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Cross Fire Game Overview


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Cross Fire

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Cross Fire Game Overview

Hi all it's user "mikemattar" i am going to post the Cross Fire Game Overview to help you play the game ( please fan it if you like it ) , so here it goes :
----Cross Fire is team oriented first person shooter set in the modern age. Anyone familiar with Counter Strike will notice the similarities between the two games. Many of the guns and stages looked familiar as do the some of the game modes. Compared to many other free to play FPS games, Cross Fire does have poor graphics but the small file size and low system requirements mean a much broader audience can enjoy this simple MMO shooter. Currently there are 2-5 maps per game mode, 16 main weapons, 3 types of pistols, and 3 kinds of grenades. Additionally, there are 2 starting characters to chose from and 3 others available through the shop. All four of Cross Fire’s game modes can be played with 2-16 players. The game modes are:

--Team Death Match - Two teams race to get either the most kills in a certain amount of time or a pre-set amount of kills before the opposing team. Players respawn soon after they die.

--Search and Destroy - One team must plant C4 at specific spots while the other must prevent them or defuse the bomb. Killing all members of the opposing team also wins the round. Players don’t respawn until the round is over.

--Elimination - Each team must kill all members of the opposing team to win the round. Which ever side reaches the pre-set amount of round wins is considered the victor.

--Ghost Mode - One team plays as the ghosts who are invisible when standing still and translucent while moving. Ghosts may only use knives but kill in one hit. This mode is also round based, players do not respawn until the round is over.

mikemattar posted at 2012-03-10 10:54:26

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