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Complete Advanced M.M Guide (Stay tuned for Updates)


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Complete Advanced M.M Guide (Stay tuned for Updates)





Everyone always likes hearing peoples opinions about weapons and so-forth but I disagree on most people that make the guides. Im going to be Short and to The Point. I will give short Descriptions Summing up the Main Stats of the gun. Most of the guns I will be listing will be for more advanced players but does help the advanced players a lot, if you know what I mean. So here's my mutation gun guide according to the weapons on

Assault Rifles: Guns that are most common in all modes. Great guns for mutation mode due to the Power per maneuverability. They can be very strong but there still light enough so you can evade mutations.

M4A1- Great accuracy but sometimes doesn't give enough power to push back multiple zombies.

AK- One of the best guns to use(Always the gun to choose). It has a great spread. It always goes straight up, so its simple to control. It has bad recoil but its really controllable if you know what I mean. It knocks back enemies like no tomorrow giving you the chance to get the hell outta there. I prefer using an AK-Silver or Better(Not Including AK-Knife nor AK74) since they have 5extra bullets or More increasing that chance to survive. AK knife and AK-74 aren't the guns to use. They have the worst spread you could use in mutation.

AUG- A highly accurate and deadly weapon when used in mutation. Doesn't spread much making it very great. Aug-Camo is more preferred cause it gives that extra kick to keep u living.
Aug isn't that powerful but its accuracy does make up for the power.

FAMAS- Not the gun to use. Its spread it way to high. Only 25bullets per clip. Its not that powerful either. Trust me its not a gun to use for mutation.

G36K- Also known as the Mutant Killer. Always whops a lot of damage on a mutant. Rate of fire is real high. Damage is stronger then the m4a1. It also knocks those mutants back as far as possible. Just don't go trigger happy or you will run out of bullets b4 you can say Soldiers Win!!

SG552- Great Power, Pushes mutants back a lot. Great rate of fire, shoots 30bullets in 3 seconds. Only one problem... BAD SPREAD!. It gives out the worst spread, making u miss all your shots. Not the gun for M.M

Scar Heavy- Its power is great just like the SG552, knocking back mutants easily. But it has more problems- Bad Spread, High Recoil, and real bad Reload.

Scar Light- An i-Deal GP weapon to use in Mutation. Highly Accurate, highly powered, and great maneuverability. This is what you want in an Assault Rifle.

K2- Highly Accurate. Doesn't deal much damage, Low Rate of Fire, and Its recoil doesn't help sometimes. Did I mention the weight? The Weight is way to high for a gun that doesn't shoot fast.

QBZ- Highly powerful, knocking back Mutants pretty far away. Has the worst spread for a gun. Not the gun you'd want for your first practice test.

XM8- Knocks back Mutants. Its kinda light weight, and the spread is great. One i-Deal gun to have in your arsenal.

Type-89- Great power, awesome rate of fire, poor recoil. but then again its controllable. A gun you'd probably want to ask yourself first about it before buying.

[[UPDATED]]TAR-21- High Rate of Fire, Moderate Damage... Only problem is that you run out of ammo pretty fast.

Sub-Machine guns: Guns most used for evasion. Not the kind of guns to use if your getting chased by 3 or more Mutants. Real good for keeping them from getting you.

MP5- Lightweight. Easy to use. Can hold back 2 mutants like a beast.

P90- An awesome gun to use if you can control all the terrible recoil it has.
50Bullets a Clip and Very high recoil.

UZI- Great for evading attacks. But its so weak that Mutants will start catching up on you.

K1A- Not such of a lightweight kind of weapon. Deals some power and Rate of fire.
But not that accurate.

MP7- Great for evading. 120Bullets of pure glory, 40bullets per clip.
Only problem is, is that it runs out Ammo real fat :O

Micro Galil- A pretty good gun to use, since its a close shooter. Only problem is that it wont take on multiple mutants.

KRISS- Highly accurate, low powered. practically makes them just stand. But its real great for evading.

Tommygun- 60Bullets, great accuracy and deals a lot of damage. What else could u ask for?

[[UPDATED]] M12s- Lots of Ammo per Clip, Highly Accurate, Low recoil, Moderate damage, If you have this gun, you can almost do everything you need.

Shotgun: The kind of guns that shoot multiple shots in one shot. Great for knocking a foe back.

xm14044- Shoots very fast, and great Rate of fire. but poor accuracy and not a gun to use in mutation.

Spas12- Spas is one of the most powerful guns.. But too much spread.

Snipers: Guns to use when your camping in a knock-off situation like the middle wall on zone13. You want to have a great position to hit those criticals and make sure you don't miss.

m700- a great gun to use since it has fast rate of fire and great reload, but it don't knock back as much as other guns.

AWM- Very high powered gun. Does 100-500 Damage on a Mutant. knocks them back a lot too.

Dragunov- Great power but it has the worst accuracy causing you to miss your shots, making mutants to get you.

PSG-1- Inaccurate gun to use but its got high Rate of Fire.


M60- 100Bullets per clip, don't waste your shots. Camp on the lightpost.

RPK- Accuracy is good. 80/80 Ammo. But Can u outlast with its high weight?


Deagle- very high powered, great for recovering your space between you and the mutant.

P228- ((BEST GUN)) 13Bullets a clip 100damage a shot. knocks them back like a deagle.

Anaconda- Very accurate but doesn't knock them back enough.

M9- Lots of ammo, but very weak.

Glock- Lots of ammo, but weak.

I hope my interpretation on weapons help. I usually always win with my choices and strategies, now im sharing everything that I know about mutation. Just check out the descriptions to find something that fits you. Ive went 86-4 without cheating by following my tips. Enjoy the guide and I hope it helps.

spm8675309 posted at 2012-12-29 08:42:31

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