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Club Penguin Mission: Secret of the Fur


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Club Penguin

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Club Penguin Mission: Secret of the Fur

Here is how to complete the Secret of the Fur.

1. Talk to G.
2. Fix the Furensic Analyzer 3000 with the comb in your spy phone.
3. G. gives you the white fur. Put it in the machine. The machine says it has hot chocolate, pizza sauce and jet pack fuel.
4. Go to the Pizza Parlor.
5. Pick up the pizza on the counter, pizza sauce, and chocolate.
6. Go to the Ski Lodge.
7. Give the pizza to the penguin that's fishing.
8. Go to the Coffee Shop.
9. Talk to the penguin. He will show you a picture of the monster he saw.
10. Fix the hot chocolate machine. Put the cup under hot chocolate tube. Pour the chocolate from the pizza parlor into the machine. Use the wrench from your spy phone to connect the milk tube to the machine. Pick up the hot chocolate.
11. Go to the HeadQuarters.
12. Go to the Gadget room.
13. Pick up the AC 1000.
14. Go to the Lighthouse Beacon.
15. Use the AC 1000 to get the jet pack fuel from the sky. Use the scissors from the spy phone to cut down the jet pack fuel.
16. Go into the Lighthouse and grab the rope and net.
17. Go to the HeadQuarters.
18. Mix the Hot chocolate, pizza sauce, and jet pack fuel into the Goggle Dispenser. Pick up the goggles.
19. Go to the Ski Village.
20. Put on the goggles. Follow the footprints into the Ski Lodge.
21. Grab the candle inside the Ski Lodge. Go toward the fishing area.
22. Put the net and rope together to form a trap. Put the trap on the tree. Put the candle on the trap.
23. A crab comes into the trap. Take the crab and the fur it drops.
24. Go to the HeadQuarters.
25. Give G. the crab and put the fur in the Furensic Analyzer 3000. It will say it is a polar bear.
You have completed the mission and get your prize.

spm8675309 posted at 2012-05-26 13:37:56

wt is this?? this aint a guide!!!
goku1997 posted 8 years 1 week ago

wt is this?? this aint a guide!!!

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