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Cross Fire Gun Review: Micro-GALIL


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Cross Fire

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Cross Fire Gun Review: Micro-GALIL

Cross Fire Gun Review: Micro-GALIL




Range: The range of the Micro-GALIL is pretty bad. I mean it is a SMG, but it is still really bad for range. The range of this gun is not for popping headshot from long ranges. This gun is only for close range. You can do pretty well if you spray and pray. Bursting is not one of the Micro-GALIL's benefits. It can't really burst at all. To prove what I mean, this gun can't even get a headshot from close range. It will do around 90 damage in close range to the head, so you will need to use a few shots to get the kill. Otherwise, you will get killed before you kill them and you don't want that to happen.






Ammunition: The ammunition of the Micro-GALIL is 35/100. Noting that most SMGs have around 30/120 shows that the Micro-GALIL has less ammunition in total. It does hold more ammunition in each clip than in other SMGs. That is the good thing about the Micro-GALIL's ammunition. The bad thing is that since this gun is a SMG, you run out of ammunition really fast. You need to make every bullet count when using the Micro-GALIL because it isn't a strong gun at all. It is one of the weakest guns in the game. 





Reload: The reload of the Micro-GALIL is a little below average. The reload takes around 2.25 seconds to reload while most SMGs reload at around 2.0 seconds. So, there is yet another downfall to the Micro-GALIL. The good news is that since the gun has 35 bullets per clip, you will reload later than the enemy will. Just hope the enemy is hit by those five  bullets as they are reloading their gun. The reload can be a slight downfall in some modes such as Mutation Mode, Hero Mode, and Hero Mode X. So, reload at good times and preserve your ammunition.





How to Get: The Micro-GALIL can be bought in the GP item shop. It costs 38,000 GP. Now, I personally think that this is too expensive for the way this gun is. I personally think it should be around 3,000-4,000 GP cheaper because this is a pretty bad SMG. You can buy this at any rank. I wouldn't choose this as a starting gun though. There are many others that are better for a starting gun. I would buy this only to mess around in some games and have fun, but this gun is definetly not a gun if you are going to try and be serious to help your team win a few rounds. The Micro-GALIL can only be bought in the GP item shop and no where else. You can always test it out in the test area if you want to see how it is before you decide to actually buy the gun with the GP you have.






Damages: The damages of the Micro-GALIL are pretty sad to see. This gun is pretty bad. You can't even get a single headshot with one bullet. You need to use 2 bullets to get 1 headshot. That is a huge downfall with the Micro-GALIL. I have tested the damages of the Micro-GALIL to the head, body, and legs.

Head: To the head, the Micro-GALIL is a 2 hit kill dealing 89 damage the first shot and 11 damage for the kill.

Body: To the body, the Micro-GALIL is a 5 hit kill dealing 24 damage the first shot, 25 damage the second and third shot, 22 damage the fourth shot, and 4 damage for the kill.

 Legs: To the legs, the Micro-GALIL is a 7 hit kill dealing 16 damage the first shot, 15 damage the second and third shot, 16 damage the fourth shot, 15 damage the fifth shot, 16 damage the sixth shot, and 7 damage for the kill.

That shows that the Micro-GALIL is not a strong gun at all. You should only use this gun up close and try to aim for the head. If you aren't good at aiming, I would advise you just to spray and hope to get a few kills because with the damages shown above, you would be lucky or really good to get a 2.0 kill/death ratio with that gun!





Mode: The best mode for the Micro-GALIL would have to be Team Death Match. The reason I say that is because Team Death Match is pretty much just a full on which team can spray the best. This gun is only good in up close battles, so spraying in Team Death Match might actually give this gun some use. The Micro-GALIL can't play any type of Mutation Mode because of the low damage. The low damage pretty much makes this gun useless in Hero Mode, Mutation Mode, and Hero Mode X. So, I would give you advice to only use this gun in Team Death Match. 





Overall/My Opinion: The Micro-GALIL is pretty bad. I don't like it at all. The damage is low, the range is low, the reloading is slow for a SMG. All those things are very important to make a good gun! This gun is just not one of them. The only good things about this gun is that it is not heavy at all. The weight is really low. The other good thing about the Micro-GALIL is that it has 35 bullets in one clip. That is very important because of the lack of damage each shot has. Now, the Micro-GALIL can't do any damage from far range, so just use this gun is close-quarter battles and you are set! I personally don't think this gun is any good at all. I wouldn't even buy it, unless if you are a gun collector. My overall rating of the gun is a 3/10. That is pretty low considering I usually give guns a really high rating. 










Video by: Water987459



I hope this guide helped you and your choices with the Micro-GALIL. Just remember to use it only in close battles. This is spm8675309.


Thank you for your time and enjoy! If you liked this guide, FAN it. Also, don't forget to check out some of my other guides. 

spm8675309 posted at 2012-12-07 19:50:56

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