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Combat Arms

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Have you ever thought that you were a surgeon with your machine gun or that you could dominate an entire match with nothing but your pistol? Well we want you to prove it!

We want to find our self-proclaimed weapon experts to show off their skills and as a reward we will be rewarding these soldiers with Forum Titles so that they can proudly display their expertise.

Submit your In-Game Name that is associated with your forum name in this thread to opt-in to the contest.

Then starting on March 26th , we will track the kills with players who opt-in to the contest with the following weapons:

M-60 (GP version, excludes TAU versions)
GI Shovel
M92FS Pistol (Default version)

On April 2nd, we will determine who have the most kills for each of those weapons. Based on those stats, players will get the following forum titles:

Most M-60 Kills: “Rambown’d” Forum Title
Most GI Shovel Kills: “Gravedigger” Forum Title
Most M92FS Pistol Kills: “Side Armed” Forum Title
Most MAC-10 Kills: “Return of the MAC” Forum Title

The title will appear beneath the player’s forum name for all to see that they are a weapon master! Make sure to opt-in before April 2nd so that you can participate and display your skills.

For official contest rules:

--Combat Arms Command--

sh@@rk posted at 2014-04-05 02:12:12

copy paste??
xenox posted 6 years 46 weeks ago

copy paste??

If you know the original link of this, send it to me and I'll make sure to give it to the admins.

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