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Cross Fire Patch Review: October 2013


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Cross Fire

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Cross Fire Patch Review: October 2013

Cross Fire Patch Review: October 2013


The Return of the Haunted Halloween Map Part 4!

This patch marks the fourth Halloween Update in Cross Fire North America's existence. So, that is something special in itself!


 ~~~~Patch Content~~~~


New Maps


Halloween TDM. (Alot of users are upset that the Halloween map didn't make it to the EM like it has always been. I myself, haven't played the Halloween map because of this reason. I only liked it when it was in the EM)



Water Plant EM. This is a just shotgun EM map. I personally, kind of like it. It's a different kind of map.



New Weapons and Items



A new "Spooky Halloween Crate". It contains the AK47 Halloween, Kukri Halloween, and the Mauser M1896 Halloween. All of those are in this years crate.







Pumpkin Mask. This is a ZP temporary item.


Skeleton Mask. This is a ZP temporary item.


Pumpkin Grenade. This was added to the mission rewards. 



Devil Wings were added as an event item.



Kriss Super V Tiger. This will be added in the second update of the Halloween Update.




Game Improvements



Added new words and characters to the room name and game filters.
Back-End anti hacking improvement designed to better track hacks and kick users out of games as well as improve the pipeline for reporting hacks to be detected.
Mission Rewards have been refreshed.


Patch Events



There was an event where if you play 5 hours on the Halloween map you received a 7 day Pirate Hat.

Also, if you played 5 hours on the new Water Plant EM map you would win a 7 day Vampire Mask.




Spooky Crate Treats!


If were the first 5 winners each day, you would receive a free 10 Combat Axe Royal Dragon crates. Each day, 5 winners would be won.

Also, at the end of each day, 2 random winners would be drawn if they won from the Halloween Crates.


Zombie Week


Also, there was a Zombie Week. Each day had an event and a prize would be rewarded. If you beat all the events and had 1,000 Zombie Kills, you'd get a ribbon!



Video by: MasterNerf10


That's the end of this review. I sure hope you liked it. If you did, FAN it! Also, don't forget to check out my other guides.

spm8675309 posted at 2013-10-26 15:19:51

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