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AK-47 Guide


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AK-47 Guide

This is one of my favorite weapons in the game, and probably my most favorite weapon in all of combat arms. The AK-47. Its a very unique weapon, a very strong weapon, a very famous weapon, and a very versitile weapon.
The AK-47 is by far, to be possibly the greatest weapon that you can have in combat arms. And I know most people say or recommend that its very overrated, but that's the price you have for a great weapon. Sure, its overrated, and yeah, but there's a lot of things that make this awesome weapon, outstanding. Its very adaptable to the game maps, very damageable, very portable, very quick in firing, very accurate, and very light at the same time. And as an added bonus, its automatic, and its one of the very first weapons, that any player can buy when they first make their combat arms character.
The AK-47's damage is very great and good, and deadly. It packs in a 1 to two hit kill to any player in a matter of seconds. Whether your wearing body armor or not, any player should fear the AK-47's massive damage. There's just no way you can escape alive when your being shot by an AK-47 weapon. I've experienced it before, and its pretty ugly to say the least of it. And the worst of it comes if your shot in the head by this weapon. Because if that happens, then your really going to get killed in a second or two. Then sure, you might get shot in the arms, the torso/body, the legs, even the feet, but your still going to get killed in maybe three to five shots. Its for this reason, that makes the AK-47 so unstoppable in combat. It doesn't matter what weapon you use, whether you use silencers, auto unrecoilers, massive ammo rounds, super accurate guns, whether you have super fast lightning speed, great internet connection, awesome body armor, all of that, doesn't make a difference when going up against the AK-47. Once you face the AK-47 in combat, your done. Its simple as that. Once you face the AK-47, there's just no way you can get out of there alive. It doesn't really matter what kind of weapon that you use at all. It all depends on the type of weapon your using. A P90 isn't going to stand a chance against the AK-47 at all. Neither will a shotgun, or a pistol, either. Maybe, just maybe you might get lucky with a sniper rifle, but even that doesn't give you any help when the rifle is very heavy at the same time. And if your using a knife, then your really done against the AK-47, because a knife isn't, and won't have the range to kill someone with an AK-47. That really explains everything about, the damage of the AK-47.
The AK-47's portability is awesome, just great if you ask me, and I've used it before. I would say that if you were to ever use an AK-47 in combat arms, you would find that its not so heavy as most people say it is. In fact its not that heavy at all, because if you think about it, its small, and not long, and also wooden so it really wouldn't weigh much. And all of that , adds up to an increase into your character speed. I mean, this thing is very light for such a powerful weapon, that you could encircle any type of enemy with this gun. You wouldn't have to run so slowly with the AK-47, unlike other weapons in the game. Other players just have different weapons that make it so heavy that they can't get enough speed to outrun the enemy, and then they get killed. The AK-47, is different from those weapons. Its light enough to get the job done, so that you can hide quickly enough from the enemy, and then kill it once your out of their sight.
The AK-47's rate of fire is just sheer excellent. There is absolutely almost no weapon that can match the rate of fire that the AK-47 has to offer, and even if there is a weapon that can, or even passes it, that weapon probably has a lower rate of damage. The AK-47 probably has the highest rate of fire that you can find in the game. It fires so quickly, like very quickly. And with a fast rate of fire, it will shoot out a whole clip of bullets at you, and the result of that means that you'll get killed in the field of battle. There is just no way that you can try to outperform the rate of fire that The AK-47 has with any other gun. And sure, there might be more damage, but if its not fast gun, then your done for. The AK-47 is like firing a machine gun, only a smaller version of it. This weapon can really, really kill you in just a short amount of time because of its rate of fire. And it can really turn any player, into a pro in a short amount of time.
The AK-47's Accuracy, and Recoil is very, very good. On one hand, the accuracy, is that of a sniper rifle. On the other hand, the recoil is like that of an M4. Both, of them, when combined, make it together for a killer combination. Its very accurate that you can't really dodge the AK-47's bullets with almost no time to react to the shots being fired. With such a high accuracy, a high rate of fire, and a high rate of damage, your really going to get killed by the AK-47 in a second or two. This is such a great weapon to have, and you can really use the accuracy to your advantage, against sniper guns as well. You just single click the mouse, and the AK-47 will semi fire at at a sniper and do a lot of damage to it. Do it another time, and you'll kill the sniper. And the recoil boasts a small advantage to it as well. Like portability, it gives you a small speed advantage, and you don't move as slow as the other players. You'll find that you're able to move twice as more speed than the other player on your team, or against the enemy. It really helps you get used to the AK-47, and I don't think that you can find another weapon that has the same type of accuracy as this one right here. With its unique firing pattern, its straight bullets really will penetrate the enemy. With it being able to adapt to any map in the game, this makes it an all around weapon, and most likely, the best weapon to use in the game. There's no weapon that you will find, that is better than this one. And best of all, its cheap to buy at the weapon shop.
This is my fairly long guide, but once again, I feel as if i put my best effort into detailing this weapon in front of me. You don't have to fan it, but if you want to, go ahead. It shows how much that you appreciate in my guides.

ckalinstead posted at 2012-11-24 20:26:40

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