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Second Chance Program

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Combat Arms

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Second Chance Program

Dear Combat Arms players,

As part of our drive to improve game player behavior as well as the overall experience in Combat Arms we have been reviewing our punishment program.

While reviewing our current policies we have implemented a ‘Second Chance’ program designed to help players reform their behavior and become upstanding members of the community. We understand that toxic player behavior has a negative impact on other player’s enjoyment of the game but we also appreciate that sometimes people make mistakes and are willing to make up for them.

To be eligible for this program a player had to meet the following requirements:
- Banned once only
- Not banned for scamming, defrauding or taking advantage of other players
- Contacted the Customer Service team requesting an unban

This is a one-time leniency program designed to promote reform. Any repeat offenders will be banned again and this time it will be for good. Player rank attained prior to a ban will also not be restored in most cases.

Thank you to all of the Combat Arms players who have been helping us make the game better for everyone.

The Combat Arms Team

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