunition is great though. The Thompson has ammunition of 60/120. That’s a total of 180 bullets! That’s a ton of ammunition. When you think about it, the RPK has 80/80. So, the Thompson has more ammunition than one of the MGs!! That’s how shocking it is. It also drains ammunition amazingly fast, so don’t think you have too much ammunition, because you drain it real fast. All in all, that’s not what matters. The gun is loaded with ammunition, so I’d have to give it a 5/5.


Reload: With that much ammunition, but a gun that goes through that ammunition very fast, you’ll need to reload quite a bit. The Thompson is a gun that has decent reload. It reloads at a fast time that allows the user to get back into the battle and keep fighting and killing the enemy. The reload time of the Thompson is near 2.6 seconds. that’s a decent reload time for a gun. Since you can quickly get back to your killing after you reloaded, I think this is an asset to the gun. Even if you are in Mutation Mode variants, the large ammunition clip and the quick reload allows you to have the option of a run and gun type of play. Because of that, I’d have to give the Thompson a 4.5/5 due to the pretty quick reload time.


How to Get: The Thompson is available in the Black Market. It’s available in the GP part of the Black Market. This means that everyone in the game can at least try to obtain the weapon. There is nothing that can stop you from winning, unless you’re unlucky. The gun can be bought for three different purchasing options. One crate costs 2,000 GP. Five crates costs 9,000 GP. Lastly, 10 crates costs 16,000 GP. Is it worth it? I’d say yes. The reason I’d say that is because it is one of the best SMGs in the entire game. It has large ammunition and spray and praying is what to do with all SMGs. I actually got lucky on this gun. I won the gun. It took me a total of 4 crates to win this gun. I was pretty lucky. I’d have to give the Thompson a 4/5  due to the fact that I think the gun is available to all users. It’s just whether or not you’re lucky or not to get it.



Video: Here's a quick video of someone winning the Thompson!!


Video by: Begzat96

Damages: The Thompson, which is a SMG, isn’t exactly known for its damages. SMGs usually don’t have a high damage per bullet. What they lack in damage, they make up for it in the rate of fire of the gun. And, like all the SMGs, the Thompson has an extraordinarily fast rate of fire. But, let’s get to the damages.


Body Part


Bullets to Kill























So, the Thompson is a 3-6 hit kill to the head, which isn’t that great. To the chest, the Thompson is a 4-7 hit kill. To the arms, the Thompson is a 5 hit kill and the legs it is a 7 hit kill. In long distances, the Thompson is a 4 hit kill to the head. Now, you’ll be spraying so it’s a combination of many bullets doing slightly powerful damages. With all the bullets you’re shooting, you won’t even think about the little damage it does. Although the damage is not the best, the fire rate makes up for it. For this reason, I’ll need to give the Thompson a 4/5.



Mode: Here we head on to the best modes and whether or not the Thompson fits in with most of the modes. First of all, these are the charts and whether or not the Thompson fits in with it and it will list a good map that the gun is great in.


Search and Destroy: Search and Destroy is mainly a large based map, but there are some that the Thompson fits in with. One map would be Mexico. Mexico is perfect for the Thompson due to the fact that you can easily rush in almost any direction to get kills. So, the Thompson only fits in a few of the maps in Search and Destroy


Team Death Match: Since Team Death Match is a smaller map mode, there are more maps that the smaller and are ideal for rushers. This makes the Thompson perfect in almost any Team Death Match Map. For one, I enjoy playing in Egypt. Egypt is a killer map and is perfect for rushers. So, load up your Thompson and go spray and pray.



Ghost Mode: The Thompson is good in Ghost Mode because of the high rate of fire. It allows you to gun down those ghosts with ease. A good map for using the Thompson in would be Nightfall. Nightfall is good for the Thompson because it is a large map that has many open areas. This means that your spraying may hit ghosts and then you’ll get the kill. There are also camping spots suitable for the Thompson.



Elimination Mode: Since the only map you can play in Elimination Mode with your own weapons is Columbia, I’m not too fond of using the Thompson there. There are tons of rifles and snipers that can easily kill you first. So, to me, this is a no.



Escape Mode: The Thompson is pretty good in Escape Mode. The reason is because Escape Mode is fast paced. That means rushers are perfect for the mode. So, adding in a Thompson is a great idea. It will boost your game and allow you to crush the enemy. The Thompson is amazing in Temple Ruins due to the fact that rushing is the best asset in the map.



Mutation Mode/ Hero Mode/ Hero Mode X: The Thompson is great in Mutation Mode variants. To prove it, the Thompson is a run and gun type of weapon. You can easily camp with the weapon and shoot down those Mutants, but when you get over-ran, you’re not done. You still can escape by running and shooting the enemy at the same time. Port is a great place for the Thompson because it is a wide map that allows for run and gun when needed.



Due to the fact that the Thompson does pretty well in all the modes, I’d have to give it a 4/5.


Overall/ My Opinion: The Thompson is a deadly weapon and will benefit you in all ways. It does decent damage and it just is a good gun overall. Let’s see what the scores have to say though.


Range: 4.5/5

Ammunition: 5/5

Reload: 4.5/5

How to Get: 4/5

Damages: 4/5

Mode: 4/5

Overall: 26/30

Percentage: 87%

Grade: B+

 Well, the scores of the Thompson are actually really good. It has good range, great ammunition, and the reload is decent. The damage is not the best, but what it lacks, it makes up for in the fast rate of fire which allows the gun to kill enemies just as quikcly. It's not very easy to obtain, but when you do obtain it, you are able to use it in almost any and every mode.

Best Bags: Here are the best bags for ZP and GP users only. Lets start with ZP users first!


Primary: The primary weapon would have to be the Thompson due to the fact that that is the weapon this review is over.



Secondary: The Mauser is a pretty good fit for the Thompson for two reasons. One, the weapons match color wise. Secondly, the Mauser has a fast rate of fire in triple firing mode so it matches the Thompson completely.


Melee: The machete is a match color-wise for this bag. It actually looks pretty cool with the Thompson and Mauser M1896. But gamewise, the Machete is a decent melee. It just takes time to get used to it.



Grenade: The grenade that best fits the Thompson’s bag would have to be the Wide Grenade. This has to be my favorite Grenade in the entire game. It is REALLY powerful and it will get the job done at all costs!








Mauser M1896




Wide Grenade


GP Users should use the following bag


Primary Weapon: The primary weapon would have to be the Thompson due to the fact that that is the weapon this review is over.


Secondary Weapon: The MATEBA is a decent pistol that fits well with the Thompson. Also, there’s something I like about the MATEBA, but I just can’t name it. It’s just a pretty decent pistol.



Melee: The best melee with the Thompson would have to be the Kris. The slash of the Kris is very strong and allows the user to get quick and easy kills.



Grenade: The grenade for the Thompson’s GP only bag would have to be the regular grenade due to the fact that the grenade is the only exploding grenade available for GP only users.












Video: Here's a video of the review of the Thompson.



Video by: FinalShotReviews



Well guys. That's going to wrap up this review on the deadly Thompson. Sure hope you at least try to get the weapon beacause it is really good.







Thank you for your time and enjoy! If you liked this guide, FAN it. Also, don't forget to check out my other guides!

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